Diaoyu islands demonstrator severally injured Japanese car owner, caught by police

From Netease:


Cai, The suspect who severely injured a Japanese car owner at a anti-Japanese / Protecting Diaoyu island demonstration was caught in Henan Province on Oct 2. The case is currently under investigation. On September 15th, Xi’an residence Li Jianli drove his Japanese brand car and encountered the crowd of anti-Japan demonstration. His car was attacked and damaged by dozens of people and his head was struck 4 times by suspect with a U shaped steel lock, which cracked his skull.

On October 2nd, the criminal team of Xi’an Police Bureau Lian Hu branch posted a micro blog announcing that the 9.15 demonstration case was cracked and the suspect who attacked Li was caught. The case is still under investigation. The journalist of Western Net then confirmed this news from the police bureau.

According to the official news from the Police department of Henan Province, the suspect was confirmed to be the one who brutally attacked the owner of a Japanese car. The suspect is transferred to the Xi’an police.


A screenshot of the micro blog: suspect in the rear seat

News review: a Japanese car owner’s skull was struck four times

September 15th, Li Jianli, who drove his Toyota Corolla was attacked by a crowd of people. His head was severely injured by a U-shaped steel lock. His skull was cracked and he was knocked unconscious . His wife was begging those people who were smashing their car, “It’s not easy for us to earn some money to buy a car. It’s our fault that we bought a Japanese car. We promise to never buy it again.”

The journalist received a video yesterday about the attack. This video showed what had happened at the scene. Li held a brick trying to protect his car, and had conflicts with the activists. He was then hit severely four times in the head and just fell onto the ground.

The 1 minute and 14 second long video was shot by a netizen. A the time it was very chaotic, the Corolla was under attack by a guy wearing a white t-shirt who held a U-shaped lock and smashing the front windshield of the car. The owner was wearing a black t-shirt. Trying to protect his car, he hit the suspect back with a brick.

The suspect went back several steps and then rushed to Li, jumping and waving his lock, hitting Li in the head. The lock was hitting exactly in his skull, making a clear sound. Li fell down. The suspect then hit three more times until he was stopped by a young man nearby.

Li’s wife ran from the other side of the car. Seeing his husband lying on the ground, she pressed against his wound and realized the severity. She turned around and called for help hysterically. Li’s body was paralyzed after a while, lying unconsciously on the ground. There are still sounds of smashing the car in the video.

The crowed then gathered around Li. A young man in grey took his phone out and shouted: “let’s save this man first, we are all Chinese.” people nearby agreed: “save him first, call 110!”

Some people then came and moved a van in front of Li. There was already a lot of blood on the ground. The video ended at this point.



Li’s wife calling for help



Because Li’s wife Wang was at the other side of the car, she did not see most of the attacking process. Moreover, Li has lost most of his linguistic capability, making it impossible for him to tell the story. The incident lasted only seconds, and no witness can be found. So this video was very precious for solving the crime, it comprehensively and exactly restore the scene for the police. Li was trying to protect his car, but almost lost his life for it.

Now Li is still in the hospital to receive medical treatment. His condition has not improved yet. Miss Wang said his left leg can move, left hand can lift and grasp. But he can not move his right hand and hardly his right thigh..

in regards to him protecting his car, law expert said that any citizen has the right and responsibility to do so. Morning of October 1st, the leaders in the Xi’an municipal government and police bureau went to the hospital to see Li Jianli and gave them 20,000 RMB for treatment. They promised to catch the suspect and put him under justice.

The police have made the photos of the suspect who attacked Li Jianli along with 9 other activists who were involved in the incident public. They encouraged citizens to provide more clues and urged the suspects to turn themselves in for lenient punishment.

    1. .More like crazy barbaric Chinese. What a spectacle you have made of yourself for the world see. No better than some 3rd world war torn country. I was not aware Chinese had such savagery in them.

