Mistress forces corrupted official to accept bribes with tears in his eyes

| February 1st, 2010

From Guangzhou Daily:

Another corrupted official fell off the horse because of his mistress. Zhen City former deputy secretary, deputy director of the People’s Congress party, Qiu Huosheng was charged with bribery of 1.05 million yuan and stood trial yesterday at Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court. During the trial, Qiu said the reason of him taking bribery was because his mistress Ms. Han was blackmailing him, 0.98 million yuan of the dirty money all went into the mistress’ pocket.

60-year-old Qiu Huosheng was […]Read more…

Foreign Teacher Dumped by Female Student, Blackmailing CNY 100,000 with her Nude Photos

| March 28th, 2009

From NetEase

China Net March 27th reports, Scott, a American teacher at an English Training School in Zhuhai (Guangdong Provence) had a relationship with one of his female students. After being dumped by her, he tried to blackmail her to extort 100,000 Yuan using her nude photos he took of her when they were together.Yesterday, Zhuhai Intermediate People’s Court pronounced Scott’s conduct constituted extortion, Scott is sentenced to prison for 3 years, and will be deported out of the country at […]Read more…