No help when elderly falls down in street of Shanghai, foreign woman curses and cries

8:00 am this morning at Huaihai Road, Xinhua Road, an old man fell to the ground and his head was covered in blood. Bystanders called 120 but the answer was: “no more ambulance, wait for it.” A foreign woman cursed, “Fuck you Chinese, you should call ambulance!” The first one to help the elderly up was also this foreigner, looking at the blood on the ground crying… Half an hour later, the ambulance finally came

Liberation Daily reporter @橙邾 posted this incident and photos onto Weibo.

8/10 10:32

Sometimes  have to say, the ‘Magic City’s (Shanghai)’ 120 system is really fucking messed up.  Today 8 am at Xinhua Road and West Huaihai Road, an elderly was lying on the ground, with blood covering his head.  Bystander called 120, but the answer they got was there was no more ambulance to dispatch.  When pleading urgency of the situation, they only gave one word – “wait”.  The elderly struggled to get up and constantly made painful sound, the woman who called 120 burst into tears.



8/10 10:51

There are many bystanders, but all of them were just cursing on the phone to 120, nobody dared to help the elderly up.  A foreign woman riding a moped stopped by and cursed with very clear voice “Fuck you Chinese, you should call an ambulance!” I believe many people heard that, but no one talked back.  The first person squat down to help the elderly was this foreigner.  She also took out a white towel from her handbag to put on the elderly’s head.  At this time the ambulance was till no where to be found.



8/10 10:58

Continue.  At this time the police finally came.  They called 120 with their radio but still no result.  This foreigner looked at the blood on the floor and kept crying.  She also took out money to give to people on the street, saying they must pay his medical expenses with it.  Maybe this is the only benefit of living in a so-called International metropolis.  The crowd of people, including myself, all felt a biting sense of powerlessness.


8/10 11:05

After waited for half an hour, the fucking ambulance finally came.  Three idiots in the ambulance were smiling and horsing around, did you not know delaying could  possibly cause a life?  Poor elderly, before getting into the ambulance kept saying to take him to a district hospital, do not take him to a major hospital.  In the end, the ambulance took him to the closest 455 hospital.  In the entire incident, the most fucked up is 120, that’s for sure!  And the bystanders including me, in front of this foreigner we should all hit our faces.



8/10 11:12

The above is the recording of what happened this morning.  Perhaps not enough for hot news, but it is a real tragedy happened around us.  Too many can be discussed here, but the only thing don’t want to see is helping 120 bureaucracy to wash away their responsibly.  Civil society, the only thing we can do is to help each other.

8/10 15:41

Tell everyone a good news, the 87-year-old Mr. Qian who fell down this morning has now been admitted to 455 hospital on West Huaihai Road.  Doctor diagnosed that minor brain stem caused dizziness which led to the fall and caused minor head injury.  Currently he is conscious and should be fine.  Family members rushed to the scene not knowing what had happened.  I told them people called the police and 120, they were very grateful to the anonymous good Samaritans.  Hot weather, be very careful if you elderlies at home.


  1. “A foreign woman riding a moped stopped by and cursed with very clear voice “Fuck you Chinese, you should call an ambulance!” I believe many people heard that, but no one talked back.”

    It’s normal in China. Don’t except any help if something happens to you. And no one talked back, because they most likely didn’t understand anything. As you know, an average Chinese doesn’t understand a single word of English.

    1. The sad thing is the degrading societal values of indifference and apathy from the mainland Chinese. They just don’t care … it’s just like the case where a 5 year old girl got crushed by a car and nobody even bat and eye and just ignore the whole situation in front of them.

  2. @Jazz-o: I find your comment pretty strange. You seem to have a chip on your shoulder.

    First, Chinese people do often help others in need, every day, everywhere in China. This is the norm. Most people are good and will use their time and take extra risks to help others out of empathy.

    I think there definitely is more reluctance to help than in some other places. I would like to discuss this and understand it better, but I think your comment is, at best, a major oversimplification of this phenomenon.

    Secondly, many Chinese people speak English much better than I would expect them to. As a foreigner studying Chinese in China, I feel that I am a guest, and that I should speak Chinese whenever possible. But Chinese people often use English to speak to me. Also, they (for reasons I don’t understand well) actually feel bad when they are unable to use English. It is almost never the case that a cashier or service person in the US or England feels bad about not being able to speak the customer’s native language.

    1. Excellent points. I live in Taiwan and it’s the same here. People feel bad when they cannot understand you, yet in Canada and the US, a lot of people would be angry if a foreigner couldn’t speak English. Hell, here they try to accommodate English speakers by even writing road names in pinyin!

