Kung Fu Bunny series by Vincent

| April 10th, 2010

Kung Fu Bunny was created by Vincent (李智勇),  28 years old independent animator and lecturer at the Animation Department of Communication University of China (中国传媒大学). The first episode of Kung Fu Bunny “Toto & Gogo” came into the spotlight in 2005 when Vincent was pursuing his master degree on transportation at Jilin University (吉林大学).

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Hot Chinese Animated Film “See Through”

| September 27th, 2009

[Netease] Recently, an animated video called “See Through” (“打,打个大西瓜” direct translation is “Hit, Hit the big watermelon”) has been red hot on the Chinese internet, with shocking images and engaging content, this video has been called the best animated film made in China. The maker spent three years to create this a little over 16 minute long animate.

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