“Midnight Struck”, viral video rumors police mob connection in Wuhan


Recently, a viral video named “Midnight Struck” (午夜来袭) is circulating on the Internet. (original video on Youku has been deleted) The video was captured by surveillance camera both inside and outside of a shop.  In the video, a group of shirtless men with tattoos gathered in front of a grocery store and constantly kicking the locked gate.  During that time, a police officer appeared in front of the store and communicated with the shirtless men and also with the person inside of the store.  Sometime later, this group of men finally kicked down the store gate and stormed into the shop.  These men smashed computer monitor, cash register and other items caused further disputes. Storeowner ended up chasing them out with a knife and  injured some of these men with his knife.  After the video went online, people labeled it as “Cops and robbers are from one happy family”, which had very negative impact on society.

Video Caption:

Wuhan mafia-police

Time: 2012 6/30 2am
Place: Wuhan Hanyang district, Bailin Road

I am a small shop owner

2 am they came,

First just a underling…

One after another…

All came…

1:03 This is the big boss…

1:28 I don’t dare to open the gate…

1:41 Crazy…

1:56 Where is the police, where is the police, where is the police…

2:18 Who come to safe me?

2:25 The police came~~~

2:37 This is not the time to work, you need to stop them.

2:55 Whatever it is, let’s wait till tomorrow and talk in the police station.

3:03 They don’t give up~~~

3:30 What is their relationship?

3:38 Are they together?

3:54 They look close

8:14 Got crazy…

9:20 Don’t do anything…

9:30 I dare you chop!

10:30 He beat up my sister~~ viciously~~~

Mafias rampant
I had no choice but to hide a knife in my store.
This knife saved my sister and me.
Can not reply on the police.
I injured 2 people,
My 4 fingers were also chopped off.
The police arrested me.
Lawyer said it is self-defense.
I want to go out to attach my four figures.
They don’t let me.
Lawyer said I should sue the police.
How long will be jailed for?
How many years to sentence?
Help me…



From People.com:

Wuhan Hanyang police responded on the “Midnight Struck” video that “Cops and robbers are one happy family” is completely untrue rumor spreading on the Internet.  The police in the video resolved the conflict at the time, but not knowing these men came back to create more trouble.  The suspects are now have been arrested.

Hangyang Police said, at 2 am on June 30, Hanyang Public Security Bureau received a 110 call reporting that there was extortion at a food wholesale store. The police arrived at the scene, Liu and others outside of the grocery store claimed they had bought fake cigarettes from this store, and asking the shop to respond.  However the storeowner (Qiu) said the key had broken inside of the gate, so the gate could not be opened at the time.  The police attempted to open the gate from outside but failed also.  The police asked both sides to wait till the next day to settle the matter, and both sides agreed.  After Liu and his men left, the police also left the scene.

However the police station again received multiple phone calls from the shop owner continuously, saying there are people came to kick the front gate again.

When the police came to the scene, storeowner Qiu stood outside of the shop on the sidewalk with blood on his hands.  Qiu admitted to the police that he chased these men out of the shop with his knife injured some of them, and he also cut his own hands.  Those men left the scene already.  The police sent Qiu to Tongji Hospital for treatment.  The police also went to Hanyang Hospital and found Liu and Liao etc. people who were being rescued for their knife wounds at the time.

After investigation, Liu and these men had a dispute with the shop owner for the reason of they had purchased fake cigarettes at his shop.  They left after police’s mediating effort.  However Liu and these men came back, kicked down the front gate and stormed into the shop.  They smashed computer monitor, cash register and other items, also threatened the shop owner.  Later they also beat up and injured storeowner’s sister who came to mediate the fight.  Qui took out a knife from the counter to fight off Liu and his men.  When chasing Liu and his men out of the store, Qui injured Liu and Liao with his knife.

Liu, Liao and these men were from Chongqing, Wuxi County, currently working in Hanyang.  Hanyang police already detained Liu and Liao etc. for crime of provoking troubles. Forensic determined, the shop owner Qiu caused serious injure to Liu and minor injure to Liao, the police also arrested him on suspicion of intentional assault.

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