Macau, Las Vegas of the East

| May 16th, 2013


Earlier this year, it was revealed that Macau casino revenues hit a record $38 Billion in 2012. In December alone, Macau properties took in a record $3.5 Billion. These massive revenues reinforce the fact that Macau is not just the Las Vegas of the East but rather it is the new world leader in casinos gambling.

Until Western-style casino games were introduced in the 20th century, only Chinese games were played, the most popular being Fan-Tan. At present, there are 33 casinos in Macau. Twenty-three of these properties are on the Macau Peninsula and the other 10 are on Taipa Island. Up until 2002, the government held a monopoly on the casino industry and did not allow outside casino corporations the right to built a casino property in Macau. In 2002, the Macau government ended their monopoly on casinos and allow six new corporations to build casinos. This change in policy would ultimately lead to explosive casino growth and turn Macau into the “Las Vegas of the East.”

Gambling is illegal in China, even if you gamble on an online casinos at home could get yourself into trouble with the authority.  So, Macau, being just 1 hour boat ride away from Shenzhen, has become the one stop gambling destination of the Chinese nation.

Several major players in the US casino industry have setup shops in Macau thanks to relaxed government regulations. The largest of those being the Venetian. The Venetian Macau opened in 2007 and instantly became the largest casino property in the world as well as the largest single structure hotel in all of Asia. The property boasts over 10.5 Million square foot of space that includes over 546,000 square ft. for the casino alone. In addition, the 3,000 room hotel makes it one of the largest casino resort properties in the world.

Much like Las Vegas, Macau has spent a lot of time focusing on creating gambling paradises for those wanting to play and stay in Macau. The new properties created after 2002 have all been casino resort properties that have focused on being bigger and more glamorous than properties in other parts of the world. Their focus has been to bring in high rollers from around the world with every type of gaming imaginable, including high stakes Texas Hold’em poker games.

The gamble by these companies have paid off huge. For example, the Sands Macau opened in 2004 and came at a cost of $265 Million. Amazingly, the company was able to recoup their costs in just a single year. To give you an idea of just how successful Macau casinos have become, the $38 Billion collected by Macau casinos in 2012 was higher than the total casinos revenue in 2011 for the entire United States.

The government’s decision to ease restrictions on outside casinos companies have lead to growth that few could have imagined. However, major casino companies have focused on creating a quality product for gamblers coming to Macau and the result has proven to pay off in spades.

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  1. voiceofhomer says:

    It’s still a birdcage but there is more freedom to lose your pants now.

    Not enough whitey hookers and Chinese sluts to look at.

    Maybe the mafia is not allowed in Macau yet?

  2. voiceofhomer says:

    Toronto police Chief Bill Blair says people “have every right to be concerned” after an 18-year-old man armed with a knife on a downtown streetcar was shot repeatedly and killed by police this weekend —Nine gunshots are heard within 13 seconds.

    —————————————————————————————–and in China…………………………. But in the BBC news we have this……………..The stabbings follow a number of recent violent incidents in China.

    A motive for the attack in Shenzhen was not immediately clear.

    Mr He, 40, ran to a restaurant on the side of the road where he seized a knife and inured the owner, Xinhua says. He then began to randomly attack people on the street.

    He was later taken to hospital for treatment after he cut himself during his rampage, Xinhua adds.

    And China is still bad and treats it’s own people with no respect, this is western racism or for a feel good news in the west.

  3. voiceofhomer says:

    Dozens hurt in Swiss train crash
    At least 40 people are injured, four of them seriously, in a collision between two trains in western Switzerland.
    Italy coach plunge leaves 38 dead
    A coach plunges off a flyover in southern Italy, leaving at least 38 people dead and 10 injured – Italy’s worst road accident for decades.
    A Mass has been held in north-western Spain for the 79 people who died in a train crash.Officials say 70 people remain in hospital, 22 of them in a critical condition.
    Quebec provincial police investigators were at the offices of Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway today as a part of their investigation into the fatal train derailment in Lac-Mégantic, Que.

    The railway owned the train that was carrying crude oil when it derailed and caused several explosions at the heart of Lac-Mégantic’s downtown core on July 6, killing 47.

    So far, 42 of the 47 victims of the explosion have been found, and of those, 31 have been identified.


    But these things can only happen in China, so says CNN, CBC and BBC all the time.

    • Matt says:

      Let me get this right then. You’re suggesting that China has the same health and safety standards as Switzerland?

      Oh man, fucking LOL….

  4. click here says:

    Oh!! that’s a good news. Good job Macau!

  5. Wow! another great place to visit. Thanks

  6. I want to go in Macau, hopefully next year!

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    Yas! This is so amazing place to visit.

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