China get choked by the attack sustained on a Chinese woman

| April 14th, 2016

The attack

On Sunday night in Beijing, a man silently followed a young Chinese woman until her hotel room. When she was looking for her key to open the door, the man came behind her and attacked her suddenly, he pulled her down to the floor and then hit her. The woman was loudly shouting but when a member of the hotel staff approaches the scene, he didn’t even try to stop the attack. He just asked them to continue their dispute somewhere else. Furthermore, the woman was shouting: “I don’t know you! Let go of me!”



Then the supposed assailant tried to ask for back up by calling someone on his cell phone. After a few minutes of intense fight, a woman who were just walking though the corridor came in to cast off the woman from the attacker. Those few minutes were maybe the longest of the woman’s life according to the horror she lived in that hotel. All the scene has been captured by securities cameras.

The attack has been seen by many passive bystanders, who did not interrupt the struggle. Even the police were not helpful. When the woman called the local police to explain them her terrifying physical aggression, they replied that this was not under their administration. Strangely, when they have seen that the story of the woman outrages million and millions of people on all the social networks in a very few times, they admitted that they failed to rescue the victim and launched immediately an investigation.

The woman used “Wanwan” as screen name on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, and detailed all the aggression in multiple posts. She also posted the video of the security camera, but she didn’t explain how she obtained it.

The question of domestic violence in China


In China, there is a lot of male that consider the domestic violence as a private matter between the people concerned. According to the government’s statistics, approximately 25% of all the married Chinese women have been victim of domestic violence. In December, China has only voted its very first law against the domestic violence, however, that is still a step to get a better protection of women rights. This law took effect in March.

And now with the social media, there is a growing awareness about domestic violence and the terrible incident that women lives every day, because the information goes quick without any censure.

Olivier VEROT


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