Anhui police officer dismissed after refusing to drive dying boy to hospital

| July 7th, 2014

image courtesy of people’s daily

After a police officer refused to drive a one-year-old to the hospital, the Anhui boy died due to lack of medical treatment on June 30, according to People’s Daily.

Wenfang was playing in the street about noon when he was struck by a car in Fuyang City, located in Anhui province. The responsible car quickly drove away, and the boy’s father rushed to the middle of the street, cradling the seriously injured one-year-old in his arms. Onlookers, neighbors and the distraught dad carried the boy to the nearest intersection, and tried to hail a ride to the hospital. Luckily, they thought, they saw a police car parked nearby.

The father asked the policeman for a ride, but Officer Liumou refused, apparently too busy. Enraged, neighbors took pictures of the parked police car, Liumou and his license plate (“KA739”) and posted them online. Others still worked to find the father a ride to the hospital.

Finally, a man from Bozhou City stopped along the road. He agreed to drive the father and child to the hospital. But, by the time the two arrived, it was too late. The boy had died en route.

Three days later, the lazy police officer was tried in Fuyang Yinghou District Court. Liumou was dismissed due to lack of initiative, inciting the masses and causing social unrest.

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  1. voiceofhomer says:

    The coppers there in China are shitheads that only know how to tell people what to with a cigarette butt.

    That copper should be sent to north/west China and be killed by the terrorists there.

    But here the coppers will taser or shoot someone that don’t listen when told what to do.

  2. Curren$y says:

    Wtf was an 1-year-old boy doing wondering the streets

  3. Edgar Baldwin says:

    This is the saddest story.
    Edgar |

  4. Cassandra D. Everhart says:

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  5. Brooke Evans says:

    This should never happen again! This is the worst.

  6. Morrie Glenn says:

    They should treat everyone with equality. This must never happen again. our website

  7. Moriarty says:

    I applaud this one! Everyone should be treated equally.

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