Top 10 Chinese tourists’ bad behaviors

Chinese tourists’ bad behaviors are nowadays famous all around the world.

Chinese tourists have been getting a bad rap overseas. China is the biggest outbound market and more than 120 million Chinese people went to travel abroad. The market is so prosperous that people want to attract more and more Chinese tourists. They are also high spenders and thus, a very lucrative market in the international scene. However, the volume makes it more difficult to not stumble upon some, let’s say, “Difficult” cases. China actually created a “black list” where each Chinese tourist who misbehaved are included. Even the government and the CTNA (Chinese Tourism National Association) want Chinese tourists to correct their behavior. It has gotten so bad that Japan wants to create specific zones only dedicated to Chinese tourists …

But let’s not get too serious and see the top 10 bad behavior in the Chinese Tourist “Done List”

1: Chinese tourists climb up a Sakura tree in Japan

netease japan

Source: Net Ease

About a month ago, videos and pictures went viral in Japan when some Chinese tourists were caught climbing up Cherry Blossom Trees. The national Japanese TV even commented on this disrespectful behavior.

2: Singing the Chinese national anthem? Yes! Singing it to protest for a delayed flight? Less enjoyable …


In 2015, a flight from Orient Thai Airlines in Bangkok, Don Muang Airport was delayed due to bad weather conditions and other maintenance operations. The plane was mainly filled with Chinese passengers. When Orient Thai Airlines announced the unfortunate but necessary delay of 6 hours (3 am takeoff instead of 5.40 pm the previous day), the 260 Chinese passengers started to burst in anger and to sing (loudly) the national Chinese anthem. A video of that event can be found on Youku.  Obviously, these passengers are not part of the blacklist club.

3: Make a poo …

nextshark poo

Source: NextShark

This one is one of my favorites, even though it’s quite disgusting. A grandmother was seen helping her grandchild to poo in the street in the UK at Bicester Village. Of course, to make it a bit classier, she decided that it should be done very close to the Burberry store, a luxury brand … One of the burberry’s visitors didn’t hesitate to take and post a picture which went viral on Twitter. The worst part is that toilets where just like 50m away from the Burberry store …


4: Opening security gates to get some air? Why not!


Source: CEN /

Really, Chinese tourists get stuffy sometimes and just decide out of the blue, to open the security gates before it’s, of course, allowed. According to last events, it was not the first time that this kind of thing happened last year in 2015, 2 Chinese customers opened 3 of the emergency exit is in Kunming.

5: PooPiPoo again but in another place …

Source: Shanghaiist

I don’t know why but there are some Chinese tourists have issues with toilets when traveling. Maybe they feel that it’s not a good environment for their child, they better be outside, in nature … Anyway, during a Chinese domestic flight from Nanjing to Guangzhou (South of China), a mum decided to help her child defecating on the floor, on the plane. Yes, you read me right … The woman said that the toilets were too small for her and her husband + the child who needs to defecate …
6: Huge argument in a plane, Cambodia


Source: Bloomberg

3 Chinese passengers starting a huge argument in a plane which was about to take-off. For what reason? (We know that legroom is an issue in planes, but still …) Because a woman was leaning her chair too backwards. The man behind her got pissed off and started to argue with her. Neither the flight attendants nor other passengers of the plane tried to ease the conflict. It went worse and worse until the French pilot decided to take action and through the 3 Chinese passengers out of the plane. Due to this unforeseen argument, the plane took off one hour later the initial scheduled time. China also decided to add them to the wonderful blacklist…


7: US customs are getting some strange offers …

chinese sex bribe

Last month in 2016, at JFK Airport, in New York,  a Chinese woman who was in possession of US$160,000 worth of luxury products in her luggage was stopped and asked to pay a fine by a US customs official (which is normal according to US regulations). The Chinese women, apparently a mum, didn’t want to pay the fee so she offered a quite strange service to the US customs official. She asked him in exchange for letting her go with the undeclared products to sleep with her. The US customs official didn’t take that bet and decided to report her.

8: After defecation let’s talk about urination …


Source: Youtube – TOMOnews

Two Chinese tourists really wanted to pee so they decided to get some clothes on and start urinating in an unfortunate South California shopping mall store fitting room. After the event, women entered one of the fitting rooms to try on some clothes and saw a huge mess mix of clothes, tissues and …. some liquid … The managers didn’t catch the two women but decided to put a sign “don’t pee in the fitting room” sign …

9: Let’s start a small fire …


A man was arrested when he tried to set the plane on fire on a domestic flight of Shenzhen Airline (again) coming from Taizhou and with a destination to Guangzhou. There were 95 passengers on the plane and the man involved was sitting in the first class. Then he went on to the second class to threaten people with a knife. There were 2 slightly injured passengers.

10: Everything free looks good for a souvenir


Very recently again, a Chinese passenger of Cathay Pacific didn’t want to go free-handed off the plane without a little souvenir from Hong Kong. She got creative and snatched the live-jacket underneath her chair to give it surely to one of her relatives or friends. She was unfortunately caught by Hong Kong customs and had to pay a fine of HK$2,000 (roughly equivalent to US$257)

Do you want some more? If yes watch this video:
Olivier from GMA

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