China’s Guinness world record complex

As if having the world’s biggest population is not good enough, China continues with the obsession of producing “miracles” and applying for Guinness World Records. Until 2011, China has already held 454 Guinness world records, which made it the 7th most Guinness record holding country in the world. While there are some truly amazing records in the book, many others are simply vain attempts for attention. Still it is entertaining to know that somewhere sometime there are a certain group of people devote themselves to setting bizarre records. Nowadays setting a Guinness world record is often used as a way of creating buzz to promote business and local tourism.


In 2007 Chongqing City, Wei Sheng set the record for being able to put 1790 needles on his head.


In 2014 Shenzhen City, 1361 students were made to play “Sing for Our Country” together in order to break a instrument playing record set by Slovenia. However not everyone’s entertained with the idea.


In 2011 Chongqing City, 14,345 people came together to set the record of world’s most crowded hot spring.


In 2007 Inner Mongolia, world’s tallest person Bao Xishun (2.36m) shook hand with He Pingping (0.73m).


In 2005 Jilin Province, Zhang Xing dragged a 24 ton tram with his belly for as far as 50 meters.



In 2013 Sichuan, world’s most expensive tea Panda Tea is claimed to sell for 440,000 RMB per kilo. The panda tea get the name from using panda’s feces as fertilizer.


In 2009 Beijing, 340,000 people were doing Tai Chi in front of the Bird’s Nest Stadium, setting a new world record to celebrate the one year anniversary of Beijing Olympics.


In 2013 Sichuan Province, world’s biggest Mahjong competition in the world – 2380 people playing Mahjong at the same time to compete for the god of Mahjong title.


In 2012, Henan Province, a company put 23,171 pants together to make the world’s biggest pattern – 6381.61 square meters.


In 2014, Xiamen City, world’s most participated ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – 1000 people.


In 2010, Xi’an City, 1005 people enjoying foot massage together to break the relevant Guinness World Records.


In 2013 Jiangxi Province, 10,083 people soaked their feet together to set the record of most participated foot bath in the world.


In 2012 Jiangsu Province, a vinegar production company successfully claimed the record of world’s biggest vinegar jug.


In 2010 Liaoning Province, 2011 snowmen were lighted up by fireworks to create the biggest snowman pattern.


In 2005 Jiangxi Province Jingde Town which is famous for making china, a little girl was sitting inside a giant china shoe. The two china shoes are 1.22m long and 44cm and 52cm high respectively. The shoes broke the Guinness World Record of longest shoes at the time – 66.6cm.


In 2012 Shanghai, world’s biggest sofa – 6.8m high, 7.7m wide – was on displayed in a shopping mall.


In 2011 Urumqi, world’s biggest microphone was born with 2.8m length and 80cm diameter.


In 2011 Guangxi Province, 500 copper drums were played all together to set a Guinness World Record of its own.


In 2007 Yunnan Province, the local government organized 1000 performers to do a hair whipping dance in order to apply for Guinness World Record.


In 2010 Beijing, 120 babies were made to swim in a swimming pool for 5 minutes to set a Guinness World Record.


In 2013 Hunan, a team of chefs made the world’s biggest double-color fish head, a famous Hunan dish. The fish they used was 1.4m long and 51kg.


In 2013 Anhui Province, a building with a Fengyang drum design was open to the public. The building is 18m in height and 61m in diameter, which is applying for Guinness World Record of biggest drum shape building.


In 2013 Jiangsu Province, a brass puffer fish sculpture was erected by putting 7000 pieces of brass together. The sculpture fish weighs 2100 ton.


(Source: Netease)

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