College teacher demands Chunghwa cigarettes from students

| December 2nd, 2011

From QQ:

To become student cadre must send gifts, receiving scholarships have to pay commission, and diploma is exchanged with Chunghwa cigarettes.   Recently, a college teacher was exposed of openly demanding bribes from students via text messages.  Reporter then learned from the school, “this staff hired from outside” was already dismissed yesterday.

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Mistress of corrupt official stood trial for gift of Land Rover

| October 20th, 2010

News background:

Chen Shaoji (陈绍基): Former Chairman of the CPPCC Guangdong Province was as one of the top eight high-ranking officials who “fell off the horse” in 2009  And his mistress a female TV anchor Li Yong (李泳) was involved in Chen’s case. Li Yong is a Guangdong TV news broadcaster at the national level. She had a long-term career and many achievements in the “Guangdong TV News”. However because of her spending did not match with her normal […]Read more…

Mistress forces corrupted official to accept bribes with tears in his eyes

| February 1st, 2010

From Guangzhou Daily:

Another corrupted official fell off the horse because of his mistress. Zhen City former deputy secretary, deputy director of the People’s Congress party, Qiu Huosheng was charged with bribery of 1.05 million yuan and stood trial yesterday at Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court. During the trial, Qiu said the reason of him taking bribery was because his mistress Ms. Han was blackmailing him, 0.98 million yuan of the dirty money all went into the mistress’ pocket.

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Top eight high-ranking officials “fall off the horse” in 2009 because of sex scandals

| December 31st, 2009

First of all happy new year! Bye bye 2009 and hello 2010! ChinaHush is founded in 2009, today I will like to thank everyone for reading and supporting ChinaHush in the past year! 

And what would be more appropriate than ending 2009 with another tally?

From Yahoo!

1. Chen Shaoyong (陈少勇): Former Secretary of Provincial Committee and Standing Committee in Fujian Province, was under “regulations” (双规 Shuanggui: ordered to give a clear explanation of one’s issues; give a confession) in July 2008 […]Read more…

Female Graduate Student Bribed 70 Year Old Professor with Sex for PhD admission

| August 19th, 2009

Central Conservatory of Music  (the national leading musical institution in Beijing, China This is their website) 70 year old doctoral advisor professor Liang Maocun (梁茂春) had sexual relations with Shenyang Conservatory of Music MS Graduate (class of 2003) Zou Jiahong (邹佳宏). He also accepted 100,000 yuan in bribe from her in order to “help” her to be admitted to the PhD program in CCOM. This is recently exposed so called “Exam Gate” incident.

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Former Deputy Head of Haidian (海淀) District, Beijing Sentenced Life in Prison for Accepting 5 Houses as Bribe

| May 8th, 2009

From Global Net:

According to China Court Network’s report, morning of May 8, the Beijing Municipal First Intermediate People’s Court convicted XU Shuying (许树迎) in first instance for bribery, sentenced him life in prison, deprived of political rights for life and confiscated all his personal property.

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Former CEO of Beijing Capital Int’l Airport Group Receives Death Penalty for Acceptance of Bribes

| February 11th, 2009

From Sohu

Xinhua news agency telegrams on Feb. 10th, Shan Dong (山东) province Jinan (济南) intermediate people’s court has reached verdict on former CEO of Beijing Capital Int’l Airport Group Li, Peiying (李培英)’s case.  The court declared the defendant guilty of accepting bribes, sentenced him death penalty, and be deprived of political rights for life, confiscate all personal possessions; also guilty of embezzlement, sentenced death penalty with sentence suspended for two years, deprived of political rights for life, confiscate all personal […]Read more…