The most disgusting trains in China

Dirty beds on overnight trains became the focus of discussion in China after a Tencent microblog user shared a photo of the disgusting sheets on his ride from Fujian to Changsha.


“Fuzhou to Changsha, train number K1682, see the sanitation of the bedsheets in the car, everyone click like,” a man named Wang who lives in Fujian wrote.

“I didn’t know before that it could be dirty to such a degree,” Wang said, as quoted by

Wang had the unfortunate shock of discovering the filth the next morning, when he had been looking for his phone under the covers, after he had slept under it the whole night. “You can clearly see the quilt wasn’t changed in a long time, nor was it hung to dry.”

As dirty as the blanket in Wang’s bed was, it is nowhere near the most disgusting train blanket in China, or the most disgusting train car. ChinaHush searched the internet to find some that will make you never think about riding a train again.

Dirty Beds

Bedbugs on train D313 from Beijing to Shanghai

Sohu TV: A netizen describes: “Be careful, there are blood-sucking bugs on the sleeper: On the evening of August 28, from Beijing to Shanghai, train no. D313, car no. 6, on the lower beds in rows 13 and 15, we discovered seven or eight blood-sucking bugs. After crushing them there was some blood drops. In the daytime, I discovered some bite marks, itching.” Shortly after, Zeng Peng, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, confirmed [the bedbugs].

小麦的海: Look at the pillow on the train!!! Rags aren’t this dirty!!! [angry faces] @People’sDaily

@Merry-ding: Really bad luck. I bought a soft bed [ticket], and I had this dirty pillow. I’m sick.

Just__fairy: This really makes me feel uncomfortable~I have risen trains for many years, and this is the first time I encountered a hard bed sleeper car that was this dirty!!! …

一鄒丹一: Pillow on the sleeper, dirty enough to scare people. …

跑调调色板的读书笔记: Today, I took the train from Liuzhou to Guangzhou. I think it was K1223 from Chengdu to Guangzhou East. Not only was it two hours late, also the hard sleeper was especially dirty. The quilt, sheets, and pillow were so dirty I didn’t dare touch them. …

乡下人来袭: Right now, the train hasn’t made it to the final station, but the sheets are appalling, tell us, how are we supposed to sleep? …

Dirty Floors

Many of the trains are dirty because people throw trash on the floor. The train workers are supposed to periodically sweep it up, but sometimes they don’t come around often enough.


Untitled 554







Sometimes, the floor is covered with a layer of unidentifiable liquid and mud:


Dirty Seats




Dirty Bathrooms

Don’t get me started on how dirty the bathrooms and sinks get by the end of the trip.




Dirty Stations

The toilets at train stations aren’t much better than the ones on the trains.

A toilet at a Guiyang station.
A toilet at Guiyang station.
Guangdong East Station bathroom, photographer by 千里马常有
Guangdong East Station bathroom, photographed by 千里马常有
A toilet at the KFC in Hefei station, Anhui province.
A toilet at the KFC in Hefei station, Anhui province.
  1. Wow this reminds me of our week long trip on a Carnival cruise fun ship from Miami to the Eastern Caribbean Islands.

    All the westerners were so dirty in the café and around the top deck, garbage and drinks everywhere.

    In the hallways most of the bed sheets all had yellow piss, food, sperm or cum stains on everything.

    1. This is obviously a lie… for the chinese, I didn’t really know or realize how primitive and uncivilized they were until I starting reading about them……shame really.

    2. Ur a straight up frauding faggot mate.
      Chinese are hands down the dirtiest people on earth. I’ve been to almost everywhere in S.E Asia and to China, Korea, and Japan.

      Chinks are the most uncivilized and unhygienic subhumans in the world. Please learn from the Japanese and the Koreans and this is coming from a white guy.

    3. Having actually taken a Carnival cruise with a very similar travel log, I have to say that you sir are full of shit.

    4. You are obviously Chinese as well, Any negative comment we instantly try to find someone else to blame or make to look worse

    1. >pole

      I can answer that: 50 cents (see

      Face it. Most Chinese from the mainland are just hopelessly ingrained with a culture that tolerates rude and filthy habits with no concept of civic responsibility and respect for the laws of other countries as visitors. We see that behavior here in Canada all the time, with their blatant disregard of traffic laws, rampant cheating and fraud in academics, and urinating in garbage bins of shopping malls.

      I say this as a Chinese Canadian who grew up here, never cheated academically, own a legally registered vehicle, and has not gotten a speeding ticket in over 5 years.

      1. What, does the truth hurt? This article is merely a compilation of photos posted by Chinese people on Chinese social media, so what’s your problem?

  2. Chinese are are fucking disgusting, I hope their communist party will be their last demise.

    Fucking hivemind trash.

  3. Cleanliness and obsessive sanitation is almost exclusively a western trait and it is one that started and has only caught on very recently. You have to take into account that the Chinese and other Asian countries have entirely separate cultures from that of Europe and the US. You should also take into account the fact that unlike Japan, China has very recently begun to westernize. But for now tourists are just going to have to deal with the fact that when they’re in China, they have left Kansas and that their surroundings are going to be absolutely filthy.

