Hunan men try to free friend from prison by pretending to be U.N. peacekeeping officials

| May 28th, 2014




image courtesy of offbeat china

Two Hunan men were arrested after pretending to be United Nations officials pleading the release of a friend from prison on May 17, according to Offbeat China.

The men stepped through the door of Yuyang Prison in YueYang city about late afternoon that Saturday, armed with four well-prepared “red head” documents, a nickname for government-issued papers in China.

“We are here to request Mr. Lin’s release for medical treatment,” one man said to prison security. “The release has been approved by China’s top leaders. Give him to us so that we can take him home.”

The men handed the guards official commands reading: 1) “Response to the request that Mr. Lin be released on medical parole to support his sick mom”; 2) “Notice on medical parole enforcement measures by the Ministry of Justice, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate of China and the Ministry of Public Security”; 3) “Law on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Elderly”; 4) “Environment Protection Law of China.”

Skeptical, the prison guards asked to see identification. At first the men claimed to work for government organs so secret they were not allowed to expose their identities. Later, they claimed to work for the U.N.

On man revealed an ID decorated with a People’s Liberation Army emblem on the cover, and claimed to work at the “general headquarters” for “the United Nations Peacekeeping troops” located in “No. 18 compound” in Beijing.

The other man pulled out a booklet issued to a man named Wu Yanbiao by the “communication bureau of the United Nations peacekeeping troops,” which specified that he was allowed to work freely “around the world.”

Both IDs were printed in traditional Chinese.

“Don’t mess with me,” one man said. “I warn you not to mess with me. There will be consequences. Take a look at my ID. Look closely. Don’t you realize my power and authority?”

He then called Zhongnanhai, the central headquarters for the Communist Party of China, and angrily reported how incompetent the Yueyang prison guards were apparently acting.

After hours of discussion, the guards ended up arresting the two men– ironically allowing them to join their friend in prison later that day.

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