Bear Hugging Liu Xiang Incident

| October 30th, 2009

[Sohu] I am sure many people all want to do this: sneak behind Liu Xiang while he is not prepared, hug him with your open arms. On 25th of October during the warm-up before the game, a man did just that, bear hugged Liu Xiang from behind. Liu Xiang was not happy and pushed him away. When this video was posted on the Internet, it immediately attracted netizens’ attentions.


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Dark Secret of the National Games, Diving Gold Medals all Pre-determined by Insiders

| October 14th, 2009

[Sina] “I requested to leave (The Referee Station), not only because I was sick, but because I was dissatisfied with the current National Games (全运会), the dark secret of the diving competitions. All gold medals were actually pre-determined ahead of time!”

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