Japanese artificial hymens are popular in China

| March 27th, 2011
Joan of Arc Red

Recently few websites and forums published the information about artificial hymens being popular among Chinese women who want to fake their virginity. These hymens are distributed under the brand of “Joan of Arc”, who is also known by the name “Virgin of Orleans”.

The funny fact is that these hymens are coming packed TWO in a wooden box or paper bag. That’s really weird. Why two? Wouldn’t just one be enough? Well, I’ll leave this question to the consideration of readers […]Read more…

China as a big lab for infanticide studies

| November 5th, 2010

If a system of death camps were set up in the United States
of the sort we had seen in Nazi Germany,
one would be able to find sufficient personnel for those camps
in any medium-sized American town…

This is the quote from TV interview with the prominent American social psychologist Stanley Milgram. One of his most important works were the “shock” studies of obedience to authority. After running a series of experiments with different sets of participants, Milgram came to conclusion that in any country and any nation it is possible to create certain conditions in which people will be able to do absolutely senseless and cruel things, such as war-time atrocities.

The practical value of such studies lies in possibility to recognize and prevent the social patterns in which we – people – can show our evil side.

Unfortunately, with its one-child policy, today’s China has created “favorable” conditions for the expression of other cruelty deeply ingrained in human nature – ability to kill our own babies. In this way China became a huge stage for verification of another social theory. I am talking about research in the field of infanticide made by the famous biologist and anthropologist Sarah Hrdy. Let me first introduce the main aspects of Hrdy’ theory and then show how they apply to China […]Read more…

Chinese and China 100 Years Ago (as perceived by Europeans)

| October 2nd, 2010

My boyfriend has an old encyclopedia consisting of 22 volumes. This is a Russian adaptation of the famous Meyer encyclopedia printed from 1900 to 1910.

I want to share an excerpt from the encyclopedia’s article “China”. Although the whole article itself can be characterized as objective – it seems that 100 years ago the term “politically correct” hasn’t existed yet. Thus its authors didn’t shy away from using the language which would hardly find its way into today’s academic […]Read more…