Dispute over the Senkaku Island with Japan

| August 23rd, 2012

The Global Times, one of the top Chinese party newspapers issued an editorial yesterday saying China is prepared for military attack because the dispute over the Senkaku Island with Japan has become an irreconcilable conflict.

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War between QQ and 360 continues, Netizens poke fun

| November 4th, 2010

(Sohu) The war between QQ and 360 continues. The latest conflict broke out on November 3, 2010, so far the most serious retaliation. Tencent published an open letter in the evening on November 3 saying QQ will stop working on all systems that run 360. The news caused uproar in the world. 360 indicated that the users need not worry and promised that users will be able to run both QQ and 360. Then 360 launched WEBQQ client, and issued […]Read more…