    1. I’ve been to poorer African countries with better cleanliness standards than the Chinese.

  4. why do they throw thrash on the floor? is it a cultural thing?

    in the west, indoors floors are supposed to be at least as clean as chairs. it arose in victorian age to do this, because dresses of that time often touched or dragged on the floor.

    even today it just makes sense to keep it that way, so in case someone falls their clothes aren’t stained.

    maybe the situation in china is in such a way because they skipped the victorian age and went right into industrialism.

  5. I have lived in China for five years and as much as I hate to generalize, it is a shit-hole. Most Chinese people are dirty and untidy. I’ve been on the cheap trains and by the end of the journey the bathroom floor is a swamp of shit, piss, tissue and rubbish. Various liquids were flowing from under the bathroom door while passengers continued to smoke relentlessly in the corridor. I asked train staff to open a window and they said they were not allowed to, even though the ventilation system was out of order. People hawk and spit on the floor all the time, including inside the trains, restaurant floors and bins. They don’t give a crap about communal areas, hence the environmental problems they are experiencing. Generalized selfishness is a probable cause. They take their shoes off when they get home not because they are clean but because the streets are dirty as hell. The north of China is worse, people constantly spit on the floor. In winter the spit freezes over and eventually the whole pavement is covered. Great way to spread diseases! They also spit bones and debris on the table instead of on the side of their plate or into a bowl.

    It’s a country with no conception of maintenance: buildings and public facilities are built to look good on day one and left to rot and decay. Nothing is built to last in China. Cheap buildings are erected and demolished on a 20-year cycle. It’s a makeshift botched-up country. Becoming a super also takes planning, something the Chinese are clearly not good at.

    After being in this country for a long time I am immune to pretty much anything.

    The government puts a lot of money and effort into blocking internet access, shouldn’t all those resources go into educating people?

    Unfortunately there are many countries that look clean outside but are filthy inside, for example when I studied in the UK, English students where invariably the “trouble” flatmates, usually responsible for all the filth in the flat, while students from literally every other country in Europe had to endure their carelessness. Of course I have met some clean people in England too, but I am speaking statistically and based on my personal experience.

    1. You must leave China now or you will end up like them and we will hate you forever.

      Go to India for a good life with the holy cows and eat with the smell of the shit in the streets but don’t look and don’t try to kiss the cows.

  6. OMG…this is soooooooooo disgusting. Sh*t everywherer…hhow can they r on the train with trash everywhere…ewwww…

  7. Could not agree more. It is not a racist viewpoint, bug based solely on observational criteria. China is filthy. People are filthy. Even the women are filthy. Only I DIA is worse….and that is say a lot.

  8. You dont have to go to China to see how dirty this culture is. Just visit Chinatown in a major city. They bring their ways to the US. Not a very clean people. American love Chinese food, but Id think twice before eating it.

    1. Me too, if I really craved it, I would rather cook it from scratch, I don’t trust Chinese folks with food at all.

  9. Disgusting animals. I live on the mainland for three years, in three provinces. They are the worst animal filth of the earth. Has nothing to do with overpopulation. I was on a flight from Beijing to Europe. That’s not like their trains where there’s a million people standing up. At the end everything was filthy, and “first class” was the worst! Filth everywhere and s**** stains on the ground near the bathroom from when waiting became too much trouble for their precious offspring! Keep them out!

  10. Why Chinese are so dirty and disgusting??
    Why China County is so dirty and disgusting??
    I read Chinese people eat eggs in urine and all chinese foods made of hairs from chinese people.
    Chinese people also eat dog poop! OMG so disgusting this chinese people!!

  11. PLEASE ALL PEOPLE HERE go to google and search “Chinese eat baby” chinese are so disgusting, sick and dirty pigs !!!

  12. Fuck all Chinese! Chinese are dirty, disgusting and animals! Chinese have little eyes (“i cannot see anything”), ugly teeth (“i cannot speak, my tooth to big”), round face (“chuppy face”), little small people (“girl looks like boy, boy looks like girl”). Chinese eat babies (go google search for…). 80% of Chinese have AIDS. Chinese Foods is disgusting made of their own hairs (go google search for…) Chinese eat eggs with children urin (go google search for…) Chinese eat Panda Poops. Chinese living like monkeys.

  13. Got to agree with Thomas. Mainland Chinese on long haul flights are just as bad as they are on trains. Ever take a flight between Europe and China? Filth and sh*t everywhere by the end of the flight! I once saw human excrement left on a freaking passenger seat!

    I find it hilarious that this country insists on the whole world giving them respect and treating them like a First World country. Guess what, China? You’re not!

  14. Well I sure hope China will get even more dirty, that will keep many of the whites and blacks out of China for good and may be forever.

