American wife divorces China’s famous English teacher, requesting 8 homes as property settlement

A while ago, we posted the news about China’s famous English teacher beats his American wife, a famous Chinese celebrity Li Yang was exposed in a scandal of domestic violence.  Now his wife Kim is filing for divorce and requesting 8 homes as property settlement, and 50,000 RMB as compensation for emotional damage .



Yesterday morning, at around 8:30, Kim walked towards the court crowded by several girls. The girls wore black T-shirt and had paints on their face, looking like they were beaten. There was one Chinese character on the back of each girl and the characters made up “zero tolerance of domestic violence”. They handed a 4-meter long scroll with the signatures and comments from 1200 netizens to Kim, as well as a joint letter, which was for the Judge. Kim told the journalists, “they are volunteers who come to support me.”

A few minutes later, Li Yang came and pointed at the scene, saying, “this is planned, obviously.”
After Li Yang and Kim went into the court, anti-family-violence volunteers spread banners and signs “One cannot beat others without being punished, while the victim should get compensations from the divorce.” After the demonstration, volunteers lined up to sing and dance in front of the court. The lyrics were adapted from “cannot hold the harm” to reflect opposition to Li Yang’s family violence.

Participants of the activity claimed that they were volunteers self-organized online, and did not know Kim. They stood up to accuse the assaulters in family violence, to support the victims, and to propel the legislation and enforcement of related laws. 

Kim requested the court to divide their properties and to investigate their properties. After the last court hearing, Kim said the court’s preliminary investigation showed that Li Yang had 23 homes and over 5 million RMB incomes in his name. Qi Lianfeng, Kim’s lawyer, claimed that if adding Li Yang’s earnings from his company shares, the community property of the couple should amount to tens of millions RMB at rough estimation. 

Yesterday, Qi Lianfeng claimed that it was very difficult to verify Li Yang’s earnings from his company shares, and it took a long time, “this case has lasted for near one year, and Kim does not want to drag it on. So she will give up this part for the time being.” As for the homes, Qi Lianfeng said some of the home titles had been transferred to others, and Kim only requested to get her share of 8 homes for the time being. But for a home which Li Yang sold to a third party in 2007, Kim requested a compensation of around 1.8 million RMB. As for personal deposits, Kim requested the 4 million RMB, which was transferred out of the account. In addition, Kim requested another 50,000 RMB as emotional damage compensation.
Li Yang said he would let the court make the judgment on community property, like homes and deposits.

Li Yang and Kim raised three children and both of them were fighting for the custody. Li Yang said the eldest daughter was over 10 years old and the court would ask for her own opinion, and he would fight for the custody of the rest 2 kids. Previously, Kim failed to afford the kids’ expensive tuition fee in international schools, and hence she raised the request of prejudgment execution at Chaoyang Court. And Li Yang had sent the 300,000 RMB to the court. 

Yesterday, Li Yang reiterated that “I did not commit domestic violence and this description is not suitable for me. I did a pretty good job in my family.” He said that though they had some conflict, his act did not constitute as domestic violence, “I am willing to sacrifice my personal image to act as a bad example to advocate anti-domestic-violence, but I do not think I committed any domestic violence.”
“You beat Kim, and why don’t you admit this is family violence?” a volunteer questioned Li Yang.

Li Yang said he thought what happened between him and Kim was mere body conflict. “You are so naïve. Aren’t there any conflicts between your parents?  Didn’t you get beaten once by your parents while you were growing up?”

“These are two concepts,” the volunteer refuted. Li Yang, who was getting on his car, halted suddenly. He said to the volunteer that there was only one concept, which was conflict in a family. “Why can’t you raise some more intelligent questions? Why keep hovering over the past? I have apologized and made remedial measures, and so why stay in this tangle. Life has to go on.”

    1. isn’t Li Yang registered as an American citizen from being married in the States? He has dual nationality maybe? Possibly why he’s not in jail.

    2. ….also, he still hasn’t answered to any charges following that “accident” in Loudi, Hunan last year, where he ran over a cyclist with his 4X4.

