Angry, drunk foreigner fights, terrifies and screams obscenities at passengers on Guangzhou metro

| December 22nd, 2010

This is sort of hilarious. In less than a day, this video has been viewed over half a million times. After metro security found a knife in this foreigner’s luggage and took it away from him, he angrily got onto the metro and began picking fights with fellow passengers. This video begins with him getting into a fight with a Chinese passenger. At the next stop, security blocks the cell phone camera and forces the Chinese passenger off the train […]Read more…

Howard Wong: A ridiculously good drummer, especially at 3 years old

| May 5th, 2010

I can’t believe this kid is three years old.

This is him playing drums to the song 美好特质, (Beautiful Quality) at Sunway Carnival Mall. I’m guessing that this mall is in Malaysia based on a Google search. I’m pretty sure the family is Chinese because they speak Chinese at home in the other home videos they have posted.


(If you cannot see YouTube videos in China, try use VPN software : Freedur ,  and use coupon code CHINAHUSH to get […]Read more…

Chinese dating etiquette: What is easy to do is also easy not to do

| April 26th, 2010

The process of courtship in China seems to be much more important than the process of courtship in the United States. While there is a lot more sexual activity among younger Chinese, a lot of Chinese girls still expect the utmost courtesy and respect when a male is seeking their affection, especially if the goal is to be in a relationship. Below, you will find a guide in the form of a table to interpreting "signs" in how a guy […]Read more…

The Aesthetics of Two: In defense of childishness

| April 12th, 2010

A fashion phenomenon spreading through East Asia is matching outfits for couples. Personally, I find nothing wrong with such outfits – I think they are endearing, creative, and open up opportunities for collaboration. However, the usual response I’ve noticed from people from Western countries is that it is childish, immature, and the ever descriptive "gay" (check out comments from here and here). I say: Why not have fun with our significant other? Why don’t we aesthetically display our affection?

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Facebook to enter China within three months?

| April 6th, 2010

Two years ago, there were reports about Facebook entering China, but now there is new inside information? I was pretty surprised when reading this news, especially because I just did a post comparing Renren (Chinese Facebook) and Facebook.

From iFeng:

On April 7, according to a reliable source, the world’s largest social networking site, Facebook, is preparing to enter China. If all goes well, this plan will be implemented within 3 months. Facebook has two ways to enter China: first, through […]Read more…

Why Renren is better than Facebook

| April 5th, 2010

In this age of mechanical reproduction, China is often very much guilty of making less-than-impressive versions of things that the West did first. However, I have found some exceptions and one of them is Renren (人人网, translation: Everyone’s Network), China’s version of Facebook (and no it’s not blocked).

Last year I started using because I was about to study for a year at Peking University and wanted to understand college students in China before I actually got there. And while […]Read more…

The amazing "Seed Cathedral" – too much symbolism, not enough practicality?

| March 25th, 2010

The "Seed Cathedral" is the main attraction at the UK Pavillion at this year’s Shanghai Expo. The building’s out layer is made of over 60,000 slender, transparent quills, each quill with different types of seeds in it from the Kew Millenium Seed Bank Project.

This "Seed Cathedral" seems to be garnering rave reviews from both the US and China. With Chinese netizens exclaiming "I must go see it!" and "Beautiful!" BLDGBLOG saying, "it is one of the coolest architectural constructions I’ve […]Read more…

Students collect garbage to surf the net

| March 23rd, 2010

This reminds me of when Internet addiction was made an official mental disorder in China. I’ve also heard quite a few Chinese people say that "the Internet has ruined a generation." And these are just really cute kids. There are also some good links after the break.


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Infinite USB plug created by Chinese design student

| March 22nd, 2010

So honestly I’ve gotten a little bored of all the scandals, internet celebrities, political issues, censorship stories, protests, riots, etc. that China blogs usually cover so I’ve recently tried to post things that are a bit more fun and quirky – for example, the Chinese version of a Danish bacon commercial, the magic tricks by Liu Qian, the strangely totalitarian dating rules, etc. Of course, this does not affect Key, Annie, or Nancy – they will continue to do whatever […]Read more…

Office dating rules of an internet technology company in Guangzhou

| March 21st, 2010

The following list of dating rules are from an internet technology company in Guangzhou (from Mop):


Rule #42: Males who have been employed for less than a year and females who have been employed for less than three months are prohibited from finding a boyfriend or girlfriend in the company.

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Only in China: I wonder if Peter Hessler drove on this road

| March 10th, 2010

Peter Hessler’s new book "Country Driving" talks about driving through China. He says, "It’s hard to imagine another place where people take such joy in driving so badly." And then I saw this picture (from Tianya):

The text in the image says:

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Liu Qian stuns Japanese audience with street magic

| March 9th, 2010

Liu Qian is a magician from Taiwan who is now famous all over China, and increasingly, the rest of East Asia. He performed at the annual Spring Festival Gala this year and last year and has become a national phenomenon. Below are two videos of him performing street magic in Japan – I really hope East Asia becomes more regionalized and it seems that Liu Qian is furthering Sino-Japanese relations in his own way – there has been ping pong […]Read more…

An Open Letter to President Obama from Li Tusheng

| February 24th, 2010

This letter is a harsh, scathing, sarcastic and incredibly blunt criticism of President Obama. On Blogchina, this post has 6,221 “顶” (people in support) and 2,531 “反对”(people against). It is the most read post in the past 48 hours, with over 40,000 hits.

Li Tusheng, the author of the letter, was born in Zhejiang, and graduated from the People’s Liberation Army, Nanjing Army Command College in 1991 and is now a senior advisor to the Association for Traditional Chinese Culture. He […]Read more…