Guangzhou City through the lens of an architect

| September 17th, 2014


When the famous Guangzhou East Tower was reaching 100m in 2013, Da Xin joined the construction team as a site engineer. From then on, he has been photographing the ever changing landscape of Guangzhou City from the top of the new born skyscraper.


Everyday Da Xin goes there to check the construction progress and supervise safety and quality. He recalls one day in April when he was inspecting the tower top at a 400m height, suddenly there was lightening and thunders followed by storm. Half an hour later, the storm was gone and the sky cleared. The Citic Plaza was half above the clouds, and the Canton Tower had its lights on up in the air. He said: "That was the first time I feel so close to the sky."

The tower he is working on is Guangzhou East Tower, aka CTF Finance Centre. Started in 2009, its overshadowing 511m height has already overtook Guangzhou West Tower(439m)become the 2nd tallest building in Guangzhou City following Guangzhou Tower(600m). The building is expected to be put into use in 2016. With over 10 billion RMB investment backing, it will become a multi-purpose skyscraper including shopping malls, offices and hotels.

As one of the landmark makers, Da Xin thinks that as long as the city is growing, there will be new landmarks springing up all the time, but each of them is unique to the city and the people living there.


The Canton Tower (600m)


Guangzhou West Tower (439m)


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(Source: Nandu)

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