Abbot of ancient temple returns to secular life to get married

| June 21st, 2012

sources: huagu |  sina video

Life is precious but love is even more priceless. These words are very romantic when used on ordinary person, however if applied onto the monk abbot then it must be an incredible story.

The abbot, head of thousands-year-old Qiongzhu Temple in Kunming, named Qing Yin could not withstand the temptation of love, gave up years of practice and retried on June 9 in order to return to secular life from the Temple. He was going to get […]Read more…

I have resumed secular life: The secret lives of monks, part 2

| January 4th, 2010

Some readers asked me to continue (part 1) translating the rest of the story, however the original post on Tianya was already deleted, luckily I found some websites here and here which reposted this story.

I have resumed secular life (part 2) by 佛祖在我心2010

Our monastery is relatively a well-known one in the local area. It attracts a large number of worshippers and pilgrims each year. The government also gives us money for the construction of the monastery and […]Read more…

I have resumed secular life: The secret lives of monks

| January 3rd, 2010

From Tianya:

I have resumed secular life, so why was I trying to save my soul in the beginning? Buddhists teach that all space-directions are void and compassion is the principle of life, but in the end I have found it’s only my imagination, everything is fake.  The monks nowadays all have twisted and perverted minds.  I lived in the the monastery for half a year, and I experienced the (same-sex) abnormal sexual behaviors between the monks and […]Read more…