Bathhouse busted for providing sexual service to 13-year-old boy

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On July 31, Peng Peng had his father Mr. Meng together with Ms. Hu had just finished a police report, walking outside from Xianyang Municipal Public Security Bureau. Peng Peng kept his head down, speaking of what had happened in the morning, both Mr. Meng and Ms Hu were till in disbelief.

Mr. Meng said he had received free bath vouchers to a local bathhouse (Yalong Bay Bathhouse) from a friend as gift. On July 30th, it was a hot day; he invited Ms Hu’s family to both bring their kids to the bathhouse. 30th afternoon, his wife and Ms Hu had brought Peng Peng and Ms Hu’s 15 year old daughter to the bathhouse first, Mr. Peng and Mr. Liu (Ms Hu’s husband) came afterwards.

That night after bath, both families rested at the lobby. (Editor’s note: Both families probably stayed overnight at the hotel associated with the bathhouse at the same location). Next day 8 am, Mr Meng and Mr. Liu had gone to work. “Not for long, I received my wife’s phone call, saying our child ‘was sexually serviced’. I could not believe what had heard and rushed to the bathhouse right after hanging up.” Mr. Meng said.

His wife told Mr. Meng, at around 9 am in the morning, when she and Ms Hu were checking out, the cashier said there was a 198 yuan massage bill, and it was Peng Peng who had gotten the massage, but actually the so-called massage was sexual service.

Ms Hu said, “even though the staff at the bathhouse claimed that, we still could not believe that a 13 year old boy could have gotten this kind of service! After questioning, Peng Peng admitted, indeed a female technician provided him with sexual service, and the signature on the bill was his. After our repeated requests, the bathhouse manager found the female technician who serviced Peng Peng, ‘No. 51’. She also acknowledged that she provided sexual service to Peng Peng in front of us and Bathhouse manager. We asked her why she was providing sexual service to a child; she did not speak and then left the room. At this time, the bathhouse said they would give us half off discount on the bill. But obviously, this is not an issue of money.”

After Mr. Meng had learned the situation, he immediately reported to the police. Peng Peng’s ID card said he was born in 1999.

Yesterday, Xiangyang Municipal Public Security Bureau police investigated the illegal activities at Yalong Bay Bathhouse, and ordered bathhouse to suspend its business for rectification. While investigating the four staff members involved, the female technician had fled the scene and the police is currently trying to trace her whereabouts.


[receipts of the service]

Interviewing Peng Peng:

Standing in front of the police station door, Peng Peng is already almost 1.8 meters tall, but his childish face says he is obviously just a kid.

Reporter: How did that thing (being sexually serviced) happen?

Peng Peng: After arrived at the bathhouse, my mom and the girls went to the female area; I was taking a bath at the male area by myself. After I was done, I went back to the lobby. When I just walked to the door, a bathhouse staff asked me if I needed massage service. I thought this service was included in my voucher, so I just nodded my head. Then the staff brought me to a room on the 4th floor. I sat in there for a while, a female waitress came in and asked me to sign something. I signed but felt something was wrong. I wanted to get back to the 3rd floor lobby, but found the gate at 4th floor locked, could not be opened.

Reporter: Then you went back to the room? What happened later?

Peng Peng: I had to return to the room. After two or three minutes, a woman entered the room. She said a few words, then took off all her clothes and lay in the bed. I could not control myself, so I also took off my clothes. She put on a condom for me and had sex with me. About 15 minutes later, I returned to downstairs’ lounge.

Reporter: Did she ever ask about your age?

Peng Peng: Before she took off her clothes, she asked my age, I said 13. She didn’t say anything and began to undress.

The law:

National University of Political Science and Law School professor He Bing said, the current law in China, “rape” is only referring to female victims; there is no sexual assault law protecting male.

According to the Security Administration Punishment Law, the bathhouse and the act of the female technician, is a typical act of providing sexual services and prostitution, should be prosecuted according to the law. The adverse impact of the case is that 13-year-old Peng Peng is a minor, providing sexual services to minors, is tantamount and destruction of children. For Peng Peng, because he is only 13 years old, it does not in itself constitute criminal and administrative violations.


“Yalong Bay Bathhouse welcomes you”

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