  1. He beat her head on the kitchen floor TEN TIMES! He was trying to kill her. The evidence is overwhelming- She is quite lucky to escape with her life. Its been reported that this is not the first time Kim has suffered such violence from Li Yang.

    In the UK, Li Yang’s crime would have resulted in his arrest and conviction on charges of GBH (Grievous Bodily Harm), ABH (Actual Bodily Harm) and other serious assault charges, as seen elsewhere in Europe. In the US, no doubt, courts would possibly have upheld attempted murder charges. Yet, in China- a rising developing country- the police do nothing.

    Li Yang clearly has some issues with his mental health here- he has admitted in the media coming from an abusive violent childhood- and I worry for the safety of their children if the judge awards him custody.

    There is also concern for Kim’s current safety. Li Yang had recently posted death-threats to his wife, following the opening of these divorce proceedings.

    I can understand Kim requesting financial compensation in this case but I would rather see more urgency in getting her and the children away into a safe, secure environment.

  2. Typical money grubbing female. Yes, Li Yang should go to prison. He should spend 20 years behind bars with no possibility of parole as he was most likely trying to murder his wife.

    But why exactly should she profit? Why is there a transfer of wealth? Because she was attacked? There is zero logic here.

    We can and should talk about punishments, but why are we talking about rewards?

    1. “Profit”? “Transfer of wealth”? “Rewards”???

      I hardly think these are words Kim would choose to use. In fact, I would go as far as to say that she would pay a far-higher amount to avoid being beaten to pulp in front of her children, to spare her children the trauma of witnessing the abhorrent behavior of their father, as any mother would normally feel.

      The compensation she is requesting is actually rather small, considering. The properties she’s requesting- there’s no indication she gain much on today’s market and the cash is relatively low considering Li Yang’s supposedly vast wealth.

      However, after years of devotion to her husband’s *ahem…’franchise’, being involved as any wife would be, investing and supporting, she deserves some other remuneration if her rights as a partner is to be seriously.

      Considering her place, she has to consider her children’s future, as she needs to gain custody of them from this violent man, and their upbringing. They need schooling, feeding and upbringing, all of which costs money and, by rights, their father should contribute. Why should the children pay the price for this man’s dangerous and violent behavior?

      Your words suggest that you may be Chinese and are definitely male. Are you speaking from experience? Been dumped recently? Difficult to identify such a provocative incident as this to your own personal lives. But I have to say that “No, you’re not getting it.” and that’s the problem here.

      Such incidents of violence on women here in China are endemic simply because “You don’t get it.”

      What really worries me is that the judges hearing this case “Don’t get it either.”

      1. I am not Chinese. And yes I am male.

        But your comments are flatly illogical, and carry with them some concepts which have zero basis in law.

        For one, you say “Considering her place”.

        Please defend this concept. You mean when someone has become accustomed to luxury they somehow attain a legal right to the continuance of luxury despite change in cirucumstances??? This concept is nothing short of bizarre and displays a (quite evil) notion of ‘class’ which is in no way legally defensible. Wealth is transitory. Period. Businessmen risk the threat of loss every day. But somehow the law is supposed to protect a woman’s wealth that came overnight through marriage? Don’t make me laugh.

        Furthermore, you use the “child support” issue. Again — the children do not have a “right” to the father’s wealth. They have a right to be sustained. Period. Not to go to private schools.

        Your argument is based on a rigid class system which defines class as a permanent status that can not, and should not be altered. This is not only a dangerous concept and an evil concept (because class rigidity is inherently evil) but it is legally hilarious.

        Judging from your comments I would say that you are 100% female and probably haven’t worked much in your life.

        May your comfort level evaporate one day. It would be a healthy event for you.

        1. ^ THIS

          Unfortunately, many courts use the “accustomed to a lifestyle” argument and it often sticks, as absurd as it is.

          Once women become “accustomed to a lifestyle” they feel they are entitled to it. Men however, can lose their shirts in business or on the stock market and they are not entitled to anything. In our society women are apparently super-citizens. Entitlement issues are what define women today. They whine about their second-class status while they enjoy legal privileges men only dream of.

