Argument over Diaoyu Islands causes fatal bar fight in Hainan


A village committee member in Hainan is accused of committing homicide after an argument about the Diaoyu Islands ended in murder on September 27. When a discussion in a Wanning city bar got out of hand, a fight ensued and Wang Moucheng is accused of having used a beer bottle to kill Fu Mouming.

The topic of controversy? Fu said that Japan would win if the two countries went to war over the Islands. According to media accounts, however, it was Fu who first began the violent altercation, hitting Wang with a beer bottle, and continued to pursue Wang as he tried to run away.

The incident was first reported by People’s Daily Online on October 15. iFeng news features a long article about the whole case and how it was solved after Wang fled to the mountains. The excerpt on how the killing took place is below:

The incident occurred just because of an argument over who would win a “China vs. Japan War Over Diaoyu Islands”?

Suspect Wang Moucheng, nicknamed “Ya di.” Man, Li ethnicity, born on July 3, 1976, age 36, unmarried, a member of the Chengfeng village committee of Wanning city.

On September 27 at 9 pm, Wang Moucheng rode a motorcycle with his village friend Ji Mouwen to a bar in Xinglong to drink. Around 11 pm, Ji Mouwen’s friend gave him a call inviting him to come over and drink together. Wang Moucheng and Ji Mouwen got on the bike and rode over to join his friend.

At a crowded and exciting bar with music blaring, they found a table with 7 or 8 youths drinking and took a seat and start drinking. Shortly after sitting down, Wang Moucheng heard a nearby patron, Fu Mouming (nickname: Xiao Nong), discussing who would win if Japan and China went to war over the Diaoyu Islands. Fu Mouming was insisting that Japan would win. Wang Moucheng eagerly joined in argument, saying China would win, and the two men continued to argue nonstop.

After arguing for just over a minute, the argument become more and more heated the more they argued. Fu Mouming angrily picked up an empty beer bottle and smashed it on Wang Moucheng’s face. Wang Moucheng fell down and blood was rushing from the left side of his face. At this time, a few of Fu Mouming’s friends prepared to hit Wang, but Wang picked up an empty beer bottle and ran away. Fu Mouming continued to chase Wang Moucheng. Wang say Fu chasing him and shattered the bottom of his beer bottle, then he attacked Fu with the remaining half of the bottle, hitting Fu’s abdomen and causing his intestines to spill out.

Below are more excerpts from the full article:

Hainan Youth Says, “If China Starts a War With Japan Over Diaoyu Islands, Japan Will Win,” Is Killed

Byline: People’s Daily Online (Renmin Wang) Hainan Office, Oct. 15 (Reporter Ning Yuan, Correspondent Zeng Wang)

On September 27, at a bar in Wanning City, Xinglong County, a homicide occurred. The suspect was on the run, hiding in the mountains, and a manhunt ensued.

In order to quickly catch him, the Wanning public security bureau chief Zhang Zhaoteng, vice bureau chief Xie Guobiao, and criminal police units gave up their Mid Autumn Festival and National Festival vacations.

They have traveled at double speed searching through the four cities of Wanning, Lingshui, Baoting, and Qiongdong, to surround and block off the mountain areas, making the whole province and all its ports inescapable. … Finally, after 15 days, the truth has been uncovered about what led to this terrible “2012.9.27” murder story.

Murder occurs at bar, Police question perpetrator’s friends

On September 27, after receiving numerous reports, the Hedong unit of the Wanning police hurried to the scene. Inside the bar, they saw a male youth laying on the floor with his intestines hanging out, unable to speak.

They immediately protected the scene and took the victim to the nearby Xinglong Red Cross Hospital. On the morning of September 28, just past 1 am, the victim was in very serious condition and died while he was being moved to Wanning People’s Hospital. The police hurried to the scene and investigated, but a lot of eyewitnesses didn’t know who was the perpetrator. Shortly after, the police returned to the bar and found a cell phone and a motorcycle that the perpetrator left behind at the scene.

