CCTV commentator caught bad-mouthing Olympics athletes during broadcast

From KN58:


Zhang Mengmeng, a pretty commentator on CCTV was trapped in the “bad-mouthing scandal” during her commentating of the Olympics diving competition. Zhang Mengmeng made fun of several famous foreign athletes of being either abnormal or homosexual. This incident triggered controversy on the internet. Some netizens suspected that it is because Zhang forgot to turn off the microphone while bad mouthing the athletes in a private conversation. CCTV has not yet made any comments on it.

Zhang Mengment, the commentator of diving competition on CCTV, seemed to forget to turn off the microphone during the live broadcast of Olympics Mens 3m Springboard, semi-final. And hence a lot of private conversations leaked out, including bad mouthing about single-parent family and homosexuality. Such content stirred netizens’anger.

The video, which lasted for over one minute, was probably recorded during break of the competition. Zhang Mengmeng suddenly said, “Dailey’s part could be skipped.”And she continued to say in a lower voice, “I am just kidding.” After a while, she continued, “I guess Dailey’s chance is slim. But it would be weird if he is cut out in the broadcast.” The above comments still sounded normal and the audience would understand that Zhang Mengmeng might forget to turn off the microphone.

But, even after David Boudia, the American player, appeared on the screen, Zhang Mengmeng was still chatting, “not one player is not abnormal, either from single-parent family or is you-know-what…” After Boudia’s performance, Zhang Mengmeng seemed to realize that the microphone was on along the way. And she got back to the normal narrative tone. Netizens analyzed that “single-parent” was referred to the host player, Dailey, while “you-know-what” was probably referring to Matthew Mitcham being gay. Matthew, the Australian famous diver came out of the closet this May.

This narration brought negative feedbacks from many netizens. A netizen said, “Why is single-parent abnormal? It is your voice that should be called abnormal.” Another netizen said, “there are significant differences between homosexual and abnormal… what is your IQ?!”

Netizen @信仰-roy said, “Mistakes in work could be understood and forgiven, but how could such a person, who has not the least knowledge of humanity and shows no respect towards the fundamental morality, work in CCTV? Let alone it was on an international event for the whole human race, and they are two athletes worthy of everyone’s respect, even if our friends and colleagues who have single-parent or are homosexual, would a normal person say such bad words? Abnormal? Who on earth is spiritually abnormal?”

Many a netizen asked Zhang Mengmeng to apologize for it, but Zhang Mengmeng did not say sorry, but instead, she blamed the program director for such a mistake on her Weibo. But this Weibo entry was deleted soon. On Aug 12th morning, this Weibo account deleted several entries and closed the comments.


    1. you need to be arrested or at least publicly called out so you can be recognized and ostracized

  1. I don’t have to agree with her but I am amused at how she expresses herself. PLEASE PLEASE wikileaks Akihito’s ENTIRE family because the Chinese private commentary on this is going to be sharp and HILARIOUS … and REGIONALLY SO.

    Chinese people take homosexuality as a personal offense not only because allegedly hetero Japanese could get erections and stick their erect penises or penii into the rectums of their male AND female rape victims which to Chinese people is such oddball alien behavior – a rectum, really? because of the proximity to the vaginal cavity on a FEMALE? That’s so ignorant. These people probably raped farm animals regardless of gender because many Chinese survivors reported that their attackers looked illiterate and fillled with hate for total strangers in a country they had never even visited before they invaded so they didn’t go to school and read textbooks, they were coming from a place … well, if you saw the incest cannibals in WRONG TURN, you would understand what the Chinese witnesses saw,