        2. By “considering her place”, I meant “Put yourself in her shoes” which is an idiom meaning to emphasise with the feelings and problems of others, which appears to be lacking in your reasoning.

          Your assertion of how a woman’s wealth “happens overnight through marriage” is meaningless to the event here and is not reflective to the institution of marriage as a whole.

          The law should limit the emotional and financial damage of separating from a failed marriage fairly and with resolution. It should not be divergent between sexes.

          Its well-documented how Kim and Li met just as Li was starting out as an educator and I’m pretty sure Kim herself comes from a comfortable middle-class family.

          It is obvious from Kim’s profile used in branding of the “Crazy English” franchise that Kim has made a substantial contribution and should, by rights, continue to share in its revenue.

          There is no indication here that Kim is actually ‘attacking’ Li’s substantial wealth, as you suggested earlier. In fact, considering the circumstances leading to this separation, she has modelled restraint in her request, as Justin commented below.

          The term “Child Support’ is a necessary item of family law in most countries that assert the parent’s obligation to provide maintenance for any children involved in a separation. It is very much a fundamental right for such children to expect this provision and these laws are designed to give fair and balanced allocation of wealth to these provisions.

          Any disruption to Kim and Li’s children and their education is harmful. That’s pretty obvious. The issue of private schools is irrelevant. The father entered into an obligation through marriage and his violent abusive behaviour has made this ‘contract’ untenable. Why should the children’s lives be disrupted any further with the stress of possibly moving schools? Why should Kim be forced into paying the full costs of these schools if she was only obligated to pay half?

          I haven’t written anything to suggest any “class” notions at all, rather my comments are based on individual rights, which is basis of law in most modern developing countries. How you ever managed to interpret this is in itself a matter of hilarity.

          I am actually MALE and yes, I have worked all my life. In fact this last year, I had been teaching 26 classes a week which did evaporate my comfort level and no, it wasn’t healthy for me.


          1. “The law should limit the emotional and financial damage of separating from a failed marriage”

            Why? Statist idiot. Should the law limit the emotional damage of a failed business too? Or how about a bad date? or bad meal?

            Should the law then also limit the financial benefits of marriage? Why not?

            Why does the law work only one way? Oh.. because you’re a woman. LOL.

            You, by the way, are a classist pig. You believe that wealth is not transitory. You believe that “station” is achieved through marriage and becomes an entitlement. You believe that children are “entitled” to inherit wealth from parents.

            Now you’re desperately trying to backpedal while at the same time driving deeper into your own shit arguments.

            Go back to California honey.

            1. Marriage is not the same as a business and if you think it is, you’re going to be very single for a long time.

              I’ll say it one time, in no way have I emphasized class or station.

              This is not about inheritance, this is about Child Support, an obligation that was made when having children. If the parent wishes to leave their child wealth or property, most commonly in a will or such, that is their prerogative and is a completely different issue.

              And no, I’m not back-pedaling- I’m still standing by my words earlier.

              And, once again, I’m not an American. I’m British.

              1. 8 houses is about “child support”?

                Do you know how retarded you sound?

                Ok, you’re British. Go back to Liverpool, honey.

                1. She already said it was about revenge and to exact punishment. Now she’s back pedaling again.

              2. If you were from Oxfordshire, the Midlands or the Southeast, you’d say you were “English” and not “British” by the way. It’s a cultural thing.

                I do believe you’ve been outed.

          2. Is not an idiom that has anything to do with “putting oneself in someone’s shoes”.

            “Place” is widely used in English as a reference to class. e.g: To know “one’s place”.

            English my 2nd language, and I seem to speak it better than you.

            (And you’re quite clearly American).

            1. Yes, it is an idiom. An idiom is defined a combination of words that give figurative meaning.

              “Put yourself in her place”, “See it from her point of view” and Put yourself in her shoes” are all idioms clearly meaning to emphasize, to understand another person’s point of view or reaction from their perspective.

              In no way is this in reference to to any terms of “class” or to suggest inequality of any nature.

