Dispute over the Senkaku Island with Japan


The Global Times, one of the top Chinese party newspapers issued an editorial yesterday saying China is prepared for military attack because the dispute over the Senkaku Island with Japan has become an irreconcilable conflict.



This incident started about a week ago when 14 Chinese people landed on the island and were all arrested and detained by Japan’s Self Defense Forces. Under the pressure of millions of angry people, Chinese government expressed strong opposition to Japan. The 14 people were released afterwards. But the on Aug 18, about 150 Japanese right-wing activists went to the island for worship without permission and ten of them landed.

This incident then escalated when the US joined the military dill with Japan. According to People’ Daily, the no.1 Chinese party newspaper, the drill is a bad strategy. It means to irritate China but also shows lack of confidence. The newspaper also said directly that the US and Japan underestimated the firm will of China to Maintenance the territorial sovereignty.

These years, along with the rise of its economy, the political weakness is still a problem in China, which can easily be used by countries like Japan. This time China wants to be strong in this dispute because the signal is going to spread to South China Sea where dispute over several island is still going on with Vietnam and the Philippines. And Chinese government is concerning more of the voice in the country than abroad.

The editorial said that it is impossible for Chinese government to control the situation anymore. Otherwise it will cause a devastating loss to government’s prestige and the unity in the country, although agreeing to the public and preparing military attack may have some risks. Chinese people demand that government should go to the areas – 12 sea miles around Senkaku island and should have the ability to arrest Japanese activists who wish to land on the island.

However, on the Japanese side, The National Police Agency of Japan announced they will sue any Chinese who wishes to land on the island again. But according to Global Times, the threat cannot hold them back because some activists in China are preparing to do it again. The threat indicated a new escalation on this issue.

Morimoto, The head of National Police Agency of Japan said Japan’s Self Defense Forces will not allow foreign ships to come close for even one million meter. They will reinforce the combat ability along the south coast especially some islands.

But the editorial said at last that although there’s a big tension between these two countries, this conflict will stop in a degree as long as two parties have no intensions to go to war.


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  1. All the Chinese are coming together when the foreigners want to take China apart.

    Chinese will be Chinese no matter have far the apple falls from the tree.

    And like all monkeys, some get smarter and some don’t change as in the monkeys in Europe are smarter than the monkeys in Afrika.

    Once you get out of Afrika you get smart and change, so will the Chinese.

    Hong Kongers got out of China and so they think they are better than mainlanders but it looks like they see the error of their ways and now they have lost that false pride for a minute to reunite with China and the Chinese on this land claims fight.

  2. 酷,故事,兄弟


    1. Using all their fleet of fishing boats and that second hand of rust bucket, which have taken the South China Sea, the 玛尔维娜岛屿 will soon be theirs…

  3. The article forgets to point out that the islands technically belong to Japan now. That was decided by the San Francisco peace treaty after WWII when the US took all the property Japan had taken over and only gave a few select islands like the Senkaku back. Did the US have the authority to do that? Probably not, but it’s now recognized in many countries as belonging to Japan. Not to mention this article refers to the islands by their Japanese name of Senkaku and not as Diaoyu.

    If they do plan for military attack Japan doesn’t really stand a chance.

  4. NHK World News is reporting an 8% drop in Japanese exports to China and an even larger drop in Japanese exports to Europe due to the economic downturn.

    I implore everyone to practice an economic boycott on Japan. I own a Samsung tv, OPPO multi-region dvd players, lenovo laptops – any Japanese products that haven’t been phased out will eventually be replaced with non Japanese/German/Phillips products.

    If China can’t protect itself, at least we personally are not buying the murder weapons that will kill us. At least we are not paying for Akihito’s own private bullet train.

  5. “The strongest typhoon to hit Japan in several years lashed the southern Japanese islands and surrounding areas Sunday, injuring people and cutting off power to about 75,000 households.”

    Let’s hope Diaoyu island will move to the China side and Japan will lose another island.

