Ministry of Health Halts a Dish Called “Sneak Bites Chicken”

| June 2nd, 2009

From Mop: 2009-05-27

Yesterday, the newspaper domestic news reports a Foshan restaurant is selling a dish called “Sneak Bites Chicken” which has aroused public and netizen intensely and attracted their attention. Ms. Zhang called our newspaper and said there were at least two restaurants sell this cruel and bloody cuisine in the north of the river Area. “At least, the slaughter is in a non-standard way.” Last night, the Jiangbei District Health Authority said they would carry on the […]Read more…

Two Female Students Born after 90s were Impregnated by the Same Boy, Putting up Their Babies for Adoption Online

| April 4th, 2009

From NetEast

Recently, On NetEast forum netizen posted a story about a love triangle between a boy (born after 1990) and two girls (also born after 1990). Two girls both were pregnant with this boy’s kid. Because they’d been pregnant for month, they are going to give birth to their babies. They are now finding someone to adopt their babies online.

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Foreign Teacher Dumped by Female Student, Blackmailing CNY 100,000 with her Nude Photos

| March 28th, 2009

From NetEase

China Net March 27th reports, Scott, a American teacher at an English Training School in Zhuhai (Guangdong Provence) had a relationship with one of his female students. After being dumped by her, he tried to blackmail her to extort 100,000 Yuan using her nude photos he took of her when they were together.Yesterday, Zhuhai Intermediate People’s Court pronounced Scott’s conduct constituted extortion, Scott is sentenced to prison for 3 years, and will be deported out of the country at […]Read more…

“CE86”and “CH31”Counterfeit RMB with higher quality than “HD” were discovered in Fuzhou

| March 24th, 2009

From Sohu

Months ago, “HD90” counterfeit RMB bills appeared and in circulation caused panic. Recently another large group of counterfeit bills with serial numbers “CE86” and the “CH31” have flown into the market in Fuzhou.

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