In order to ascertain the perpetrator’s identity, the Wanning investigation unit went to the bar and used the cell phone left behind to call some contacts, pretending to be a bar employee and told them that their friend’s motorcycle was still there and that they should recover it.

Later, the police descend on the vicinity of the bar. Not long after, two men arrived at the bar wanting to recover their friend’s motorcycle. The police restrained them and brought them to the station for questioning. According to the account of the men at the police station, the perpetrator was Wang Moucheng, a member of the Changfeng village committee.

Suspect escapes into the mountains, Wanning police cut off exit routes

Thus, the Wanning public security investigation unit established a “2012.9.27” special investigatory unit and divided the unit into 3 teams. At the same time, the case attracted Wanning municiple committee clerk Ding Shijiang’s attention. At the time, Ding Shijiang said: “I requested the public security office organize an elite team to investigate this case with all their resources, quickly eliminate the threat to society, and protect the harmony of the national holiday.”

Wanning mayor Zhang Meiwen, the municiple committee deputy secretary, politics and law committee secretary Li Dongyu, also put out a statement saying, “We demand the public security bureau fights at all cost to bring this case to justice in a timely manner in order to keep society safe and stable.”

The police changed their center of gravity to focus on the suspect’s family, and the family tried to convince him to turn himself in. … The suspect discovered the letters from his family in their own handwriting. His face was streaming with tears, but he had still not decided to turn himself in. One day passed after another, and finally, 15 days later, he agreed to turn himself in.

  1. That’s just silly, no matter what way you spin it. Homicide due to argument over a hypothetical war.

  2. At this rate, if China uses war to steal Senkaku from us, their soldiers would be shooting each other over the fact that one of them said that Japan would win.

    Pathetic chinks are at it again.

    1. go f u c k yourself, jap. if it weren’t for your uncle sam, your balls would have been cut off.
      what do you mean “steal”? who the f u c k taught you english?

  3. Fu’s right, Japan won because a Chinese is dead and he sacrifice himself to prove his point.

  4. This is exactly the reason why Chinese will not win in a war with Japan. We are too busy fighting each other…

    1. does anyone even know how modern war is waged? It’s hardly run at each other with bayonet’s screaming “banzaii”. It’s all about who has more buttons to push to fire big fireworks at each other.. it’s not some ww2 movie where people run into each other u know…

  5. And once again, weeks and weeks go by without fresh content.

    Your advertisers must be oh so happy.

  6. I think the zeroes copied the least watched most unpopular of the Jack Ryan films i.e. The Sum of All Fears and performed the “farce” of a ROGUE rightists causing trouble by attempting to “purchase” Diaoyutai requiring the not as Dark SIde of the Force to take control of the “purchase” of Diaoyutai and because Mr. Xi Jinping was too light albeit precise when he labeled the Japanese fabrication as a “farce,” the Japanese continue to use the Ishihara Defense/Excuse/Plea for Sympathy whilst they decloak a heavily militarized Japan with more nuclear reactors than necessary in the interest of accumulating excessive supplies of nuclear weapons materials.

    It’s SUM OF ALL FEARS – that’s how stupid and super dorkish the Japanese are. NO ONE watches that stupid Ben Affleck movie so the Japanese feel that they can get away with it just as they have gotten away with selling Hangzhou steam buns in all their convenience stores and overseas supermarkets because they are not the more well-known Cantonese roast pork buns or Shanghainese meat buns.

    And the Tibetan immolations are the VAMPIRE authority bombing their own True Blood factories. The British tortured Chinese leftists in 1967 and used drugs and hypnosis to create puppets. That’s how the Germans and Japanese zeroes are forcing those “self” immolations. These chronic liars think they can fabricate a foundation for a JUSTIFIED military operation to take the Himalayas for a “Free Tibet.”

    They just bombed a Tel Aviv bus this morning. They have been bombing Israeli civilians for DECADES – buses, markets, PIZZA eateries – and now they weep and moan about Israel going in – the Germans and Japanese want this situation for China.

    1. The thing about governments, are that they are always aiming for the well being of their our respective country. Not anything or anyone else.. Politics is like that everywhere in the world.

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