Pictures of Shanghai subway, do outsiders ruin image of Shanghai?

| August 9th, 2010

The original post title on MOP was “Direct report of each Shanghai subway lines, YP compilation”.  What is YP? YP is an abbreviation for 硬盘 (Ying Pan: means hard drive) This slang is originated from KDS ( a Shanghai based (originally) computer forum, the user of the forum (Shanghainese) referred YP as all outsiders (外地人:waidiren) who supposedly are lower quality people than Shanghainese. The derivation was most popular hard drive brand being Western Digital, and WD is also the […]Read more…

Woman relieves herself in street of Shanghai in broad daylight

| May 19th, 2010

From Xinmin:

While the theme of the Shanghai World Expo is “better city better life”, this woman is definitely not making the city better. Recently a forum post about a woman taking her pants off and relieving herself in the street of a busy commercial area (Xujiahui) in Shanghai triggered netizens’ heated discussions. So called “Xujiahui pants-off gate”, this post contained 6 photos and captured the scene.

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