Sun Yang: never taken Park Tae-hwan’s provocation seriously

From Sina Weibo:


Sun Yang (Weibo) He Won! 20 years old, 1.97meters tall, 3 minutes 40 seconds 14! When Sun Yang roared in the swimming pool like a lion, who knew all the hardship, persistence, pressure or tears behind this glory… At the mixed interview zone after the race, Sun Yang covered his face to sob several times, crying like a kid with a pair of red eyes, “The Park Tae-hwan incidence in the morning inspired me. I have no reason not to beat him and I have never cared for him much.”

Today, the new leader in China’s swimming field was born! He broke the Olympic record with his best performance so far. When Sun Yang walked swiftly into the mixed zone to have interviews with China’s reporters, this 1.97m tall boy choked with sob and covered his face to weep for several times, with tears streaming down his cheeks. Sun Yang said, “If the Park Tae-hwan incidence in the morning had any influence on me that would be inspiration. It made me become determined to beat him. I also learned some reporting in Korea, which also motivated me.” (Editor’s note: Park Taw-hwan was disqualified for false start in his morning heat for this race, but reinstated only 3 hours before the final when he won the appeal.  South Korean media reported the "conspiracy theory", suggesting that the Chinese referee purposely disqualified Park Tae-hwan. However there was no Chinese referee at that race.  The Asian female referee in photo screenshots which was questioned by South Korean media is actually a Japanese referee (KAZUMIEGUCHI), he did not come from China.)

Regarding Park Tae-hwan’s various provocations, especially that he once said Sun Yang only acts as foil to him, Sun Yang responded calmly, “I have never taken such remarks seriously, and I have never cared about him. I have better training performance and track records than him, and so I do not have any reason not to beat him. I came, and I won. I think the Gold Medal would be the best testimony.”

Sun Yang created his best record in his professional career in today’s race and he sobbed again when he came to this point, “Preparations in so many years and days are only for this Olympic Gold Medal. I have been training very hard, and my couches provided me great help. I own them a debt of gratitude……”Sun Yang choked with sob again. A Chinese reporter, who was standing close to Sun Yang, gave him a heavy pat on the back and yelled, “Sun Yang, well done!”

At this time, Sun Yang’s coach covered him with a large towel, “Don’t get a cold.” A foreign reporter asked why he cried even after he obtained the Gold Medal. The coach interpreted the question to Sun Yang, and the new Olympic Gold Medalist answered, “Because I realized my dream to get a Gold Medal at the Olympics. And my next goal.





  1. Korean media needs to grow up!! I really hope Sun Yang gets the gold this Monday for the mens 200 finals. Go Sung!!! London is right behind you…………..!!!!

  2. How typical of these dirty, Chinese to CHEAT its way to Olympic medals. I remember in East Asian history class I attended in college that the Chinese (Tang Dynasty) betrayed the Koreans (Koguryo Dynasty) even though they were alliances in a war. Dirty Chinese know only way they can win at anything is by cheating. Go Korea!! USA is supporting you!! We (Americans) have oppressed the dirty Chinese in the U.S., and we will continue doing so. Americans got your back, Korea!!

    1. Mr Leonard found her performance disturbing.

      “History in our sport will tell you that every time we see something, and I will put quotation marks around this, ‘unbelievable’ history shows us that it turns out later on there was doping involved,” he told the UK’s Guardian newspaper.

      How typical of the USA and the west to say this about Chinese.

      Whiteys and blacks are bigger and strong, but they fear the Chinese in many was.

  3. @Chris – LOL nice try. You sound like an ignorant idiot. Please, just stop. You make Americans (and Koreans) look worse than they already are. Okay bye.

  4. @ Chris: Dude, what an IGNORANT statement to make….. ‘Chinese are the ONLY ONES who have ever been so-called “cheaters”‘??? Hmm, I guess Marion Jones, Gatlin, Shawn Crawford…….., etc. Were wrongfully accused huh? This type of thinking JUST HAS TO STOP: The thought that if any other country other than the US wins or dominates a particular event/sport, then the MUST be cheating or doing something dirty to get an unfair advantage- REALLY?

    Is the US that invincible? I guess the French 4 x 100m relay team were eating French Fries spiked with weed tonight huh?

  5. Really so good! He can be a super star even better than Liu xiang! What he has done represents 80′ & 90’s in China. They can do much better than we expected!

  6. Guys….stop flipping out at America over “Chris”. He is likely a Korean troll. His English isn’t anything that a native speaker would have. I realize that some native English speakers have terrible grammar…but as an American….I can tell he is not American.