              I cannot comment on your standard of English: I haven’t you speak (and I don’t want to).

              And I am from Cambridge, England. I am not American. I am an English teacher.

              Class dismissed.

              1. Straw man argument. I never said it wasn’t an idiom. I said it was not an idiom that has anything to do with putting yourself in someone’s shoes.

                And you are most certainly not an English teacher because you have completely mid-defined the word “idiom”. An idiom’s meaning cannot be inferred from its direct translation. You are attempting to define it as descriptive (which is 100% wrong) in order to retroactively correct your mistake — which seems to be your entire modus operandi on this thread.

                You fail. Go back to California honey.

                You don’t understand English grammatical terms any more than you understand the law or logical reasoning.

                Give up. Or better, die.

                1. A descriptive (*sigh fer *****’s sake) is adjective that classifies a quality to a word.

                  Its completely different to an idiom, which is figurative term.

                  My definition earlier is pretty accurate, bro.


                  1. You can’t make up your *own* idiom.

                    Idioms are defined by widespread usage.

                    You’re *still* forcing that square peg through the round hole aren’t you?

                    And your first sentence above is incoherent. “A descriptive”? “is adjective”? “classifies a quality”? Are there any words that fit together in that sentence? Sweet Jesus, for the sake of the poor children of China I truly hope you’re not an English teacher.

                    Just stop please.

                1. She’s clearly American. And her lie is see through: she was attempting to position herself as a linguistic authority, so she claimed to be from Oxford. LOL.

                  And then she attempted to describe idioms as descriptive.

                  Stupid bimbo.

                  1. I refer to my reply above. And I never said I was from Oxford. Your translator has gone wrong, Tong.

                    Who’s the bimbo now, Sweetheart.

                    1. I feel the desperation in your posts.

                      Maybe you are a lowly English teacher with a poor grasp of grammar.

                      Ok. I believe you.

                      And I’m sorry for your existence.

                      There are plenty of bridges you could leap off I suppose.

    2. Well, if you ask someone that actually used their program to study, you would know that she’s a major part of his company’s success. She’s worked on all of the CDs, books, DVDs, etc. (enough that she’s a celebrity, too) and he got the cash. Using that cash, he owned almost 30 homes (some of which were sold after she filed for divorce). She’s asking for 8 homes + 50k RMB. The 50k is likely just a slap to his pride, of which he has an ample supply (so damned 牛B).

      Sounds fair.

    3. MONEY GRUBBING??? I’m in disbelief. The man has 23 friggen houses and she only asked for 8. If this happened in the US, do you think that it is a lot? She would’ve gotten ALL his houses and wealth.

      She is getting money because he is refusing to believe he commited domestic violence so she is hitting him where it hurts – the wallet, to drive in the point that he is doing something wrong. On top of that, they have 3 girls. If she gets custody, she will need to pay for their tuition and living expenses.

      1. Why should she get any more than 1? Why does she need 8 houses? And using the screwed-up USA as an example is ridiculous.

        She is entitled to a sustenance. A place to raise her kids. And her kids are entitled to food on the table and basic care. What’s this crazy notion of entitlement-to-riches that you’ve got? And where the hell did you get it? Oh ..right… in Amerricuh. Stupid self-entitled, money hungry Western women.

        Money comes and goes. No one has a right to be rich.

        1. She is his wife (or was). They earned the money from his English programs TOGETHER. That means she’s at least entitled to half his stuff. And on top of that, she’s taking custody of the kids. She doesn’t need 8 houses but she sure as heck deserves those houses much more than her husband’s sorry ass.

          What are you trying to say? That she shouldn’t get any compensation and the man should walk away with a slap on the wrist?

      2. You wrote: “She is getting money because he is refusing to believe he commited domestic violence so she is hitting him where it hurts – the wallet, to drive in the point that he is doing something wrong.”

        Ahahahahaha! So this is a form of revenge??? Stop the presses. All legal arguments just went out the window. Give them all 2 hots and a cot. And “Tuition”??? The kids can go to public school!!!! Why are they “entitled” to more than that?!

