“I wish you would return my smile”: Cartoonist’s plea to the nation

| March 6th, 2014


Earlier this week, ChinaHush reported on the “I am a Xinjiang Person” social media campaign meant to discourage discrimination that has come about in the wake of the Kunming knife attack, which was reportedly carried out by Xinjiang separatist terrorists.

Xinjiang is officially a Uyghur autonomous province, and a plurality, 43 percent, of the residents are Uyghurs. Xinjiang has fallen under Chinese influence or control for much of history, but it has also been the site of wars and rebellions. Uyghurs are an Islamic ethnic group of about 10.3 million people, 97 percent of whom live in China. Many of the posts on Weibo refer to “Xinjiang people” rather than to Uyghurs.

One of the most popular posts was a cartoon drawn by a Weibo user named “四季将轮回_Mono”, a woman currently living in Wuhan. In the cartoon, a Xinjiang person is hurt by discrimination she faces after the terrorist attack, and she expresses her heartfelt wish for “a day when people will return my smile and accept me back in the family.”

四季将轮回_Mono originally uploaded the cartoon to QQ and RenRen, then “金爺想说耶耶耶,” a woman from Guangzhou with only 250 Weibo followers, uploaded it to Weibo, and the image was shared over 7,000 times from her post and an additional 2,000 or so times via third-level retweets.

四季将轮回_Mono just opened a Weibo account on March 4 and had this to say:

I just signed up for Weibo. Although after uploading this to RenRen and QQ, there were many different reactions. But even more were warm. The drawing is crude, but it brought out many people’s warm feelings. Thank you to my supporters on RenRen and QQ. Thank you to the people who said I changed their outlook. Thank you to the people who sent me images of Yunnan cherry blossoms. Thank you for letting me see the kind people in this world. Really, very warm/kind. I love this world, and it is worth my striving!


UPDATE: 四季将轮回_Mono is named Jiang. She is an ethnic Han from Xinjiang who is studying in Wuhan. Her cartoon got viewed over 300,000 times when she uploaded it to RenRen and tens of thousands of times more when various people shared it.


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