Guangxi Prov plants 70 power poles in a 300 meter sidewalk

| November 1st, 2014


Just another reminder of how capable the city planners are in China, Beihai City of Guangxi Province shows to the world that it can plant 70 power poles in a 300-meter long sidewalk. Residents in the area complained that the overloaded power poles not only occupy the their walking space, also the criss-crossing wires overhead are invitations for safety hazards.


Oct 31, reporter visited the community management office to find out why that area is in so much need for power. An official told the reporter that during his over 10 years of working there, he never received any complaints regarding the power poles, and to make the reporter go away, he said the community management office didn’t have any authority to change anything anyway.

The reporter then went to the Power Supply Bureau of Beihai City only to be told there was nothing to worry about, as only a few of the poles on the sidewalk were for electricity supply, the rest of them were mostly for tele-communication purposes or lamp posts.


“Theoretically there shouldn’t be so many poles at one place.” Said an official of the Power Supply Bureau, “That area suffers from low voltage output, so we set up a couple more poles in order to guarantee sufficient power supply for the area, it is still within regulation. All the power supply poles were set up in accordance with national technology and safety standards, as for other poles, we have no idea where they come from.”


(Source: Netease)

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