  1. Thankfully the young man who saw Brute Cai, stopped him from inflicting further harm. He should be awarded by the local government for being a model citizen. Brute Cai should publicly thank the young man for preventing him from receiving a death sentence should he have killed Li Jianli (assuming that Cai doesn’t get away with plausible manslaughter charges).

    The last time a Chinese got so badly hurt because of anti-Japanese sentiment was in Detroit, when Vincent Chin was killed by Anglo-Jewish autoworker guys who lost their jobs, allegedly to better Japanese imports. Needless to say, they were slapped on their wrists for their disgustingly barbaric actions and freed on $3780.00 fine by White-Jewish judge Charles Kaufman. That was another episode of legendary American racial profiling, paranoia, xenophobia and inequality. It’s no wonder why so many African-Americans were overjoyed after the verdict was read in the O.J. Simpson murder case.

      1. Why am I being racist? All I did was reveal facts pertinent to the Vincent Chin merder case and the gross American injustice resulting from said parties. Why do you want to censor some vital information for the readers?

        1. You are racist for the simple reason that there is no need to bring race into the discussion of the Auto Workers (Anglo) and Judge (White). You are being antisemetic by bringing religion into it (Jewish).

          It adds nothing, except to reinforce your focus that race (and race alone) was the determininant in this case.

          How about something concrete, like the FACTS around the case? Simple, because you got nothing.

          1. Well they are what they are, it’s not my fault that the perpetrators of this gross American injustice and misuse of American taxpayer’s money in the court of law happen to be of White-Jewish ethnicity.

            I REALLY admire good White-Jewish people doing the good things for our nation, for many aspects of our entertainment industry and for certain areas of humanities and democracy where blackmail/propaganda is not involved.

            BUT White-Jewish hand in crimes against humanity and disgrace of democracy is not isolated to the Vincent Chin case either: remember the White-European crimes against humanity against the White-Jewish people of Europe during the Pogroms and Holocaust? The same crimes Asians and Blacks are all made to feel guilty about in our Western education system and make us feel like we owe everything to the White-Jewish agenda.

            Insidiously, the White Judeo-Christian fundamentalist nations established the UN Resolution 181 Segregation Pact to help move most of the AskenNazi Jewish people out of Europe at the cost of the native Palestinian people’s human rights, dignity and homeland. This is the Western supported rule of Zionism, which if you really think about it, is really state-sponsored ethnic-cleansing/racism.

            I’m just a messenger of facts. You can look up facts, or rough approximations of it on Wikipedia and edit out the real facts that you don’t like, which White male chauvinists and inept buffoons often do here in our “free speech” environment, replacing them with more anti-Asian/China-phobic, anti-Islam and other trash editorials. But like the biased/racist policies, geopolitical gaming, sectarian provocations and warmongering by the Judeo-Christian fundamentalist crowd, all you’ll do is just throw Western Hegemony and Judeo-Christian fundamentalism into a deeper and more uncontrollable downward spiral with increased animosities and extremist actions by your brainwashing activities to confuse/dumb-down the people of the Free World.

            1. Look, dumbass, I can call you a prick and that would be both precise and accurate.

              If I called you a (whatever your ancestry is) prick, that would also be both precise and accurate. However, it is also racist.

              If you cannot tell the difference, that makes you a stupid racist prick.

              I am just a messenger of facts.

              Happy, now?

              1. lol, well, a dumbass is one who does not wish to use brains and think for the greater good, so i suggest that you think through the actual facts and rules which we citizens of the “free world” live by.

                As Americans, we’ve become renown pricks and racists, but not just because of our history with African slave trade, colonialism, exclusionisms, segregation, warmongering, etc. This where I beg to differ from the rest of you: the Western nation’s state sponsored racism and ethnic cleansing of the Land of Palestine via UN Resolution 181 Segregation/Parition Pact is a terribly racist crime against humanity, yet, to make things worse, the Pro-Israel/Pro-Zionism news of our American/Western world’s “free press” propaganda machine publish all kinds of biased commentaries and sneaky editorials against Asians(particularly China) in effort to cover-up and distract us from the Western world’s/Judeo-Christian fundamentalist’s racism and crimes against humanity, all the while exhorting “freedom and democracy” by our propaganda machine.