    The other thing is that Japanese in occupied cities would pick the best looking Chinese men and little boys and dress them up as women and then rape them all night before throwing them out of the best building in town that they had taken over. That was VERY strange to the Chinese as well as terrifying but why would you corrupt yourself in order to “humiliate” your victims. It’s not an Alexander the Great/Napolean style of war. Sun Tsu never suggested it. Neither did Machiavelli. Taking the little boys and hurting them all night was reenacted in Leslie Cheung’s Farewell My Concubine and as is the case with Chinese cinema, they used a Chinese warlord as the rapist villain instead of calling out the Japanese. Whenever a confident and therefore ARROGANT “hooker” is taken away for the night and returned completely beaten and covered in cigarette burns in a Chinese movie set during the long Japanese invasion, the culprit is always a “Chinese warlord.” Well, the truth is that is what the Japanese occupiers did and from the time of Shanghai Cinema during the occupation, the Chinese have never openly described what was happening to them – there is always coded messages in their movies.

  2. I could use the warmth and laughter of hearing Chinese voices honestly and openly unmanipulatively discussing the reality of Hirohito’s bloodline. It would be healing medicine to me.

  3. Tom Daley is an 18-year-old whose father died of a brain tumor after a fight with cancer. Can’t believe CCTV made fun of that.

    1. Tom Daley is Rupert Graves’ mini-me and if I could, I would just shout, “Congratulations, you have a baby in the Olympics” if he was ever standing right in front of me (and I hope he never is.)

  4. Japan counts on China to always be too high minded to respond to petty provocations so it lays out its poison like mini bombs in a minefield just like the game they are playing pretending that Noda and Ishihara are not playing on the same team. And I am positive that today’s news that Japan supports YOUNG people being gay that this is tied to the kidnapping and rapes of Chinese boys during the Japanese occupation

    I believe this because a few months ago, Japan denied the Nanjing massacre to the delegation FROM Nanjing followed by the denials of the Comfort Women as being rape victims demanding that the few surviving comfort women PROVE that their injuries were not caused by voluntary CONSENSUAL sexual acts.

    It is all tied together.

    BUT we already have the altar boy rapes and the NAMBLA situation. China has too many things to worry about to voluntarily bring up males having anal sex with each other, right? China would never say a word so Japan sees a clear path to using this to self-ameliorate.

    Unless, there’s going to be a wikileaks on Ishihara (who claims to be Yukio Mishima’s mentor in degeneracy), then there has to be a clarification of the Chinese anti-gay stance – rivaled possibly only by the anger and rejection of homosexuality in the Black community in Africa and overseas. Every time, China is pointed out as being anti-gay, there should be a response that China is anti rape of little boys as committed en masse by the Japanese as ordered by Hirohito.

    They won’t STOP with their games and they watch themselves with the Koreans but they fully rely on China finding this beneath a response whereas Koreans are much more organic and guerilla and homey in their style and reactions.

    There is a REASON that there is a Japanese gay bar in Hong Kong named THE PRINCE, okay? They gloat and rub it in and so what if your newest generations don’t realize that they are being insulted to their face, their Japanese counterpart are simply pleased that their own government is SO good at educating them.

  5. I’m pretty sure that Anderson Cooper famous and rich gay does not publicly support raping little Chinese boys.

  6. I’m pretty sure that Anderson Cooper famous and rich gay does not publicly support raping little Chinese boys. Explain yourself otherwise Japan will get away with this.

  7. The most important part of Chen Kaige’s Farewell, My Concubine is the all-night rape of Leslie’s character in childhood by the fan favorite Ge You who plays a Japanese collaborator – that wasn’t a local Chinese thing – that was uninvited Japanese policy to terrorize and destroy the local citizenry. Their attacks are so bizarre and violent and creepily stupid. They don’t even care what the world thinks of them for being excited enough to rape little boys. That’s just … unsportsmanlike.

    Just which gender are Bass to Mouth Akihito’s P.Y.T.’s?

    “Pretty young thing, say na, na, na, na”

    which just makes him that much more excited

    devoted husband and grandfather, my Aunt Fanny

  8. Good for her! You should see the racist drivel against Chinese on a constant basis dating back more than 20 years. All compliments of the West!

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