Top 5 Digital Advertising Trends in China

China’s advertising industry is increased very fast, thanks to rising of the demands of the consumers. Unlike many Western and other countries of the world, television is not the biggest source of advertisement in China.

Digital ads spending in China increased by 27% this year, reaching $50 billion and representing nearly 60% of paid media spending.

The new Advertising trend in China

In China, a country of 700 million mobile internet users, everybody is connected so, some new forms of mobile authentic content have emerged.

For example, last month a McDonald’s post spread among Wechat’s users, the most popular Chinese mobile app. The post didn’t talked about a classic fast-food ad, and people had to read all the post before finding out it had anything to do with McDonald’s.

In China , Brands have to be innovative if they want to get the attention of Chinese Middle Class consumers. For example: Get offers from Dealslands.


Now the new trend in China is a long-form social content, with the reveal of a brand name at the end. Typically the posts are created by online influencers, artists, writers who posted it on their own pages. Sometimes the stories don’t have a direct link to the brand but the most important thing is to deliver a story that is highly entertaining.


Storytelling in China made by KOL

Moreover, now, many influencers who are focused on art use it for promoting indirectly brands. For example, one Kol wrote a long post about “how women have been objectified by painters throughout history”; and in the end, he praised Procter & Gamble skincare brand SK-II. 

The growth in Mobile Ads


Mobile is becoming the leading ad spending channel in China. By 2021, almost 60% of total media ad expenditures and 82% of digital ad spending will be dedicated to mobile.


The growth in mobile ad spending in China has been encouraged by the companies such as Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent which will take in nearly 72% of all mobile ad expenditures in China this year.


Digital ads spending in China increased by 27% this year, reaching $50 billion and representing nearly 60% of paid media spending.


China Advertising Market

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Video Ads in China

“Video is the future of the Ads , because it is just more sexy for Chinese users” explained Philip the founder of GMA

Video ads spending is still a small percentage of total digital ad expenditures and it’s estimated 15.5% in 2017. This rapid growth rate is the result of better-quality video content and a larger supply of ad inventory.


By 2021, video ad spending will total $17.37 billion, representing 18% of digital media ad spending. In particular, mobile video will be a significant growth area, making up 72% of all video ad spending.

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  5. So good to know. I have so much respect for China and love their culture. I’m so excited for the day they go through a Renaissance, digging up all their lost history, and I think the digital age and this kind of technology will be crucial for that. My towing friend from is from China and he says he expects a digital renaissance there in the next 20 years.

  6. Well, any kind of promotion will do as long as you are not breaking the rules or anything such as the same with the Harmony OS that led to the banning of certain brands in the US market. I hope that in whatever they do especially in advertising, they should also be sincere and genuine with it.

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  9. Oliver, love the way you outline how China isn’t necessarily marketing companies’ brand per say but using influencers to talk about it which where majority of people pay attention to nowadays.

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