Bathhouse busted for providing sexual service to 13-year-old boy

| August 4th, 2012

From Netease:

On July 31, Peng Peng had his father Mr. Meng together with Ms. Hu had just finished a police report, walking outside from Xianyang Municipal Public Security Bureau. Peng Peng kept his head down, speaking of what had happened in the morning, both Mr. Meng and Ms Hu were till in disbelief.

Mr. Meng said he had received free bath vouchers to a local bathhouse (Yalong Bay Bathhouse) from a friend as gift. On July 30th, it was a hot […]Read more…

16-year-old girl forced into prostitution by parents, diary reveals her love with a client

| September 18th, 2010

“1:58 am, I am sitting on my bed and thinking about my dear baby. Baby came to see me today, because he got paid today. Baby, we have met for ten months now and you have spent quite a bit of money on me. For that I am sorry, even thought you said you that you were most willing to. But I still feel guilty. My dear, today you said you don’t want me anymore, do you know how […]Read more…

Prostitutes paraded through streets causes debate, responsible police suspended

| July 29th, 2010

Recently, Dongguan Police launched a “Creating safety, Welcoming the Asian Games” sweeping the yellow movement. (扫黄: [saohuang] sweeping the yellow: cracking down on pornography and prostitution industry) from which, a set of pictures of prostitutes being paraded through the streets stirred up some heated discussions on the Internet. In these photos, two fashionable suspected prostitutes, not only were barefoot, but also were handcuffed and leashed with a long rope, looking like they were identifying the scene.

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Is Dongguan “sweeping the yellow” or just blowing smokes?

| December 9th, 2009

黄: (huang2) yellow: pornography and prostitution 扫黄: (sao3huang2) sweeping the yellow: cracking down on pornography and prostitution industry 东莞: (dong1guan1) Dongguan: a prosperous city in Guangdong province of China that is full of factories and businesses. Mommy: (usually) a middle-aged lady who is in charge of a group of young girls sexual services.

Dongugan’s sweeping the yellow part 1

From Southern Metropolis Weekly

“Ten thousand girls go […]Read more…

Thousands of Police Hit Recreational Places for Prostitution, Gambling and Drugs, Women Laughing at being Arrested

| July 8th, 2009

[QQ] and everywhere else: July 7th Futian police station sent out over one thousand police to varies recreational places like clubs and bars. The crackdown is targeting recreation clubs which provide sexual services, private rooms of bars and clubs which allow people to use drugs and private rooms of bars and clubs allow people engaging in gambling. This operation named “Hurricane” to crackdown on “Pornographic, Prostitution, Gambling and Drugs” will continue for one month.

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Story of a “Virgin” Prostitute

| July 6th, 2009

[nddaily] Ayan was embarrassed about her experiences. “My first time, sold to a 40 some year old man, he gave me 4000 Yuan, and 100 Yuan for the cab.”

“It was disgusting, in the beginning I could not eat, always feels the animal blood is still in my body.”

Wearing a pair of dark sun glasses, carrying 2 little bags, she dressed casually walking on the street. Almost no one would have thought she used to pretend to be a virgin selling […]Read more…