Students meet on QQ to commit suicide, court rules Tencent 10% responsible

| December 5th, 2010

(Netease) Lishui City, Zhejiang province People’s court reached the first instance verdict on a civil case regarding university students meeting on QQ to commit suicide. Tencent, the maker of QQ was sentenced to bear 10% of the responsibility.

The plaintiffs are the parents of the suicide student named Fan. They stated, in June of this year, accused student Zhang used QQ sending “suicide invitations” to the public with his cell phone number. Plaintiff’s son Fan accepted the suicide invitation upon receiving […]Read more…

War between QQ and 360 continues, Netizens poke fun

| November 4th, 2010

(Sohu) The war between QQ and 360 continues. The latest conflict broke out on November 3, 2010, so far the most serious retaliation. Tencent published an open letter in the evening on November 3 saying QQ will stop working on all systems that run 360. The news caused uproar in the world. 360 indicated that the users need not worry and promised that users will be able to run both QQ and 360. Then 360 launched WEBQQ client, and issued […]Read more…

360 vs QQ, Internet security company picks fight with China’s NO. 1 software giant

| October 31st, 2010

(Sourced from Netease)Recently, two of China’s most successful .com companies take their long grudge towards each other to the public. One party is Tencent, whose instant messenger QQ enjoys 612.5 million active users. With such huge scale of user base and the convenient client software that come along, Tencent stretches into online game, news, e-commerce, e-mail, audio-visual etc. and crowns in most territories. The other party is 360, an Internet security service provider whose “360 safeguard” came to be […]Read more…

Facebook, “Must Die” (in China)

| June 10th, 2010

From Zhangshuyue’s blog:


The inside information of Facebook to enter China came in mid-April 2010, said that the earliest will be within three months. Then followed by a Chinese headhunter company said that Facebook already commissioned them to recruit the relevant General Manager in China, mainly in charge of the gaming business. On the surface, according to various sources Facebook is really going to enter China. These speculations on the king of the SNS industry created heated discussions all over […]Read more…