    Just a few points…he says he took East Asian History in college…but his English betrays that claim. He keeps referring to Chinese as “dirty”…which is not a common slur for the Chinese in America. He points out “We (Americans)”: an actual American would assume you understood that he was American and not feel the need to clarify. He says “we have oppressed the dirty Chinese and will continue to do so”. Once again…this is something an American would NEVER say. Ever. Even an openly racist person would never acknowledge “oppressing” another race, plus Americans don’t have an issue with Chinese people. We LOVE Chinese restauraunts and the Chinese are rarely linked to crime. Americans are more likely to go after blacks and Mexicans. This is obviously no better, but I bring it up as a point that there is almost no hostility toward any Asian country. Finally, and perhaps most damning….is that this is the Olympics….Americans don’t root for “foreign” countries, even if they are allies…and especially in events that we had a competitor who didn’t make the finals.

    1. This is heartbreaking. Even people trying to defend the underdog comes off at ignorant still. I’m glad you like CHINESE FOOD. I’m sure people in China has a fondness for AMERICAN FOOD (aka mcdonalds) and therefor has no qualms with Americans either. “Americans” hate more on blacks and Mexicans? what? Are you just referring to Americans in general as in only the Anglo-Americans? most of those Mexicans and blacks are Americans too. Same with the Chinese Americans. And besides all that Chinese food, there’s more Chinese (American or not) graduating with doctorate degrees than white people. That’s like hearing some ignorant Chinese American saying, “I love rednecks, I love their fried chicken and cheesburgers”!

      1. Way to completely misunderstand the point of the message. The point I was making is that the Chinese (and Chinese-Americans) aren’t a group that most American’s go after. If someone is going to be a racist asshole in America, logging on to a webpage to talk shit about Sun while simultaneously defending Korea isn’t anywhere near the list of shit to do.

  7. The French connection is the thing to watch for, they have doping of another kind.

    Look at Agnel, what is he taking?

    The good Chinese stuff is only in China and for the west.

    It is not cheating, it is what the US calls IP.

  8. guys its kinda obvious Chris is an internet troll. what he said is 100% opposite of what the article’s about and then he goes off on a random stroll of insults. I don’t think anybody needs to care if he’s korean or american here. He’s just a moron.

    but while this race was awesome the 200m wasn’t what I thought it could be. Sun won the 400m and I’m proud of him. He showed up the guy insulting him. but for the 200m I was really looking for a tie between Sun and Lochte. Could you just imagine the power behind that finish? He did end up tying with Park but for silver. If only Lochte had punched it and Sun just pushed a little harder we coulda had a US/China tie for gold!

  9. “raging all over the internet”. That’s cute. Honestly, if you asked 100 Americans to name an Olympic swimmer….other than Phelps and Loche…you won’t get an answer. People in swimming might care, but otherwise you are blowing this whole “saving white face” thing waaay out of proportion. That is a very Asian concept that most whites don’t prescribe to. We don’t sit there and accuse other nations of cheating and take on national shame the way you seem to think. I really don’t understand where you are getting your info/beliefs from.

    1. I never cared for Phelps. I can’t stand looking at him. He needs to go to the dentist and stop smoking pot. Or at least win more.

  10. You say all this, yet…are implying that China is some how above all this? Does China view America through some clear unbiased lens, a trait uniquely Chinese?

    1. nope, it’s hard to do that regardless of race – unless you’re someone was is nearly not affected at all by your culture and history. But I can honestly say the Chinese media, the National News, does try to present news in an unbiased manner. At least the “World News” section in Chinese news covers topics from countries ALL OVER THE WORLD, where as CNN’s “world news” is AMERICA! either that or they don’t have a world news section. Point being – Americans are not putting an effort at all into this unbiased and clear way of viewing other nations and cultures. And if you call whatever it is not an effort – uhhh, try harder.

  11. I know this is not a legitimate news website but don’t translate quotations incorrectly. There’s a huge difference in meaning between the phrases “don’t care for him” and “don’t care about him.” The former means that Sun Yang doesn’t like Park Tae-hwan and the latter means that Yang is not concerned with Park.

    I’m pretty sure Yang didn’t say that he doesn’t care “for” Park since athletes don’t say whether they like or dislike others during interviews. They only comment on their and their competitors’ performances and refrain from personal attacks out of respect for each other. That’s what sportsmanship is about.

    Your article/post depicts Yang in a negative light by misinterpreting his quotation. It’s unfair to Yang to have his comment twisted by the media to fuel a fight between the two swimmers’ fans. They’re both amazing on their own and great rivals for each other. And they certainly deserve more respect from the media.

