The number of Chinese women with foreign partners is on the rise

Interestingly, more and more Chinese women seem to be dating or marrying foreigners these days.

There are, of course, a variety of reasons for this, with more and more foreigners living in China; better English communications skills of locals; and, of course, easier accessibility for Chinese women to be able to find and reach out to foreign partners via the internet or WeChat.

Yet, when most people in China talk about foreign men who date or marry Chinese women, they speak as if there is one single homogenous type of foreign man. Yet if you stop and think about it, you’ll quickly realize that this is quite an incorrect assumption—in fact, it’s almost like saying all Chinese women are the same.

In reality, no two foreign men are exactly the same: they may be from a wide variety of countries from around the world (USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, France and so on), have been brought up in different cultures and have different ways of doing things; they will have differing viewpoints on issues of the day, not to mention speak all sorts of different languages.

So, why don’t we have a look at just some of the different types of foreign men who wish to meet Asian women:

  • there is the younger foreign man who may be on holiday in China or doing a study course learning to speak Chinese and living in one of China’s main cities. He may only be in China for a relatively short period of time but, even after his first trip, has become seriously attracted to Chinese girls;
  • then there is the young professional who may have been posted to China by his multi-national company as his first overseas posting in order to get some valuable work experience; he may have lived in the country for a year or so, has become familiar with the way of life and with some of the local customs and attitudes. Along the way he has also become totally enamoured with dating Asian women;
  • moving on, we have the slightly older foreign man who has been in China for some time, and probably has reached a senior management position in his company or even started his own business; more often than not, his first marriage has failed and, having established himself in the region and not prepared to go back to his own country, may well be looking for a new Asian bride;
  • and finally we have the older foreign man, maybe in his late 50’s or more likely 60+; someone who is either close to retirement or who is soon planning to stop working; he may be divorced from his former wife and now feels he needs someone to help take care of him in the twilight of his life. So, what does he do? That’s right, he actively looks for a Chinese woman as his next wife!

We’re sure you probably know some of these types of men from within the term foreign men. We’re also sure you can add a few more categories of men who fall for women from China… go on, have a bit of fun, see how many other types you can identify!

  1. These are women are hustling so hard to get foreign partners, they don’t even realize that western people have difficult personalities.

  2. A growing number of women are preferring to wed foreigners. The article sheds light on the motivations behind this tendency, including the need for new possibilities economically or culturally. It acts as an eye-opening work that draws attention to how China’s social dynamics are evolving and how its population is becoming more diverse.

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