Mainland media call Hong Kong protestors extreme opposition

| September 28th, 2014

September 28 is a day to remember in Hong Kong history as it sees the emergence of what started as a student groups led peaceful march escalating into Hong Kong’s unprecedented protests and police crackdown. When almost every major west media was breaking the news, mainland media unsurprisingly treated the matter in complete opposite way – silence.

In fact, today’s headlines in the Hong Kong-Macau section on one of China’s biggest news portal ifeng are: 4 Chinese faces on the Nobel Prize […]Read more…

Traffic police lined up waiting under the hot sun for leader to wipe their sweat

| August 11th, 2010

August 10, 2010, a well-known Chinese blogger Zhang Hongfeng wrote a blog post titled “Wiping Sweat Gate: traffic police lined up under the hot sun for half an hour waiting for political commissar to wipe their sweat”, the article spread on the internet like a wild fire right after it was posted, in less than one day there were over 1,600 posts about “wiping sweat gate” on Sina micro-blog alone, and with over 500 comments. Most people on the internet […]Read more…

Beijing workers to resume radio physical exercises

| August 5th, 2010

(QQ) Having 59 years of history, the Radio Exercises (广播体操: set of gymnastic exercises for groups conducted through radio music) was stopped in Beijing for the past 3 years, but it will be resumed on august 9, 2010. According to city Federation of Trade Unions spokesperson, 40,000 employees of government organizations, departments and enterprises will be doing the group exercises together along with the music from the “big speakers”.

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Chinese people learn how to lie in childhood essays

| April 4th, 2010

Chinese people were first taught how to lie in their essays? A post 80s generation netizen published a post titled “our childhood essay sentences guarantee to work”, the words and phrases are selected from her childhood essays and generated quite an echo on the internet.

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How should we live before democracy?

| November 29th, 2009

(Image: Guns N’ Roses’ “Chinese Democracy” album cover, released in November 2008)

When Chinese people write blog articles, their meaning is often subdued and slightly nuanced, they are less willing be to direct and straightforward. Or, even if it seems that they are being direct, they will have hidden meanings embedded in what they say. While some topics are just sensitive no matter what in China, democracy is one of those that might be sensitive or might not, depending on […]Read more…

China Cracks Down on Internet “Losers”

| August 10th, 2009

Today I learned a new Chinese slang, 庐舍: (Pinyin: Lu She). The original meaning is “farmhouse”. When used as slang it is a phonetic translation of the English word “Loser”. Internet definition: Netizens who are over-indulged in the internet community on chat, animation, games and making friends etc. activities, without ambition and just muddling along. This group of people are so called “Loser Group” or “Loser Clan” (“庐舍族”). This forum post explains with a nice piece of “anti-loser” music video […]Read more…