Matchmaker shares the best places to pick up girls in Beijing

A matchmaker in Beijing shared information on where to look for single girls and what to look for in a recent issue of China Weekly (中国周刊).


The woman, Rong Chaoran, who works for a private dating website, singled out individual malls and brands, going so far as to diss the uneducated girls who shop at Xidan who are too poor to shop at Shin Kong Place.

Rong Chaoran’s assessment is based on her experience standing around the mall all day looking for women who meet her clients’ requirements and trying to recruit them.

Here is what she said about some specific Beijing malls and locations, as paraphrased by China Weekly, in their February 5, 2014 issue:
Shin Kong Place (新光天地): “She meets the largest number of pretty ladies here [at Shin Kong Place], and the their average salary and quality is higher. Next is Solana Lifestyle Park Shopping Mall (蓝色港湾).”

Shen Kong Place
Shin Kong Place

According to Frommers: “Shin Kong Place sets the gold standard in Beijing luxury shopping.”

Xidan: “At Xidan (西单) there are also a lot of pretty girls, but their education and overall quality is lacking a little.”

Sanlitun bar district: “Rong Chaoran doesn’t often go to Sanlitun. “Sanlitun girls are sexier and edgier (棱角). Men want girls with a warm personality, like water.””

    Shin Kong Place details

She even knows Shin Kong Place down to the floors, noting that floors B1 and 1 are the best places to find young unmarried girls:

When she first started, she was only looking on floors B1 and 1. These floors had some makeup stores and some brands that weren’t excessively expensive. She didn’t dare go to the 2nd floor. There are too many luxury high-end products there. Floor 3 has dresses aimed at women aged 35 and up, so she doesn’t often go there. She doesn’t go to floors 4 or 5 either, because they just have married women looking for products for the home.

    Brands and Demeanor

Even the brands and the speed of a girl’s walking will help you determine if she is unmarried or married:

“Unmarried women walk faster, and they are bright-eyed. Married women walk at a leisurely pace, and their eyes are calm. The women carrying Hermes bags, 90% are married. Unmarried women like trendier styles like LV or Prada.”


  1. Blacks and whites picked up all the best China girls in all of China without all these shopping around BS.

    Blacks get the rich and sexy China girls.

    Whites get all the rich and edumacated China girls.

    Most of these China girls comes from all over China, many of these China girls go to bars, clubs and hang around local English schools.

    I have met a lot of them in all the cities I have been to, so easy.

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  2. I don’t know what men are looking for in China these days. But the three women on the right in that photo have some serious thunder thighs, and seem to be macking like they’re hotties. Hubba hubba.

    Take the heels off and PLOP! Instant meatball.

    Give me a skinny little waif from the provinces any day over one of these self-entitled, semi-fatties.

    And by the way.. who looks for girls in shopping centers? If you’re looking at Louis Vuitton, aren’t you already disqualified for being a “nightmare-in-training”?

  3. Haha, Shin Kong Place… seriously? That’s the place where all the rich old guys go with their xiao san to buy hand bags…. it has pretty much no potential as a pick up spot. My home is very close to that place and I go there almost every day – honestly, you will find it very difficult to meet anyone there.

  4. Really great information. I know where I should go the next time to Beijing:)

    Actually you should write something about places to go in HK and Taiwan. Could be a really great topic:)

  5. meeting girls in foreign countries at malls is pretty tough cuz of the language barrier but women be shoppin so it is always a good place to look

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