3 top Chinese social media news this week

| December 12th, 2016

Here are this week’s three hottest news of Chinese social media

Aliporn : Alipay New App is Turning into Hook-up Tool


Source Sixth Tone

Alipay handles the payment system of Alibaba but it also launches entertaining applications and service every once in a while. Recently Alipay launched an application which allows it users to post content including images and videos to 21 different circles. This app is called as “circles”. 18 of these 21 circles are public and everyone can post content in them and almost everyone can like and comment on the content in these circles. The remaining three circles are special because only women including teenage girls can post content in them and only rich men can like and comment on the content in these circles. Don’t know what was the purpose of Alipay to introduce these three circles but women have gone while and they are posting content with a lot of skin. Obviously, rich men are awarding them with their comments and likes. This features of Alipay’s new app “circles” has practically become the one of the best and most authentic hook-up apps in China. Obviously, this kind of reputation is not going to help Alipay so it decided to remove this feature and announced it publically. Some people may not like this decision of the company but most of them are in agreement and soon this feature will not be available in the app and people will go back to their usual hook-up apps and websites.

Treatment of girl with Leukemia sparked the controversy and raised questions on social media fundraising campaigns


Source Weibo

The next hottest news is about the post of 5 years old girl with Leukemia which got more than 150 million impressions in just two tags. This post also resulted in 55,000 discussions. Actually, the father of the girl asked help from Chinese people on WeChat. he explained his story in very heart touching manner and told how he lost his job just to treat his girls and facing serious financial crisis. His story touched many hearts and one financial company, Xiao Tong Ren, decided to raise funds for the girl. The company decided to pay 1 RMB for every re-post. Eventually, father ended up getting 2 million RMB which are equivalent to 400,000 US dollars.

This story took a whole new turn when some people started to investigate and found that the father owns three departments and not in financial crisis. Moreover, more than 80% of girl’s treatment expenses are provided by social security service which means father needed only 36,000 RMB to treat his girl and he can afford it. They also found that the father was also a friend with the authorities in the financial company which provided the funds. It was all PR stunt for them. So, the father came on social media and apologized. He also announced to give the funds to an already established Leukemia funds to help other kids with the same disease.  The end of the story may seem happy but it has certainly made people more suspicious about heart touching stories on the internet.


Chinese Legend Got social media Attention After Becoming Hollywood Manga


Every Chinese knows about Water Margin legend but this legend got the attention of the whole world after a genius stunt of Chinese photo editors. Actually, The Water Margin is a very famous legend from the Song Dynasty in China. At that time 108 people were outlawed to the mountains of Mount Li On. these 108 outlaws decided to make an army to fight the government but at the same time, some foreigners also attacked the country. The government decided to get help from these outlaws to fought those foreign enemies. Those outlaws showed character and fought bravely. They ended up becoming national heroes as they saved people from savagery. This was truly amazing because those outlaws got praise not only from people of China but also from the royal families. This kind of incidents is very rare therefore they become the legend because they are too good to be real.

The original images of these outlaws are still present and this legend got international attention when some young Chinese took those images and inserted the heads of popular Hollywood stars. The photoshopped images are very perfect and the choice of Hollywood celebrities is also very smart. It opened new gates to make old legends popular in international communities. People love to see their favorite actors in the unique style and they tend to learn about things which get associated with them.


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