        Americans believe “loss” somehow represents a flaw in the system and should be prevented.

        So. Messed. Up.

          1. Haha. Keep using “male” words like “mate” and “bro”.

            It’s not working honey.

    4. you don’t get it because you don’t know the whole story. they work together for Crazy English where all his wealth comes from. all the lectures, speeches and books were written by her and she didn’t get a cent from it. He is still using her works without paying her any royalties. You mean divorced dads don’t have to support their children ?

  3. You’re right, ShenMeniao, it is exhaustive analysis and you need to ask yourself “why does it need to be analyzed at all?”

    Seriously though, what is the legal definition of “body conflict”??

    Have you seen the photos of this woman’s injuries at the hands of “Crazy English”?

  4. I think Kim is entitled to more than eight homes, but locating and documenting all of Li Yang’s wealth are probably too time consuming. I feel bad for their children.

  5. To rid this ugly wife is worth the price in China but she is worth only one old camel in any Arab country.

  6. This man is ugly both inside and out. He refuses to believe he even did anything wrong. Just body conflict my ass. It might be that CHinese male from the 70’s and 80’s still stick to the traditional patriarchal hierarchy. Explains the 30% spousal abuse. My father was like this too, saying that a woman needs to know her place. But when he got caught for beating my mother, suddenly it became “why did you call the police? this is a personal issue. You hit me back too.” He SLAMMED my mother’s head into the wall. Several times. And you know what? If she chose to get a divorce, she would’ve gotten everything from him – money, business, houses, kids. 8 houses is nothing in this case.

    1. If Li was a muslim living in Canada he would have killed the bitch and settle for 2 years in the resort.

      Come live in Canada, only $150,000.00cdn to get in from the back door.

  7. There sure is a lot of money to be made teaching English to Chinese people. So why are they always so violently patriotc on message boards…

    1. A lot of western teachers are not happy with Li Yang’s methods. He talks of “conquering English”, which is pretty derogative.

      I taught a few classes in a “Crazy English” school last year. It was not a pleasant experience and I wouldn’t do again.

      Its not education. Its a franchise.

  8. American Women Sure is ugly. No wonder the American Men don´t like their own women. I feel so sorry for Amerian Men, hahah Amerian Men= pigs and American Women= Pigsy

    HA HA HA!

      1. No, my brittish wife are to busy screwing Asian Man.
        And I am busy screwing your American Mother, I don´t like her but I like to screw her around like a drill (for free)

        “wroom Wrooooom!

  9. I’m never coming to this site again.

    I feel totally beatup on by the other poster here.

    It’s true that my grammar isn’t very good and that’s why I teach English in China and not anywhere else and the pay isnt very good eitehr.

    And Im tired of poeple thinking that Im a womin. I am a man.

    Now I feel like crying. I know what an idiom is too. Idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You dont know what an idiom means. You are an idiom!!!

  10. Come on, just another typical American marriage for money and break up for money story.

    Li is too stupid, he has money and should find other more pretty American horse for practice English.

  11. A report released by China’s central bank last year said more than $120bn (£74bn) had been stolen by corrupt officials who fled overseas, mainly to the US.

    Between 16,000 and 18,000 officials and employees of state-owned companies left China with the funds from the mid-1990s up until 2008, the report said.

    Corrupt Chinese officials need a lot of money to afford Amerikan wives while living in the USA for the rest of their lives.

    But some Chinese scum bag criminal officials in Canada will have to go back to China when their money runs out, we don’t like poor Chinese officials here.

  12. He hit her so just give her whatever she requests. Last night’s House Hunters episode had a Chinese male/Caucausian female couple and I just hoped that he would take care of her and always be polite to her because she was very sunshiney. There is definitely no social prestige in marrying a Chinese and you can be good but maybe not that nice or lovable or easy to live with.

  13. “A well-known Hong Kong billionaire has offered $65m (£40m) to any man able to woo and marry his rich shy daughter.”

    Why China men want to marry ugly whiteys when the China gals are rich and horny.

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