      1. signs in pinyin nationwide are for illiterate locals who only have a preschool level education, so they can read signs when they don’t remember which character is which. (pinyin was designed in the 1950’s to teach children how to read, not as a way for foreigners to half-ass understand hanzi)

      2. you guys completely miss the point. Who cares if they understand English? They wouldnt’ even TRY TO HELP!!? No one helps here, I have seen people not do SHIT when a guy is beating his girlfriend in broad daylight, when someone falls, when the BABY in Foshan was run over and 17 people walked by. This place has no humanity..

        1. “They wouldnt’ even TRY TO HELP!!”

          Back then when the Japanese army was in Nanjing, a handful of Japanese soldiers were holding thousands of Chinese prisoners at a river.

          Orders came down to kill the Chinese prisoners, the Japanese soldiers were really scared that the Chinese would fight back and all of the Japanese soldiers would get killed.

          But as time goes by and as 100’s of Chinese were being shot and killed, the Japanese soldiers were surprised that all the Chinese prisoners just stood by and not try to run away or try to fight back.

          Nothing new, Chinese like to stand around and watch.

    1. Because she was the only one helping while Chinese stand around filming and not doing shit.. This place is a cesspool of humanity..
      I only pray nothing happens to their families and they need help.
      It’s like the boy who actually tried to help the family that was drowning and then drowned himself. What happened? He drowned and did they even try to see if he was ok? No! They walked away, muttering, It’s not our business…

  3. Riding a moped? Then why is there a white baby in a stroller right next to the woman? What’s the deal with that? Could the woman who cursed and the woman who cried and offered the money be two different people?

  4. The ambulance should have come earlier. People did what they could to help. Without proper medical training, helping the old man to sit up or stand up might not be the right thing to do.

    1. The amazing thing about this is that there is a hospital (the 455) literally a block and a half away, and another one two blocks away. It’s like a six or seven minute walk to the 455. I have a hard time believing their ambulances, let alone all the ambulances in Shanghai, were busy.

      (I live on Huaihai Lu, really close to where this happened, but I had never heard about the incident before.)

  5. Foreigners mostly whiteys have been calling people of China “fucking Chinese” as long as Marco Polo days and more of it going on since the Brits and Amerikans discovered China, look up the movies.

    Taiwanese and Hong Kongers love the name calling, it makes them feel good that they are not Chinese.

    1. 1. Your getting your information from movies?
      2. How does the information of “whities have been calling people of china fucking chinese” have to do with this at all?
      3. How do u even know they do that, name the movie?
      4. Im from HK, i never felt good that im not chinese?

      1. FYI and for your Amerikan edumacation, let me intro you to a famous Amerikan fuck Chinese movie called “year of the dragon”.

        A fucking Polish Amerikan prick cop that fucks a China woman then makes her his bitch and later calling his Chinese Amerikan girl friend a fucking Chinese.

        Go rent it and enjoy.

        More if you want to learn more Amerikan shit.

        1. Homer, learn to spell and write in English before you attempt to argue. What is your AmeriK EDUCUMACATION? What does your story have to do with anything? No one cares about Chinese movies or how glorious you think you are. Year of the Dragon is from HK no? What does that have to do with China? Unfortunately, Hong Kong people are respected in the world for being civilized and look down on you Chinese who go to their cities and shit in the street like animals..

  6. That white woman probably assumed no one cared and felt high and mighty for being the moral one and telling them to call the ambulance (WHICH THEY DID SEVERAL TIMES). I’ve been taught to not touch someone when they’re in this type of situation for fear of aggravating the injury so maybe they didn’t know it was best to move him.

    All in all, it was only the ambulance’s fault. Seriously, I’m pretty angry at the white foreigner. This is the one time that Chinese people didn’t deserve to get cursed out for standing by. I hope she gets sued by the old man for “pushing” him down the street

    1. I have to agree. There are plenty of foreigners who are ready and eager to jump on the moral outrage bandwagon and try to claim the high ground in this kind of situation. Saying, “fuck you Chinese!” is only displaying her own ignorance. BUT, she could have just been emotionally shocked and worked up. The ambulance took 30 minutes to show up. That’s the problem. Like my Chinese friend always says, “In China, you’re not a citizen – you’re a shitizen”.

      1. Chinese friends come live in the US or Canada and you can be a 2nd or 3rd class “shitizen”, after the 1st class shitizen blacks, then the Indians and muslims.

        1. homer, you have no clue what the hell you are talking about so should save yourself further embarrassment.. The reason Chinese are looked down upon abroad is because of your disgusting habits, your spitting, your littering, and the way you are rude to everyone and assume you are the best, even though you are from a closed and ignorant society. Everyone sees it but you, even the rest of Asia..