                In other words: biased and racist American/Western propaganda to hide/distract White Guilt and White Shame with smoke screens and trash news against Asians especially the current archetype Asian power China, in order to “save face” for Western hegemony.

                So what you’re really experiencing here (Chinahush of all places by golly!) is you getting a taste of your kind’s own medicine, or poison, I should say.

                This is new world of checks and balances/Yin and Yang: you/your kind cannot just take, rape, subjugate, oppress and dominate (boycott and sanction?), criticize and dehumanize, and then so shamelessly cry as the victim, accusing Asians/China, Blacks, Islam, etc, for all humanity’s problems.

                So as long as it’s in the White male chauvinist/Judeo-Christian fundamentalist’s public or private agenda to spew the anti-Asian/China-phobia biased/racist and exclusionist propaganda………….. and dominate world politics, miring us ever more in the vicious cycle of Judeo-Christian vs Islam sectarian violence, you/your kind will view my actions as “dumbass” or “racist”, among other choice words, because this goes against you/your kind’s propaganda machine.

                I’m not only a messenger of facts, but a reflector of reality. Happiness is knowing what’s really wrong, and doing something about it: not covering-up the White Shame and Guilt with anti-Asian/China-phobia, etc propaganda.

                1. You must have forgotten the first rule of holes:

                  When you find yourself in one, stop digging.

                  Every post you make, every sentence you write, just goes to show how damaged you are as a person.

                2. Obviously never learned that the louder one shouts the less likely others are too listen to your douche baggery.
                  pro tip: four lines minimum.

                  1. Re: Darth Chocholate/Mao’s Corpse

                    Actually(!) things in life are quite wonderful: old friends suddenly reappear, the path of life crosses that of new friends and other wonderful people, business has been quite recession proof, my overall knowledge continue to expand, future prospects wide open, etc, etc.

                    Although there are many obstacles, challenges and a once in a while tragedy to overcome as one would have to expect, I’ve been really inspired to tackle the greater challenges and seemingly insurmountable obstacles for the greater benefit of the current Western-world dictated civilization and propaganda which admittedly, is in chaos. I know you Chinahush-runners only want to focus on “China-chaos”, but heck, this is a world-democracy as I see it, where point-of-view should be more balanced and less biased.

                    But I’m afraid that our “free and democratic” country is digging itself into a HOLE for which we as a nation will never get out from. In a microcosm of brainwashed malaise and Western propaganda that drive down overall American IQ, Chinahush is a sort of HOLE where White male chauvinists and their ideological lackeys escape from the real-world chaos of Judeo-Christian fundamentalism, Western hegemony, White Shame, White Guilt, etc, etc.

                    There you go. Four lines MINIMUM lol!

                    1. Nearly 450 million people have mental health disorders and more than 1 in 4 lives in the west, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

                      Many in Asia are the survivors of infectious diseases, natural disasters and war.

                      So the crazies are out to get all the other crazies.

                    2. Western hegemony “free press” propaganda (i.e. revisionist history to gloss over Rape of Nanking in order to support Japanese Right Wing contentions/China-phobia, while supporting Revisionist Zionism to drive sentiment for AskeNazi Jewish people over that of their inhumane crimes against humanity in the Land of Palestine):

                      it is the Western school of mass indoctrination by which the almost 100-million crazies here in our languishing American society act “normal” in society. You may even call it: State Sponsored Mental Health Disorder. But I prefer the term” New World Disorder.

                      Say yes to homegrown Asian indigenous religions/philosophies (Animism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Shamanism, Shintoism, Taoism, Tengriism, etc). Abrahamic religions, especially the politically-dictating aspects of Judeo-Christian fundaMENTALism no less harmful and infectious to mankind as Islamic fundamentalism.

                    3. It’s all about history. Everything originates from the different understanding on history.
                      It will continue until one or both of them compromise.

