13-year-old boy suffers prank, high pressure inflation gun thrusting into his anus


From Sina Weibo:

Du Chuanwang, a 13-year-old teenager in Xiajin County, Dezhou, Shandong Province, dropped out of school and worked as an apprentice in a car maintenance shop. Recently, two repair men played a prank on him by thrusting the high pressure inflation gun into his anus. The strong air pressure stove Du Chuanwang’s tender body in seconds. Medical diagnosis shows there are over 20 places of damage or holes in Du Chuangwang’s intestines, several internal organs are hurt badly, with symptoms of gastrointestinal hemorrhage and decreased liver function. And his life is still in jeopardy.

The two repair men have been arrested, but little Chuanwang, whose mom passed away when he was 7 years old, and who quitted school to work, could not afford the medical expenses any more.

From Wiebo @小溪办事_王羲

I visited Du Chuanwang in the hospital just now. This 13-year old orphan went to work in the car maintenance shop to support his family, where two workers thrust a high pressure inflation gun into his anus to inflate! The kid’s intestines were almost exploded and his scrotums were as big as a water melon! His internal organs were pushed together by the inflation. So horrible! The sensible child has only one wish and that is to see his younger brother. Please help the kid, who is in the ICU of Xinjian People’s Hospital.

Damned it! The doctor told me that when the kid arrived at the hospital, his arms and legs were bulging, black-and-blue. Eight atmospheric pressure was pumped into the kid’s body, equal to the pressure in a Steyr tire. The boy’s body hissed when the doctor deflated him. The kid would have exploded if those two beasts inflated him a bit longer!


I found the “weapon” in the car maintenance shop where little Chuanwang worked, as shown on the left! It is used to undo the screws now, but when replace its head with a 40cm needle-like pipe, it will turn into an inflation gun. The two workers inserted the gun into the kid’s anus to inflate. The witness said the inflation must have lasted more than a moment; otherwise, it could not reach eight atmospheric pressure!

After this accident, Angle Mom Foundation initiated fund raising on the internet for the kid. As of 6pm, there were RMB 396337.36 donations from 1959 people, which is enough for the first stage surgical operation.

  1. Well I hope those two repairmen will be very happy in jail with their new found boyfriends.

    For sure they will get a taste of that great feeling they made the boy suffer, but it will be better than the thrusting the high pressure inflation gun into their anuses, too bad that’s all we can give them.

    Let’s hope their new b/f can give them AIDS in the anus.

  2. This whole story stinks.

    First off, why did the kid drop his pants so the repairman had access to his ass?

    Second, the anus isn’t a air tight valve, there’s no way it would “hold” 8 atmospheres (115 psi) of pressure.

    Third, the arms and legs are in no way connected to the intestine, so no matter how much pressure there was, it’s not going to “inflate” his limbs.

    1. In Chinasmack, the situation was further explained – this poor boy is routinely beaten and harassed. This isn’t the first time he’s had the gun stuck into his butt as a “joke” – only this time, they caused great damage.

      Don’t say it’s impossible for something like this to happen. The proof is right there in the doctors’ analysis.

    2. If someone sticks something up your anus your gonna clamp down in protest. So yeah… it was probably airtight. Also… those air guns release SO much air per second that I believe your body could blow up pretty fast. And last but not least, when you study medicine and the body it is very easy for air to get into the interstitial tissues of the body when holes are produced. Like the lungs… many people get holes in their lungs for various reason and air gets into the interstitial tissues of your body creating a LOT of damage and problems. It’s interesting but sad.

  3. Is there a way for us to donate directly to the boy’s family? Even if he manages to survive, the boy’s family is poor and can’t afford to let him rest unless his younger brother steps up.

  4. I wish one would not use word such as “prank” to describe this horrible crime.

    Please keep in mind that “prank”usually means “a practical joke”, and is reserved for minor misdeeds, not something very serious such as this.

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