          1. Do not blame people for what they do.
            A very wise chinese friend once told me he felt like his entire youth involved in being heavily brain washed. Every chinese underwent such tradegy and lo and behold, such are the results.
            The goverment has to go down lest the chinese society is doomed.

          2. And voiceofhomer, Chinese Americans in AMerica are treated very well. They are smart, polite and behave like civilized people. They are respected, so are successful people in society of all colors. We are not stuck in historical bullshit from WW2 hating the Japanese and the Germans for something that happened over 70 years ago. China is like a spoiled bratty child screaming and throwing food at the other adults at the table while he shits his pants and smokes, while complaining everyone else is keeping him down.. I feel sorry for people like you who are so blinded by your nationalistic ignorance that you have no idea what the rest of the world is like.

            1. voiceofhomer is full of sh*t, typical brain washed chinese zombie who hates Japanese for no reason. Let’s place that aside.
              But I have to beg to differ on your comment now.
              Chinese in America are only treated well by those educated ones, those who are civilized. And that’s only because they know to be tolerant. Looking at some “direct” people, you have to admit there is a slight touch of condescending-ness (lol epic word).
              Why else would there exist a word just to swear on Asians (chi*ks). The civilization is growing toward the better, but there is still a lot to be done about this matter.

              1. Well I am not edumacated and I am not that civilized, so just call me by all those popular western Chinese names, I know you know a lot of US Chinese names.

                Aye I can tell an Amerikan racists by what they have to say about the Chinese.

            2. Do you say the same things about blacks and Indians in public?

              Better not, they are protected by the laws, you know.

              It’s a hate crime to say anything bad or bias about the blacks and Indians, but you go ahead and say anything racial about the Chinese all you want, it’s your rights.

    2. She wasn’t right saying “fucking chinese”, but she was probably shocked. The same happens in America also with people not helping when someone is injured, and you would probably say “fucking americans”.

      But not doing anything if you see someone bleeding from their head trying to get up is fucking stupid! You need to put pressure to the wound, and you can sit down and secure his neck and try to talk to the patient to keep him/her calm.

      Not helping is just stupid…

  7. Let’s not try and sugar coat it. The foreigner was racist pure and simple. She should be booted out and sent back to her own dying country.

  8. This is surely B.S.. i bet the lady did not say “fcuk you”

    How would chinese understand “fcuk you” anyway.


  9. Privileged, arrogant foreigner arrives at the scene, acts self-righteous, finds herself as castrated as the rest of the crowd. Throws a few bucks in the air and that makes her, what, Mother Teresa? Thanks, Super Sanctimonious White Girl! If you don’t have medical training, supplies, and equipment, and the ambulance isn’t showing up, there’s very little you can do.

    1. Uneducated, nationalistic Chinese makes ignorant comments about someone that cares for other Chinese when clearly the Chinese do not.

      Foreigners help people because our parents and our society teach us that all human life is worth risking your own for. Chinese parents and society teach their children how to cheat and bribe and ignore the suffering of others just in case you get sued.

      1. What a self righteous fuck you are. Way to judge 1.3 billion people by some news story on a site specifically dedicated to bash China. Bigot, racist, xenophobe, dumb ass, despicable piece of shit, narcissistic self righteous turd-all these are words that describe you perfectly. Every country has despicable people and you are one of them.

  10. Anyone that clams the Chinese have the moral equivalent of Westerners is a complete idiot… or they’re Chinese.

    I have met a lot of people in the US that were complete dirtbags, but I have never met an American dirtbag that wouldn’t help an old man, or a 3 year child, dying on the pavement. Not even our most hard-core ass-raping gang-bangers would leave a child to die on the street like the Chinese passers by did in Shenzhen.

    Go fuck yourself China.

    1. totally agree!! I have met all kinds of asshole ignorant shitheads in the US, ( I ‘m American and I admit that). But people do not let a 3 year old child in pieces or an old man die in the street. there was NO REACTION on their faces, so the rant that they were scared to help is bullshit. NO ONE flinched. People in the US are more likely to help a cat that was hit by a car than the Chinese would help a dying baby or old man on the sidewalk.. sick.

      1. Aye I agree too, unlike Chinese fucking not caring for the others Amerikans fuck their own children and father mugging and mother raping the others.

