Chinese youth roller skating across China

| March 6th, 2011

Cao Hongwei skating

Chinese young generation is getting restless.  Instead of leading their life like most of their parent do, they choose to hit the road. They volunteer in youth hostel in exchange for free accommodation while traveling; Many college graduates volunteer abroad in their gap-year; Outdoor activity club is the most popular in university and activity to adventure in uninhabited regions is cool. In the summer of 2009, two Beijing young men,Gu Yue and Liu Chang, got in the spotlight […]Read more…

Blood on short track, Korean skater cuts Chinese skater with blade

| December 12th, 2010 Shanghai December 12,  Unexpected event happened on the last day of ISU Short Track World Cup 2010 season Shanghai stop. In the men’s 500 meters B final, Chinese skating star Han Jialiang;s stomach and arms were scrapped by South Korea’s Jin Bingjun two skates, he is being carried out of track on an emergency stretcher.

Into the last day of Shanghai Short Track Speed Skating World Cup, in the men’s 500m B final, Han Jialiang, Charles Hamelin of Canada, and […]Read more…

Paul the Panda?

| November 15th, 2010

This year’s World Cup would not have been as much fun without Paul the Octopus. Now in the Asian games 2010 hosted in Guangzhou , pandas have became the oracles of the game.

Paul was presented with two water tanks containing the same food and each marked with the national flag of the two competing teams. Paul’s choice of which one to eat shows its favor. But how pandas perform their “magic” is different. “Boss” the panda predicted the the first […]Read more…

The “creative” 2010 Asian Games preparations in Guangzhou

| November 5th, 2010

The 2010 Asian Games are going to be hosted in Guangzhou, China from November 12 to November 27, 2010. Only days away from the opening ceremony, much efforts have been putting into transforming Guangzhou into the hosting city. Newly constructed venues have just been finished; equipment, infrastructures have been installed for the disabled; English translations were added to all the signs; even the Guangzhou subway is free for 30 days during the Asian Games. “Passion Guangzhou, Creative Asian Games”, recently […]Read more…

How Guangdong’s Counter-Terrorist Unit prepare for the Asian Games

| September 9th, 2010

(From QQ Sports) Since July 26th, more than 150 soldiers assembled to Guangdong Armed Police Headquarter to take intensified counter-terrorist training in preparation for the Guangzhou Asian Games. With average age of 19, these soldiers have to pass literal test, psychological test and physical fitness assessment before they can join the unit and serve the Games on standby.


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Riot police beat up Henan football fans

| August 20th, 2010

Evening of August 18, Henan Jian Ye Football Club (Henan Construction F. C.) suffered a 0-2 loss against Jiangsu Sanity Football Club at home. Even in the heavy rain, 20,000 fans showed up to support their team. So far Henan Jian Ye Football Club had the record of 4 losses and 1 draw. Henan Fans believe the terrible record has to do with the club general manager Yang Nan (杨楠) and the head coach Tang Yaodong (唐尧东). After the game, […]Read more…

Brother Future predicts World Cup final results, causes sensation in China

| July 9th, 2010


(picture form Tianya)

The World Cup this year created many psychics around the world making unbelievable correct predictions. If you think Germany’s ‘Octopus oracle’ is magical, China also had a faceless ‘superior being” that caused a sensation on the Internet with his predictions. Netizens calls him “Brother Future” or “King Future”.

On June 13, 12:04 pm, two days before the 2010 South Africa World Cup, a Baidu user named “X from the future” (X来自未来) posted this post titled “From the near future, […]Read more…

Lionel Messi apologizes to Chinese fans, “I feel bad for not living up to your expectations”

| July 4th, 2010

QQ Sports, July 3, Cape Town (freelance journalist Ramiro). June 23, reporter was waiting for Lionel Messi’s parents at Buenos Aires to fly to South Africa together, to celebrate Messi’s birthday. Unexpectedly, Messi’s mother suddenly did not feel well on the road and had to return back to Rosario and was sent to the hospital. Father Jorge Messi decided not to tell his son and came up with a bunch of excuses. Reporter then flew to South Africa alone […]Read more…

North Korean football players sent to coal mine after World Cup loss?

| June 22nd, 2010

Recently the Chinese websites and forums are filled with the talks of North Korea National football team are going to be sent to coal mine as punishment if they lose at the World Cup.  Is this true?  Netease talked about this “as a not verified news” on June 17 after North Korea’s 1-2 loss to Brazil.  Some sites claimed this news came from U. S. blogs and small websites. This article from IFeng talked about a “rumor” found on a […]Read more…

The annoying “vuvuzela” horns at the 2010 South Africa World Cup are all made in China

| June 18th, 2010

(photo by Xihua reporter 杨磊)

(From Currently the hottest news topic around the world is probably the World Cup. Other than the excellent performances by the teams of various countries, the most talked about subject is perhaps the loud horn noise that fills up the entire stadium from the beginning to the end of each match. These long plastic horns called vuvuzela are causing heated discussions internationally because of the high decibel noises they make.

Although the Chinese team did […]Read more…

2010 FIFA World Cup is here, check out this diehard Chinese female fan

| June 11th, 2010

From Netease:

As a real man, 2010 World Cup makes me excited everyday, very excited. Today I went on the World Cup forum with my cell phone on my way to work and could not help myself but to admire this hilarious post 90s girl. What counts as a diehard fan? take a look…

Ronaldo: How did she make the big teeth?

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Must thank the country before your parents

| March 7th, 2010

From Xinmin:

On February 20, 2010, in Vancouver Winter Olympics, Zhou Yang (周洋) won the gold medal in women’s 1,500 meters short-track speed race. This was the Chinese team’s third gold medal of this Olympics, but also was the first time in the history Chinese team won three gold medals in the Winter Olympics.

However Zhou Yang was criticized by the State Sports General Administration deputy director Yu Zaiqing (于再清) on the CPPCC session.

Thanking your parents is not a problem, but should […]Read more…

"Gongsi", or Avatar and the art of Soccer

| February 12th, 2010

The following is a guest post by Randy – AlleyCat

Gongsi ( 公司) or "clan halls", are benevolent organizations of popular origin found among overseas Chinese communities for individuals with the same surname. This type of social practice arose several centuries ago in China. The Chinese word Gongsi is used in modern Chinese to mean a commercial company. The dutch word Gongsi has a slightly different connotation; it refers to a rather unusual cooperation between unrelated, non-typical partners. […]Read more…

Three goals! Men’s soccer! Yes, men’s soccer! What? Yes! They beat Korea!

| February 10th, 2010

The title is a phone conversation overheard in the streets after the China-Korea men’s soccer match. Not for 32 years has China beat Korea in a men’s soccer match. So when China beat Korea 3-0, Chinese soccer fans essentially went crazy with media saying it is a win of “historical importance.” The win has also wiped out the continued talk of “Koreanphobia” within the men’s soccer team, due to 27 consecutive non-wins in the past 32 years.

Having battled with problems […]Read more…