    As for the Chinese going to the western countries, the EU is the shittiest place to go to if you need a toilet real bad and the shit is coming right at that minute.

    Where do the whites in Europe do their #2 and don’t have the money or there is no toilet anywhere?

    In the alley ways and in the hallways, that’s what I see all over the place.

    1. Looks like you earned another 50 cents from the Chinese government. Even in the comments you people are cheating LOL.

    2. Mate, you’re fighting a losing battle with this ‘West bad! China good!’ nonsense. Chinese people are voting with their feet; those who can afford to do so are leaving the mainland in their droves, so there you are.
      I get that patriotism is a big deal in China (I lived there for years), but why leap to the defense of practices that are clearly unhygienic and grossy undesirable? Just take it on the chin, roll up your sleeves and sort it out. That’s what Western countries had to do when we were developing; then again we never had a ready-made Plan B waiting for us just a plane ride and a $500,000 down-payment away…

  15. Ugh.. I have nothing personal against the Chinese (some of them CAN be clean, the westernized ones) but seeing these pictures put me into CLEANING MODE!

    I’m literally spending the entire day thoroughly sanitizing my house… and it was already clean! DOUBLE THE CLEANING! These pictures made me sick.

  16. The Chinese are utterly swine. Why don’t we just combine our non nuclear weapons and eradicate the most densely populated areas in their country off the face of the earth.

  17. This truly made me sick. I would not even want to touch the seat in those trains. The toilets specially, it made me literally go disgusting. Filth! How can people do this to the train that is serving them over night from one place to another? It becomes like our own room for a day? Chinese railway not even changing the sheets ? I really pitty tourist people and people not native to China. I have been to Indian trains and they were so clean. The squat toilets are dry and clean even after a 2 days journey. I wanted to visit China once as a tourist but now I am skeptical :'(

  18. After spending time in China for the past month and a half, I can confirm that everywhere is NOT like this. I have taken the train from Beijing to Chongqing and nothing was that disgusting as the photos above. Anyone who experienced something this dirty in China must be in a poor area or in a train for poor people. The highest number of millionaires come from mainland China, and China has become very rich in the past years. If you go anywhere that’s cheap and for poor people, it will not be clean.

    1. Ha! A Chinese millionaire is as filthy as a poor Chinese. You have to go to China to comprehend the level of absolute abhorred filth. I am not talking just dirty or messy, but filth like you have landed in the toilet of hell.

      I sat next to a Chinese man on a flight from the USA to China. He was eating pumpkin seeds and just spit all the shells onto the floor. throughout the flight, he just tossed all of his trash onto the floor until by the end of the flight, we were all sitting in what looked like a giant stinking trash can.

      Nobody on earth is as filthy as the Chinese. It has been that way for centuries. Read the notes and comments of people who went to China 100 years ago or before. They all talk about how incredibly filthy the Chinese were/are.

  19. China travelers everybody have many bed bugs, in bag, suitcase, body…
    So, you don’t go Chinese stay out hotel in USA.

  20. Chinese are essentially animals. They have zero culture. What is the difference between an animal and a human being? Well humans have compassion, they care for the environment, for their fellow man at least to some degree. This does not exist in China, all they care about is themselves. Hence the fact that they are animals.

    Let me put it this way. If you see a dog in the street, and it shits on the street, do you say that dog should know better? Of course not, it’s a dog.

    So if all the above pictures confuse you, remember, Chinese are as close to animalistic as you can get. What’s worse is the amount of Propoganda that chinese spew out trying to hide their animalistic behaviour.

    This is a nice blog of a former english teacher (with a Chinese wife) which perfectly summarizes the shithole that is China and the parasites that are chinese

  21. Welsely is right. I have spent a fair amount of time traveling through Asia and while places like the Philippines have areas that aren’t exactly savory, I do believe that most of them have humanity and compassion. The scary thing about many (mainland) Chinese is that they have NONE. You can see it in their eyes. They are absolutely indifferent to the environment and to each other. There is one gigantic difference you immediately sense with most Asiatic cultures: people are much more like ants in a giant ant colony, and they perceive life that way. It’s kind of cool in a sense, but on the other hand things like personal responsibility and compassion simply do not exist. I have seen people absolutely indifferent to others falling down the stairs or whatever. I have seen a grown man pee on the inside of a bus window with everyone watching and no one even the slightest bit concerned where it splattered. I have seen tons and tons and tons of littering as if it was the obvious way to dispose of anything. They truly are animals, for better and for worse.

  22. once in Hangzhou I took a piss outside a restaurant and the owner ran out livid. i just claimed the idiot was a hypocrite cos chinese piss wherever they want so why cant i? we nearly came to blows but i do not regret it, infact any way to show these deluded dirty bastards what they are is fine. i think chinese people are cheaters, two faced, immature, petty and racist. i live in Shanghai and I am British.

  23. China has no future.
    Chineses are the most uneducated people in the world.
    China should be perished from this planet.
    The U.S should bomb China to perish China!

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