Photographer captures firefighter losing his life cleaning up Dalian oil spills

| August 3rd, 2010

July 16, 2010, an oil pipeline explosion accident happened in Dalian, the fire was put out after 15 hours of burning.  The cause of the accident was still under investigation.  According to CCTV, about 400,000 gallon of oil was spilled into the Yellow Sea, which heavily polluted over 160 square kilometers of the sea water. (The BP oil spills at the Gulf of Mexico was over 100 million gallons)

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Top Ten Cities in China with the Most Beautiful Women

| August 31st, 2009

Women’s beauty should not be intimidating, but beautiful women make men lose self-control. Beautiful women flaunting their intractable personality, is not passive beauty, but charm that can destroy men’s rationality. Often, when beautiful women formed into a group, they will intimidate men with great pressure. This article from Netease tells us the top ten cities in China where you can find the most beautiful women.


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