“The Man of the Future”: Truths, Rumors, and the Perils of China-Watching

| July 7th, 2011

The current flurry of rumors concerning the demise of former president Jiang Zemin are a clear reminder that while today’s China is light years away from the rigid isolation of the Cultural Revolution, the world of elite politics remains nearly as opaque and mysterious as it was in the 1970s. As the current generation of China-watchers attempt to peer over the walls of Zhongnanhai as it prepares for next year’s leadership transition, they employ many of the same methods and […]Read more…

Live Report Beijing’s “Reddest” Restaurant

| January 31st, 2009

From NetEast

Beijing’s has countless uniquely themed restaurants even to the oldest Beijing residence. Today, the one I am talking about is at east Wuhuan (五环). The name I need not say, the owner very genuine, and has a typical Beijing men’s temperament.

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