Along the years, China’s image in posters

| October 27th, 2010

(From Posters use vivid visual symbols to get messages across in a strong way. During the time when arts only served for revolution propaganda, Chinese posters has developed its unique styles, which many artists happily utilize to express totally different meanings. As China is now trying to rebuild its “country image”, let’s check out how China looks like in posters.

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China bans “ObaMao” T-shirt during Obama’s presidential visit

| November 15th, 2009

If you ever walked through souvenir shops in Beijing this past year, you must have seen the line of “ObaMao” souvenirs – wallets, posters and T-shirts etc. The design is President Barack Obama’s face dressed in Chair Mao’s Red Guards’ cap and uniform. Ever since Barack Obama was elected as the U.S. president over the past year this T-shirt was selling like hot cakes. However Chinese government just banned this product, at least during Obama’s presidential visit in China. The […]Read more…