    1. I don’t think there is a huge difference between care for and care about him. The original sentence was “我从来就没有把这些话当回事,从来没有在意过他” “I never took his words seriously, never cared about (for) him. I don’t think it means dislike when you say don’t care for…. anyway not to put anyone in negative light here, just a translation… please don’t read too much into it.

      1. I don’t know Chinese so I can’t translate what he said during the interview. Maybe “care for” and “care about” have the same meaning in Chinese. But in English there’s a difference between the two phrases. If you look in any dictionary, you will find that “to care for” is “to have a liking or attachment” and “to care about” is “to feel concern or interest.” A single preposition can change the entire meaning of a sentence, which is why grammar is important even thought it’s a pain sometimes.

        Anyway, my point was that the media shouldn’t try to fuel a fight between the two swimmers who respect each other.

  12. A baffling article. From Korean media, I see nothing that suggests any negative emotion between Park and Sun. I’ve never seen this supposed ‘provocation’ by Park – on the contrary, when Korean media tries to pitch them into a bitter rivalry, Park only praised Sun, and talked about how gifted and hardworking Sun was, and how he enjoys competing with him. As far as I’ve learned from the Korean media, they are rivals in the most friendly and sportsman-ly way. Sun Yang is popular in Korea because he is a great athlete and he and Park really seem to be unaffected by the negativity and hostility some jerks try to fuel between them. I am pretty sure all these ‘bashing’ and ‘provocation’ between two is 100% media’s fault in both countries – either by misrepresenting or misquoting. I mean, seriously, if you were Park or Sun, WHY THE HELL would you say something to the media that you won’t be able to say to the other in his face? It’s not that they are both world-class swimmers who would regularly face each other in different events and competitions.

    I am proud of both Sun and Park for representing Asians in an event that has been dominated by other races for, well, forever. I think Sun and Park feel the same way and that’s why there’s such camaraderie between them. It’s awesome to see both of them on the podium.

    I hate it when some blind idiots take Olympics as a chance to encourage hatred and stupid rivalry between countries. What is the effing point in that? It really mars the spirit of Olympics, or any sport, that you compete fair and square with respect and joy and gratitude for being able to represent your country among the world’s best athletes, all pushing the limit of human potential.

  13. ok this article is clearly just a lot of incorrect facts strung together to get the fans angry at each other. just let yang and park be. they’re opening a new era for asian swimming. be happy about that.

  14. I HATE Sun Yang. Park could have won if he hadn’t been disqualified. This arcticle is just plain absurd a totally cheap “made in china.”

  15. Sun Yang has got to be the ugliest person that ever lived. Park was DQed by a Canadian judge who wanted Ryan Cochrone to take his place. There is no reason why Park was disqualified (what do you mean by false start? see for yourself) Terrible case of injustice. Sun won’t feel good about himself anyway. BOO China

  16. guys, i’m korean and i admit that he’s fast
    but it doesn’t mean that sun is better than park. and i’m not saying
    park is better than sun.
    this olympic had a lot of misjudeges and park was victim of that, too. so its unfair to judge who’s better by this olymic. besides, they both worked really really hard on this olympic so i think its not good to judge who’s the best.

    +and chris, stop. you’re making korean look worse

  17. and wha!?
    park said nothing that will ‘provocate’ him!
    he only said something like ‘i’m lucky to compete with sun/ i think sun is a great athlete. he is gifted and really hard working.’
    and sun said ‘park is my idol, i like him’ too. -they are fucking freindly to each other!!!!

    come, guys! this article has a lot of faulse statement.

  18. SUN YANG again…..! hate on the kid ALL you want but this guy’s a STUD……..! Bet if he were American, you would ALL be behind him BIG TIME!

    1. he is DAMN FINEEE! 6’6″ of muscle and cutiepie 🙂 I don’t even care if he wins or not!
      Chris is just hating coz he’s short, harry, and holding twins in his hillbilly trucker gut.

  19. Just to point out, the provocations were from some Korean and even Chinese (internet tabloid) media that love to stir up the flame, not from Park himself — at least not publicly. It was a shame on those media from both countries. Let’s celebrate Sun’s win and applaud the achievements of athletes from all countries.

  20. lol this article writes as if sun yang and park hate each other.
    any true fans of park or sun yang should know that park and sun yang really respect each other and actually have a friendly relationship.
    both the korean and the chinese media are so deceiving. I don’t understand what they are trying to achieve by deluding their public with so much wrong info. the media of both countries seem as if they are trying to provoke xenophobia between korea and china. so mean.

  21. I think Sun Young and Park both deserves Gold for at least 4 years of hard work and training.
    Congratulate both of them whether you like them or not.

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