Knockoff famous buildings seen in China’s richest village

| October 11th, 2011

Located in the middle of Yangtze River Delta, Huaxi Village (华西村) is arguably the richest village in China with every household in possession of 1 – 10 million worth of assets and 1—3 cars and living in villas of 400 – 600 sqm. To take its welfare benefits to another level and boost tourist industry, Huaxi Village has recreated some of the most famous buildings so that its villagers can enjoy famous city symbols right in front of their doorstep. […]Read more…

China’s bizarre phenomena: buildings die unnaturally

| September 24th, 2010

As one of the most architectural productive country, China aggregates 2 billion m2 of new building area every year, consuming about 40% of the world’s concrete and steel. Many of these new steel and premium prefab buildings are constructed quickly due to advancements in technology rendering older models obsolete. However, on the flip side of the new building fever, there lie the rubbles and remains of other “older” buildings: people tear down four-star hotels to build five-star ones […]Read more…

The amazing "Seed Cathedral" – too much symbolism, not enough practicality?

| March 25th, 2010

The "Seed Cathedral" is the main attraction at the UK Pavillion at this year’s Shanghai Expo. The building’s out layer is made of over 60,000 slender, transparent quills, each quill with different types of seeds in it from the Kew Millenium Seed Bank Project.

This "Seed Cathedral" seems to be garnering rave reviews from both the US and China. With Chinese netizens exclaiming "I must go see it!" and "Beautiful!" BLDGBLOG saying, "it is one of the coolest architectural constructions I’ve […]Read more…