An Old Hotelier Remembers 1980s Tibet

| April 7th, 2019

Alec Le Sueur had never been to China before when he agreed to work at the Holiday Inn Lhasa as the sales and marketing manager, but he had been fascinated by Tibet after reading books about it by Spencer Chapman and Heinrich Harrer. After five years working at the hotel that was known as “the hardest hardship post,” he had enough interesting experiences to write a book himself.

That book, The Hotel on the Roof of the World, was published in […]Read more…

The Factory Girls in China

| October 6th, 2009


Key: This is a recent forum post on Netease by a young man working in a “typical” electronic assembly factory in Guangdong province where over 90 percent of the factory workers were girls. A rather innocent and insightful observation I thought,  really gave us some insights on the lives of these young factory worker girls.  At the same time it was quite in tune with the book <Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China> by Leslie […]Read more…

“China is Unhappy” Nationalism Promotion?

| April 12th, 2009

 BBC Chinese Department Reporter Qing Shang (尚清)

The recent appearance of a new book named “China is Unhappy” on the market in mainland China has caused hit discussions in the bookshops, and it is being enthusiastically boosted by the media.

This book’s author, Xiaojun Song (宋晓军), said that last October he and a group of friends chatted together. Afterwards, he organized the content of their conversation to form this book.

Therefore, perhaps this book should be called a conversation record.

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