PaperDoll is playing in Shanghai!

| July 21st, 2010

Who is PaperDoll?  From New York City, PaperDoll’s high energy live shows – featuring Lee’s uninhibited front woman style – have secured them a cult following in the dance rock scene. They’ve been featured on MTV, The Today Show, Maxim Radio, and Blender Magazine. 2010 sees the debut of their album Ballad Nerd Pop and brings the band to China on their Global Citizens Tour.

China August 2010: New York indie band, PaperDoll, travels to Shanghai to play at the World […]Read more…

“69 Jihad” incident, Chinese Internet users’ holy war against Korean pop fans

| June 11th, 2010

Recently, "69 Jihad" incident broke out in China. That is, hundreds of thousands of Chinese Internet users collectively scheduled attacks (spamming and condemning) on well-known forums and websites of Korean celebrity stars and their fans at 7 pm on June 9, 2010. The slogan of 69 Jihad was “NC don’t die, Jihad never ends”. (NC: 脑残 mentally ill, brain damaged) Now historically so-called “69 Jihad” is an significant incident of the Chinese Internet Culture conflict in 2010.

Trigger of the War:

From […]Read more…

Woman relieves herself in street of Shanghai in broad daylight

| May 19th, 2010

From Xinmin:

While the theme of the Shanghai World Expo is “better city better life”, this woman is definitely not making the city better. Recently a forum post about a woman taking her pants off and relieving herself in the street of a busy commercial area (Xujiahui) in Shanghai triggered netizens’ heated discussions. So called “Xujiahui pants-off gate”, this post contained 6 photos and captured the scene.

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World smiling Day, 25 Volunteers the “Smiling Movement”

| May 14th, 2010

From Oriental Guardian (May 10):

A smile keeps the troops neat and orderly

Could it be possible that the efforts put forth in making the Smiling Nanjing Program a success have exceeded all of our hopes?

The 2010 Shanghai World Expo has just opened (May 1) and it is expected that an estimated 2 million visitors to the Expo will go on to travel to other parts of China, not excluding the historically significant city of Nanjing in Jiangsu Province. In preparation for […]Read more…

Shanghai World Expo: Japan Pavilion not raising Japanese flag to give consideration to anti-Japanese sentiment in China

| May 9th, 2010

This was originally from a Japanese blog, then soon translated to Chinese and reposted on many Chinese websites. So friends who speak Japanese please let us know any discrepancy on this indirect translation of the original text.

On the first day of Shanghai World Expo, national flags were flying in front of many counties’ pavilions, but the Japanese Pavilion said goodbye to their flag. The responsible person gave the explanation, “We had precedent cases that we do not raise our […]Read more…

World Expo China National Pavilion: classic items from the past

| May 3rd, 2010

From Netease:

Shanghai World Expo Chinese National Pavilion displays a series of Chinese classic items from the 70s, 80s and 90s. For China’s relatively older generations and those who have ever lived in China during these times, these items should be familiar, feeling nostalgic yet?

The 70s

Simple style wooden furniture, certificates and photos hanging on the wall, enamel mugs and nylon bags, the most valuable electrical appliance is the old style radio. Obsessed with Hong Kong, Taiwanese […]Read more…

A complete one day guide to Shanghai World Expo

| May 1st, 2010

From MOP:

Before attending the Expo, please be sure to check out the media all over the world on the latest Expo news and the Expo service information, mastering the latest and the most complete information in order to have the best possible World Expo experience.

General information of the Expo:

Shanghai World Expo is held in the city of Shanghai, mainly located in the Bingjiang district between Nanpu Bridge and Lupu Bridge, on both sides the Huangpu River.

After the opening of […]Read more…

NPR reporter accuses Shanghai World Expo mascot of being plagiarized

| April 25th, 2010

Shanghai World Expo Bureau held the press conference on April 23 to help testing Expo news center’s operations.  Unexpectedly an American female reporter from National Public Radio in Shanghai, Louisa Lim (Lin Mulian 林慕莲) shouted accusations that World Expo mascot Haibao was plagiarized from an American cartoon icon Gumby.  She also produced photos as evidence, the scene suddenly turned chaotic.

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Shanghai equips with BMW 5 series police cars for the World Expo

| March 31st, 2010

From Netease:

March 30, Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Department was equipped with “BMW 5 Series” police cars for the World Expo escorts. 22 BMW all had lights and sirens installed and police symbols painted on them. These vehicles will be operated by the Shanghai local police in full service of the 2010 World Expo.

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Shanghai implements “Kitchen Knife Control” during the World Expo

| March 30th, 2010

From IFeng:

In recent years, cases of criminal suspects and people who are mental ill armed with knives, engaging in extreme behaviors occur frequently. It has become a major problem affecting the social stability and the security of the people. It is reported that during the Shanghai World Expo, the city will take measures to strengthen the safety management of knives, in order to minimize and avoid the occurrence of similar cases, to safeguard public security and to ensure residents […]Read more…

The amazing "Seed Cathedral" – too much symbolism, not enough practicality?

| March 25th, 2010

The "Seed Cathedral" is the main attraction at the UK Pavillion at this year’s Shanghai Expo. The building’s out layer is made of over 60,000 slender, transparent quills, each quill with different types of seeds in it from the Kew Millenium Seed Bank Project.

This "Seed Cathedral" seems to be garnering rave reviews from both the US and China. With Chinese netizens exclaiming "I must go see it!" and "Beautiful!" BLDGBLOG saying, "it is one of the coolest architectural constructions I’ve […]Read more…

Shanghai Government requests Residents to not wear Pajamas in public

| October 31st, 2009

[Netease] “Not going outside wearing pajamas”. This is Shanghai city government’s request for the residents of the city prior to the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. However this provoked widespread controversy. On one hand, wearing pajamas does not conform to international etiquette, but there are voices also advocating that if the government makes a rule restricting wearing pajamas, then society loses some of its freedom.

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2010 Shanghai World Expo Ticket Designs Announced

| March 30th, 2009

From QQ

Shanghai World Expo tickets consist of two categories, for individual and group, total of nine different kinds of passes. The cheapest ticket you can get costs 90 RMB. Pre-sale tickets will be available starting now.

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400-day Countdown to World Expo, Volunteer’s Logo, Slogan and Song Announced

| March 29th, 2009

From QQ

March 27th World Expo Net, Reports: This morning, “Volunteering World Expo, Civilizing Shanghai” China’s 2010 Shanghai world expo volunteer’s logo, slogan and song announcement ceremony in tented to promote “welcome world expo, improve manners and foster new attitudes” volunteers service gathering activity was proudly held at Shanghai Wusa Monument Square.

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