Founder Electronics purchases typography created by street beggar

| October 30th, 2011

From Xinhua News:

A beggar named Chui Xianren recently became famous after pictures of his handwriting leaked on the internet. Begging on the streets in Shangdong, Chui would often write lists of life opinions in remarkably beautiful style on the ground adjacent to him. Founder Electronics, the biggest Chinese font supplier in the world, has decided to buy Chui’s handwriting.

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Foreigners’ Chinese Tattoos

| August 6th, 2010

The title of this original post from Tianya was “Talk about some stupefied individual foreigners’ tattoos, not understanding Chinese is really frightening”.  Tattoos of Chinese characters can be really beautiful and artistic, some also can be meaningful and speak the words of wisdoms, however some of the samples we have here really make us wonder if the person or even the tattoo artist understood the meaning of these words.  If you don’t understand Chinese and ever were thinking […]Read more…