      2. It’s because he’s mentally ill, check his other posts

        Everything is him projecting his own prejudices onto other people, injustice collecting (Vincent Chin was ages ago son, do you know how many black people die like Vincent Chin ever YEAR?), and general paranoia found in all nationalists/narcissists

        May the rest of his Chinese brethren embrace liberalism and join the rest of the world

        1. Wow, it’s been over a month since my last post, seems that my queuing for followup messages here have become disabled (thanks ChinaHUSH, LOL)….. looks like I’ll have to link to this website directly if I wanted to see how the ChinaHush hoodlums here are barking behind people’s backs.

          But anyways, thanks for promoting my other posts, as I’m quite ecstatic about getting the word out to as much random open-minded readers as possible, certainly they’ll decide how much mental illness manifests itself in ChinaHush, especially the “regulars” LOL OMGoodness.

          BTW: Liberalism is nothing when there is nonchalance in the continuing failure in the miscarriage of justice and violation of civil/human rights. Take for example, the ongoing lack of humanity, racism and gross injustice in a “liberal” Western democracy, IT DOESN’T MATTER about how much time the White chauvinist against minority prejudice and hate crimes have gone by (Vincent Chin, Yoshihiro Hattori, Stephen Lawrence, Louis Allen, etc, etc) or the frequency of which these racists/xenophobic killings occur (Trayvon Martin, Kendrec McDade, Kenneth Chamberlain Sr, etc, etc).

          But I understand your White male chauvinist POV and how all your prejudices and hypocritical issues have to be projected against the rising star of Asia (China). A true democracy cannot be built overnight, or even in 250 years as we’ve all seen before our eyes. China is RIGHT ON for asserting its will to not copy the sick Western hegemony system of “democracy”, and certainly not its nonchalant attitude to racist crimes against humanity.

          1. @ AsiansWearFur
            “Liberalism is nothing when there is nonchalance in the continuing failure in the miscarriage of justice and violation of civil/human rights.”

            absolutely true… anybody callous enough to represent minority people’s rights, yet stand for liberalism while being indifferent to human rights and racially motivated crimes must be some kind of traitor of humanity, or perhaps some kind of uncle ruckus, susan-condo rice, colin powell or raymond tanter type of national servant.

            1. addie mae collins
              cynthia wesley
              carole robertson
              denise mcnair


              justice hardly served for almost 40 years.

  2. Could whoever’s copy editing change “severally” to “severely” and capitalize the word island?

  3. He should be convicted of the following criminal offenses:

    1) Assault with a deadly weapon

    2) Battery

    3) Battery causing serious injury

    4) Mayhem

    Due to the severe, blemishing, and crippling injury that Cai inflicted on the victim, he should receive the following penalties:

    1) Financial retributions to the victim sufficient to cover any medical bills, loss of income due to inability to work due to the injuries the victim has suffered, and pain and suffering,

    2) Imprisonment of no less than 25 years, AND

    3) 24 strokes of the cane.

    Cai is supposed to be helping and supporting his fellow Han Chinese in the midst of Japanese aggression, not hurting them like he did to his victim.

  4. Toyota to recall more than seven million vehicles worldwide, including some Yaris, Corolla and Camry models, it affects 1.4 million in China.

    Cannot blame the Chinese for being mad as hell at Japan for making such shitty cars.

  5. It is a crazy story.
    By the way, I detect a problem with your banner it is empty and on the right you have google ad I suppose.

  6. Can’t believe a man almost died over this! Injuring other Chinese people isn’t going to help China’s cause. This and that bar fight in Hainan proves more damage is done to the Chinese by protesters over the Diaoyu Islands. I think if they really want to harm Japanese interests, they should organize some kind of embargo of Japanese goods rather than physically harming other Chinese people. If they really did embargo Japanese goods, Japan can’t do anything about it because they don’t import anything from China other than natural resources anyways. Anyways, wasn’t there a story on Toyota treating China as a second-rate market on ChinaHush? Supposedly, Toyota lowered their environmental standards just for the Chinese market, what BS!

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