  6. In March, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced a new agreement to strengthen military ties with Japan, while Defence Minister Peter Mackay has spoken about possible new agreements and a mini-base for Canada’s navy in Singapore.

    The aim, like these summer manoeuvres with RIMPAC, is no doubt to improve stability. However, should the region become more unstable, China will no doubt conclude that we have already taken sides.`

    Just like Canada to be a two face scum bag of a country.

    Canada fucks China in the back while taking China`s money for shitty Canadian companies that is failing and not worth anything in the west.

    China keep your money at home and feed the poor or there will be trouble in Chinatown BJ.

  7. An Australian supermarket’s cleaning firm has sparked outrage by posting an advert for staff that stipulated: “No Indians or Asians please.”

    The advert, posted on the Gumtree website, appealed for cleaners at a Coles supermarket in Hobart.

    The authorities say they are investigating for race discrimination.

    This was Japanese land before that it was Chinese refueling stop for trade ships and now the fucking Brits stold it from the Asians.

  8. Twenty-two countries from around the Pacific Rim took part in this year’s exercise, described in a previous article in the Canadian Naval Review as allowing for “military-to-military interaction among states that would not muster the political will to do so if left to their own devices.

    “Canada’s participation,” the article went on, “allows us to support the conditions for multilateral co-operation and peaceful resolution of political disputes in the region.”

    But that is not how it looks from Beijing.

    F-bombing South Asia pussy countries, China made them rich and now they kiss the Amerikan’s ass.

    China should rip them a new asshole.

  9. You know.. i never understood this matter.. all the fighting about a tiny tiny island.. OK so everyone is fighting about who owns it.. Don’t people understand that the world is comming together? if they can’t solve the problem besides violence.. declare the place neutral? no-one owns it OR everyone can share it.

    1. That would be wonderful and honestly, this was never an issue UNTIL it was discovered the islands contain lotsa resources underneath it, oil, rare earths, you name it. Since that was discovered China has been a lot more forceful in staking it’s claim. And Japan has lots of pride and aren’t willing to give it up, because from their viewpoint China is invading/bullying them.

  10. Figured that much.. So it’s going to be world war 3 for resources eh… They all say they work for a better world, where everyone can live in harmony etc. and meanwhile in their secret evil hideout, they create an agenda all in benefit for themselves.. The fighting is BS anyway, its never ending fighting for something thats going to dissappear in this century.. The politicians should focus more how to sustain their countries in a long period of time instead of some resources to create plasma televisions to earn 2 more pennies-.-

  11. The islands who were wrested from China in 1895 should have been returned to China in 1945/52. They were instead handed back to Japan (a US ally) as part of Okinawa in 1972 despite the protests of the PRC and Taiwan. No provision was made to examine the fact that the islands are closer to Taiwan than to Japan and that they are an extension of the Chinese continental shelf. Also they have traditionally been part of the fishing grounds for Taiwanese fishermen. As for spoils of war, Russia grabbed what wasn’t hers (the southern Kuriles) and China let what was hers be kept by an aggressor who caused upwards of 30 million Chinese casualties. Ironical? History is full of ironies.

  12. The last time Germany and Japan cried poor, what did they do? They ran roughshod over outgunned neighbors. If they were so poor, how did they have money to wage war? Now they are DEVELOPING Diaoyutai but simultaneously giving their constituents the excuse that Japan is poor so WATCH OUT – they are at war:

    I honestly believe that America sees right through Japan:



    And that the Muslim World is worried about the goblin infestation in ASEAN:


    Al Jazeerah recently aired a special on their English 101 East about how Japanese police after retirement started a second career as “consultants” for the yakuza. Just because no body will print otherwise does not mean that people disbelieve that Japan attacked China in the most disgusting pedophilic way and nobody likes that.

  13. Australians, why deprive chinese the only job that the can do semi well, cleaners.
    That job is also a good source of food for their homes.

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