Guangzhou likes big butt and it cannot lie

| November 23rd, 2010

I was going to let Asian Games in Guangzhou slide this time. Is there anything interesting about China hosting an international event besides grand opening, traffic jam, badly treated volunteers, uncivilized behaviors, sky rocketing real estate price of wherever they took place, and of course those same old political debates?

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Paul the Panda?

| November 15th, 2010

This year’s World Cup would not have been as much fun without Paul the Octopus. Now in the Asian games 2010 hosted in Guangzhou , pandas have became the oracles of the game.

Paul was presented with two water tanks containing the same food and each marked with the national flag of the two competing teams. Paul’s choice of which one to eat shows its favor. But how pandas perform their “magic” is different. “Boss” the panda predicted the the first […]Read more…

Guangzhou cancels free rides, giving out transport subsidies instead

| November 8th, 2010

(Netease) Guangzhou City Government announced on November 6, 2010: Starting from November 8, Monday, the subway, bus and ferry which were made free in the beginning of the month for the Asian Games are going to resume to paid system. Instead, transportation subsidy will be given. The detailed measures are as follows:

1. Starting from the 8th, the Guangzhou City public transportation metro, bus (including ferry) and the subway Guangfo line resume to the paid system.

2. The ten districts in Guangzhou, […]Read more…

The “creative” 2010 Asian Games preparations in Guangzhou

| November 5th, 2010

The 2010 Asian Games are going to be hosted in Guangzhou, China from November 12 to November 27, 2010. Only days away from the opening ceremony, much efforts have been putting into transforming Guangzhou into the hosting city. Newly constructed venues have just been finished; equipment, infrastructures have been installed for the disabled; English translations were added to all the signs; even the Guangzhou subway is free for 30 days during the Asian Games. “Passion Guangzhou, Creative Asian Games”, recently […]Read more…

How Guangdong’s Counter-Terrorist Unit prepare for the Asian Games

| September 9th, 2010

(From QQ Sports) Since July 26th, more than 150 soldiers assembled to Guangdong Armed Police Headquarter to take intensified counter-terrorist training in preparation for the Guangzhou Asian Games. With average age of 19, these soldiers have to pass literal test, psychological test and physical fitness assessment before they can join the unit and serve the Games on standby.


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