Taobao to offer beautiful Tao Girls personally delivering Internet goods, Ingenious!

| April 20th, 2012

From QQ:

Recently, Taobao is setting up a delivery/logistics company with their “Tao Girls” (淘女郎) to delivery goods purchased off the Internet.  Currently hiring “Tao girls” all over the country whoever is interested in participating.  Choosing a Tao girl to delivery your purchase will cost ten yuan extra.  According to sources, Taobao had the idea of Tao Girls delivering goods for long time, consumers purchasing goods on Taobao have the option of choosing a Tao Girl in the same city personally […]Read more…

“Worshiping cats” found in 100 RMB bills

| February 5th, 2012

From Beijing News:

The interesting discovery was made by Chinese netizens, who posted on forum recently showing that there are three cats’ images on the 100 RMB bill, right besides the image of Mao Zedong. What’s really interesting is that two small cats are worshiping the big one. Zooming in the 100 RMB bill, they found that the big cat is standing with mouth open. Its eyes are like Chinese old time coins, staring at front. The two small […]Read more…

“Mao Zedong” film casting not yet finalized, but many Weibo users know who they want

| September 6th, 2011

Casting for the highly anticipated film Mao Zedong has not yet been finalized, but Weibo users seem to know who they want playing Mao. Rumors spread on Weibo yesterday that Jiang Wen was chosen, and one a Chinese film critic challenged his followers to produce Photoshops of what Jiang would look like playing Mao.

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Speed camera capturing man grabbing a girl’s breast while driving sparks debate on privacy

| August 25th, 2011

From Netease:

Lately, a photo of a man grabbing a woman’s breast in the car while driving is captured by the speed camera and has become viral online. As shown in the photo, a silver Nissan was driving at the speed of 92 km/h on a fast lane with the speed limit of 80km per hour. In the photo, one can clearly see the driver’s appearance, and how the driver put his hand on the passenger woman’s breast.

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Brother Future predicts World Cup final results, causes sensation in China

| July 9th, 2010


(picture form Tianya)

The World Cup this year created many psychics around the world making unbelievable correct predictions. If you think Germany’s ‘Octopus oracle’ is magical, China also had a faceless ‘superior being” that caused a sensation on the Internet with his predictions. Netizens calls him “Brother Future” or “King Future”.

On June 13, 12:04 pm, two days before the 2010 South Africa World Cup, a Baidu user named “X from the future” (X来自未来) posted this post titled “From the near future, […]Read more…

North Korean football players sent to coal mine after World Cup loss?

| June 22nd, 2010

Recently the Chinese websites and forums are filled with the talks of North Korea National football team are going to be sent to coal mine as punishment if they lose at the World Cup.  Is this true?  Netease talked about this “as a not verified news” on June 17 after North Korea’s 1-2 loss to Brazil.  Some sites claimed this news came from U. S. blogs and small websites. This article from IFeng talked about a “rumor” found on a […]Read more…

Facebook, “Must Die” (in China)

| June 10th, 2010

From Zhangshuyue’s blog:


The inside information of Facebook to enter China came in mid-April 2010, said that the earliest will be within three months. Then followed by a Chinese headhunter company said that Facebook already commissioned them to recruit the relevant General Manager in China, mainly in charge of the gaming business. On the surface, according to various sources Facebook is really going to enter China. These speculations on the king of the SNS industry created heated discussions all over […]Read more…

Mystery woman in black behind Obama at the town hall meeting becomes popular and speaks out

| November 24th, 2009

[From NetEase and many others] During President Barack Obama’s town hall meeting at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, a beautiful Chinese girl dressed in black appeared in many photos and videos of the scene with the President. Quickly the photos along with the mystery girl became popular on the Chinese internet. The mysteries identity of the beauty let to her Human Flesh Search. She is Shanghai’s image ambassador, Fan Bingbing’s relative, Yang Lan’s niece and many other speculations […]Read more…

Birth Story of Shanghai Black Girl Lou Jing

| September 22nd, 2009

Lou Jing (娄婧) a mixed Shanghainese girl (half black and half Chinese) became popular overnight because her mother and she were viciously attacked by the Chinese netizens’ nasty and racist comments. However the western readers seem to be focusing more on the racism issue, but the reason of the attacks is not only because of the racism against black people. but also a large portion of the Chinese netizens were angry about Lou Jing’s mother’s extramarital affair which led to […]Read more…

Don’t let your Daughter Attend PhD Program in China. Internet Rumor?

| September 17th, 2009

Doctoress (women doctor), a group which is often the subject of talks in China, is also labeled with names like dinosaur, difficult to get married etc. Woman with PhD has been used as a symbol, standing on the cusp of the public opinions. This recent viral post “Beijing University Vice-principal advises a Good Friend, Don’t let your Daughter Attend PhD Program in China” again stirred up the discussion on possible hidden rules of doctoress. Despite there is no proof of […]Read more…