China Cracks Down on Internet “Losers”

| August 10th, 2009

Today I learned a new Chinese slang, 庐舍: (Pinyin: Lu She). The original meaning is “farmhouse”. When used as slang it is a phonetic translation of the English word “Loser”. Internet definition: Netizens who are over-indulged in the internet community on chat, animation, games and making friends etc. activities, without ambition and just muddling along. This group of people are so called “Loser Group” or “Loser Clan” (“庐舍族”). This forum post explains with a nice piece of “anti-loser” music video […]Read more…

Secrets behind “Jia Junpeng” Incident

| August 2nd, 2009

2 weeks ago I posted “China Internet Phenomenon, ‘Jia Junpeng (贾君鹏), your mom tells you to go home to eat’” Is here such person named “Jia Junpeng” or is there someone behind this created this internet Phenomenon? The answers are revealed today. Huang Lianghua (黄亮华) CEO of a Beijing media company, internet marketing expert, serviced many major brands in his blog revealed himself as “Jia Junpeng’s father”.

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World of Warcraft Turned into World of Boxes

| July 31st, 2009


[nddaily] Famous online game World of Warcraft China server was suspended for 54 days. It is finally re-opened its service on July 30. Millions of Chinese gamers cheered with “tears of joy”, but they were also surprised to find that many models in the game have been modified. Especially a lot of icons of character’s head have been replaced with “boxes”. “Harmonized” (Hexie: ‘和谐’ now is ‘盒谐’,it just happens the word ‘box’ in Chinese has the same pronunciation as the […]Read more…

Starcraft 2 is Banned from ChinaJoy 2009

| July 25th, 2009

The 7th ChinaJoy (China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference)  held its opening ceremony at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. This exhibition will be held from July 23 to July 26, 85% of the exhibitors are expected to be local vendors. This year’s ChinaJoy display area reached 35,000 square meters. Exhibitors include network, standalone, console, arcade games and other fields. However what was most disappointing to the fans was Starcraft 2 was banned by authorities from being exhibited on […]Read more…

China Internet Phenomenon, “Jia Junpeng (贾君鹏), your mom tells you to go home to eat”

| July 17th, 2009

Jia Junpeng became instantly famous because of a phrase on the internet. July 16 2009 someone wrote a post on Baidu WoW (World of War craft) forum with the title “Jia Junpeng, your mom tells you to go home to eat” Up to 9 pm the next day it already had 243,000 replies and 6 million clicks.

The poster has the IP address of “222.94.255.*”. The content of the post only has 2 letters “rt” is the abbreviation for “see title” […]Read more…