APEC red carpet snapshots: when in Beijing

| November 10th, 2014

Nov 10, China President Xi Jinping and his national idol wife Peng liyuan were in the spotlight again as they received leaders from APEC countries in a gala held in the Water Cube. It is normal for the remarkable two to wear Chinese characteristic clothes when receiving guests, but interestingly, the guests also arrive in the Water Cube in unified style, the co-called New Chinese Uniform specially designed for APEC 2014 reception.

Without further delay, let’s see how country leaders […]Read more…

Obama Fried Chicken opening in China

| October 5th, 2011

From Netease:

Yesterday, a hot topic about OFC (Obama Fried Chicken) spread on the Chinese Weibo (micro-blog).  This is the name of a restaurant which was not yet open for business. President Obama’s cartoon portray is its logo.  Regarding to this little-known restaurant, KFC China already issued a statement saying it has no association with “OFC” and the other party has already violated the trademark rights of KFC.

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Meeting between Obama and Dalai Lama angers Chinese netizens

| July 17th, 2011

From Sina:

On July 16th in spite of objection from Chinese government, Barack Obama met with Dalai Lama at the White House for 45 minutes, praising him for embracing non-violence while reiterating that the United States did not support Tibet independence. Chinese government accused Obama of "interfering with China’s internal affairs. In a statement released on Sunday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu said, "This action is a gross interference in China’s internal affairs, which hurts the feelings of the Chinese people […]Read more…

Chinese reporter cuts in front of Korean press to ask Obama a question, saying he represents Asia

| November 14th, 2010

(Netease) November 12, 2010, The G-20 Summit in Korea has ended, during President’s Obama’s press conference CCTV anchor Rui Chenggang seized the chance to ask the last question given to the Korean press. He also claimed to be representing the entire Asia. His action stirred up some debates on the net.

During the press conference President Obama wanted to leave the last question to the South Korean press, but Rui stood up…

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Avatar photoshop kuso

| December 19th, 2009

[From MOP:] Avatar is a 2009 epic American science fiction film written and directed by James Cameron who also directed Titanic.  The making of the film took 10 years. The film is estimated to have cost over $300 million to produce, and another estimated $200 million for the distribution and other costs, thus totaling to about half a billion dollars.

To worship this epic film, one netizen photoshops various stars into his own epic work. Sheng Dan Shi Zuo Pin = […]Read more…

Mystery woman in black behind Obama at the town hall meeting becomes popular and speaks out

| November 24th, 2009

[From NetEase and many others] During President Barack Obama’s town hall meeting at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, a beautiful Chinese girl dressed in black appeared in many photos and videos of the scene with the President. Quickly the photos along with the mystery girl became popular on the Chinese internet. The mysteries identity of the beauty let to her Human Flesh Search. She is Shanghai’s image ambassador, Fan Bingbing’s relative, Yang Lan’s niece and many other speculations […]Read more…

Picture of Obama with the waitress at the welcome banquet sparks comical skit

| November 20th, 2009

President Obama’s China visit has ended on Nov 18th, but he left the Chinese people with this funny picture taken during his welcome banquet at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Some say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this picture perhaps it is Obama’s expression that is worth a thousand words. This picture supposedly was posted on the front page of the “Culture Report” newspaper (新文化报) on Nov 18. (But the front page picture […]Read more…

President Obama took questions from fake Chinese students at town hall meeting

| November 16th, 2009

President Obama spoke with several hundred students at the museum of science and technology in Shanghai today where he answered students’ questions in a Town Hall Meeting. However according to this post, some of the “students” who asked the questions were not exactly current students? These fake students were actually university officials?

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China bans “ObaMao” T-shirt during Obama’s presidential visit

| November 15th, 2009

If you ever walked through souvenir shops in Beijing this past year, you must have seen the line of “ObaMao” souvenirs – wallets, posters and T-shirts etc. The design is President Barack Obama’s face dressed in Chair Mao’s Red Guards’ cap and uniform. Ever since Barack Obama was elected as the U.S. president over the past year this T-shirt was selling like hot cakes. However Chinese government just banned this product, at least during Obama’s presidential visit in China. The […]Read more…

Chinese Company uses Obama in Advertisement, Fined 50,000

| August 4th, 2009

HSW.cn reported August 4, Xian (西安 city) in Shanxi province a real estate company uses Obama and other famous celebrities in their advertisement bill boards, was imposed a 50,000 yuan fine by the Xian Trade and Industry Bureau. The Company was also ordered to stop such advertisements immediately and make public corrections.

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