Tie for silver, but China’s national flag placed at bottom led to controversy

From Netease:


In the London Olympics men’s 200 meters freestyle final, China’s Sun Yang tied South Korea’s Park Tae-hwan for silver at 1:44:93.  France’s Yannick Agnel took gold with 1:43:14 and United States’ Ryan Lochte was fourth.  Lodon Olympics Games are very exciting, but the amusing incidents of the Organizing Committee are endless.  In the award ceremony of the men’s 200 meters freestyle, Organizing Committee again made a serious mistake.  China’s Sun Yang and South Korea’s Park Tae-hwan are tied for second, but the flag of South Korea was placed on top of the flag of China. According to international practice, if tied, flags of both countries should be raised side by side, rather than one on top of another.

The correct placement for tying:



Many Chinese netizens were dissatisfied with how the flags were raised at the medal ceremony.  “Olympics’ flag raising led to public outcry” is now one of the most discussed topics on Weibo. #奥运升旗方式引众怒# with thousands of comments like these…

“They should apologize to China”
“Why doesn’t China’s Olympic Committee complaint?”
“This is bullying China on purpose.”
“Why not putting South Korea’s flag on the bottom?”
“This is disrespecting China.”

    1. So S. korea won’t mind being on the bottom all the time?

      And let’s see if the USA can go lower than all other countries and still save face.

      1. It happened today. The US flag fell to the ground during Serena Williams gold medal award ceremony. Very few Americans bent out of shape.

  1. If they put the Chinese flag on top of the Korean flag, there wouldn’t be any complaints from China. Bunch of whiners.

    1. Mystery lady in the Indian group, wrong flag for North Korea athlete, ridiculous style of raising flags…
      Why dont you try something wrong with Germans?

    2. If this had happened in what ever country, and your teams flag was hung low, lower than bronze position you’d be sucking dick to stop yourself from crying…..it’s just bad planning of London 2012, they don’t have the correct apparatus for joint wins, cos there budget is severely over pushed on spending, shit game for team GB so far.

  2. Good call! West never give China a break. So China should do the same and even worse to west. Karma at work.

    1. The west will never pick on blacks, that would be racist.

      And the blacks would beat the shit out of the whiteys if the west had the balls to do what they do to the Chinese and China.

      1. Then why is Africa still such a shithole? Whites have been raping that continent for centuries and the africans are still helpless.

        1. May be you don’t go out much.

          Just look at the EU, the UK and the Amerikas and you find find your Aficans.

          Now the blacks are called westerners.

  3. I live in Shanghai and I’m British. I am sorry, but this whole thing is absolutely pathetic, I am pretty sure there is absolutely no motive behind this none existent incident. Why don’t the idiots that babble this BS, get a life and get out in the World instead of living in their little bubble. This says a whole lot more about the Chinese thinking than the rest of the World who supposedly have it in for China.

    All anyone in the rest of the World would think if they heard this pathetic whining about a flag not in the right place, is, IDIOTS. Stop being sheep, get a passport, see the World, there’s a bit more to life than what CCTV will tell you or the ever growing GDP of China.

  4. Lao Wei,

    I live in UK and I’m British as well as being ethnically Chinese. Perhaps if you come back home you will realise how much Chinese and Middle East bashing out there by the West.

    Whatever you say doesn’t deter the fact they made a mistake and there’s plenty of Anti-Chinese sentiments right now. All you have to do is go on the newspaper websites and you can see how “liberal” the media are over here compared to CCTV.

    1. Mr Leonard found her performance disturbing.

      “History in our sport will tell you that every time we see something, and I will put quotation marks around this, ‘unbelievable’ history shows us that it turns out later on there was doping involved,” he told the UK’s Guardian newspaper.

      Very liberal.

      But dare him to say that about any blacks or muslims.

    2. Yes it was a mistake I agree, but I very much doubt there was any motive behind it. It was probably something as simple as the assembly used couldn’t be adjusted so they did what they thought best and maybe they put them in alphabetical order or something. Why didn’t someone say something at the time about the major international incident that was underway, instead of sitting there seething about it. I’m damn sure the little mistake would have put right there and then.

      It was a 1 off non incident, it is not worthy of the attention that lots of very small minded people are giving it. There is always gonna be some friction and some misunderstanding between different cultures. Yes there is some anti Middle East sentiment in the West and some would say for good reason, but there is nowhere near that level of Anti Chinese sentiment, in the UK at least.

  5. Chinahush is censoring/deleting post over
    “BBC host questions Ye Shiwen’s incredible swim, Netizens angry”.

    Anyone has this problem?

    1. Try not to put too many links in your post, the system hold your comment for moderation automatically if there are too many links in your post, on suspicion of spam.

    2. And please don’t submit the same thing over and over again. Once your comment is held for moderation, it will appear once it is approved.

  6. It has nothing to do with the people from ROC being easily provoked! This is the olympic games. If the swimmers tied, then the flag should be at the SAME level, not one on top of the other! That is something done wrong on London’s part and should not be blamed on the chinese for being sensitive or whatsoever!!

  7. China sucks, and if it wasn’t for ridiculous “sports” like badminton and ping-pong they would have a lot fewer gold medals.

  8. Come on, do you know ho many ties occured in the history of olympic swimming ? It’s a situation that is so unlikely to hapen that the comitee was very confused. They had to find a fast solution and they picked this one. They probably flipped a coin to chose which one would go up.

  9. The UK seems damned if they do, damned if they don’t to be honest.

    Talk about being between a rock and a hard place. First, they remove a certain flag of a certain island from london’s streets but no, even that is not enough to cease the flapping of tongues from the asian dragon.

    But hey, at least people in China aren’t caring about inflation, unemployment and the real stuff that matters, so mei banfa, go with the flow eh? (sarcasm filter may be needed)

  10. The London Olympics were the worst Olympics since the LA one and it is the ‘Unfairness’ of it all.

    “So it is clear not all Chinese people see the London Games as a happy experience. Chinese media have complained of unfair treatment meted out to Chinese athletes.

    This includes questions over the record-breaking performance of female swimmer Ye Shiwen and the disqualification of two Chinese badminton players for match-throwing.

    Chinese players also hit out at refereeing in events such as gymnastics and track cycling.

    People’s Daily newspaper, the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, published an editorial on Monday, saying athletes “faced naivety and bias from individual referees as they imposed punishments based on double standards”.

    And some netizens are very angry – it is not hard to find comments on China’s Twitter-like weibo sites calling the London Games “a total failure”.

    “London Olympics were the worst Olympics ever,” said a Sina Weibo user in southern Guangdong province. “It has hosted the Games three times, but it was full of blunders.”

    “Britain, Germany, Japan and South Korea won shameless appeals, but China was always unfairly treated. I am so angry,” said a Tencent Weibo user in northern Hebei province.”

  11. oh my god, just deal with it, they might’ve put it like that on accident and randomly, nobody really focuses on the detail.

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