        1. Voice of homer, you have Chinese parents cutting off their children’s hands, I am not arguing for parenting in the US. The problem China has is NO moral obligation to help anyone but themselves. People will let a dying baby in the street because it’s not their own. People let a grandmother die because they don’t know her. It’s a moral decline when society doesn’t care about it’s own people. This is so prevalent by abortion as a method of birth control, blatant disregard for human life, and the fact that NO ONE blinks an eye when someone is being beat up, hurt, or DYING in front of their face. And why should they care? The police don’t care and the government doesn’t care about its people. But even Chinese people don’t realize how sick their society really is. Americans are under no fairy dust eyes that the country doesn’t have a problem with violence and guns. But people help each other!! It’s not for reward, not for fame, not for guilt, but because that is what a GOOD PERSON does. Americans donate more charity than any country in the world. What does China do? They barely help when people in their own country are suffering, poor people, minorities. This country is sick and in moral decline. I shudder to think this is something historical in your thousands of years of history that you became no more HUMAN than the rest of the planet, or maybe Mao’s teachings simply ERASED what moral and human fiber you had.. Sad really. Especially because you are so numb and ignorant you don’t even realize that you are the savages of Asia who have not evolved…

          1. Andi,

            Please take a deep breath with your racist addled, pie hole and REFLECT on your own self f*cking righteousness.

            Once again the self proclaimed “civilized” attempts to civilize the “uncivilized”. How history loves to repeat itself.

            Savages? Wasn’t that the SAME term used to describe the natives when small pox infected blankets were delivered to them as gifts? Or the SAME term they used to describe the Mongols beyond the wall?

            You should choose your words more carefully Andi. I would expect better from a so called GOOD PERSON who claims to be such an upstanding HUMAN.

            While I’m sure you’d prefer everyone being POLITE and orderly as f*ck, while voluntarily lining up for diabetes at one of the many McDonald’s that have recently infected the landscape. You should get one thing through your CLUNKY skull.

            This is CHINAR! Hahhah no j/k….

            You sound EXACTLY like the people you hate.

  11. I’m not Chinese.

    And I agree with the last two posts. If I were to collapse on the sidewalk in the worst, most dangerous neighborhood in the United States, I firmly believe that someone would help me or at least call 911. I’ve driven through such neighborhoods and had people flag me down just to tell me my tire was low. In China, there are no guarantees.

    But I still think the white girl was sanctimonious, in that particular situation.

    1. Video has surfaced of an altercation filmed earlier this year between six officers with the Saginaw, Michigan police department and a homeless man. The cops shot 49-year-old Milton Hall 46 times, killing him.

      Police responded to a 911 call by Milton, “My name is Milton Hall, I just called 911. My name is Milton, and I’m pi**ed off,” Hall can be heard shouting on the amateur footage.


      Aye the Amerikans can call 911 any time 24/7, but will they life to tell us what that was about?

      Fucking Amerikan Bull Shit is free, so who wants some of that every day?

  12. this doesn’t make any sense – I can say that elderly Chinese are loathe to leave their Chinatown accommodations for nicer places in the suburbs (I’m not elderly yet and I totally agree with them) – I always feel safe amidst ordinary Chinese whether it be in Chinatowns, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Beijing because everyone is very stable and mundane. It takes something to NOT help someone so I find this another bit of Mainland news that is very strange.

  13. In the history of CHINESE career criminals, it is UNHEARD of to murder a civilian in front of their family intentionally. It is therefore, UNBELIEVABLE that a Chinese career criminal would go against his own genetic psychological blueprint and repeatedly INSIST that a Chinese civilian be murdered outside the only home he has ever owned in front of his young family. That demand for emotional violence and collateral damage would seem unnecessary, incautious and unintelligent to even the basest most sadistic Chinese criminal. That psychology was PREVALENT during the mass home invasions by the Japanese in China.

  14. It’s not that Chinese people aren’t moral, I believe, but rather they have a different kind of morality to Westerners. In the West we have an individualistic morality, where the onus is on the individual to do the right thing but in China it’s a collective morality, where the members of the group look out for eachother. This might sound contradictory to these events but if you think about it the group does not mean the whole of society, or even of a town or city, but of one’s circle of friends, family and colleagues, or guanxi in Chinese. So the morality within families, within schools, within work places is much greater than that in the West, if you watch Chinese people together with their friends and family they get on much better and are much nicer to each other than in the West (growing up with 3 brothers in the UK I know that they way we treated each other, and still do, would be seen as monstrous in China.) Yes we have a much more highly developed individual conscience in the West and that means we are more likely to move ourselves to act towards those with whom we have no connection but that strong sense of our own individualism usually means we act worse with those with whom we do have a connection, since the connection is not so strong. Both of these kinds of morality have their strengths and their drawbacks, the school shootings in America and the kind of events described above are examples from both sides, but it’s stupid to say that one is better than the other since they are opposites, and of course in Chinese thinking opposites have the same value.

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